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aigney yn phobble public opinion

aigney (=Ir. aigne) (f.) pl. aignaghyn accord, bent, mind, purpose, psyche, volition, will: ta pooar echey harrish e aigney hene Bible; (of mind) frame; intention

Inexact matches:

aigney booiagh contentment

aigney coon insular mind

aigney ghooble double minded: Ta dooinney dy aigney ghooble neuhickyr ayns ooilley e raaidyn. Bible

aigney jeean resolution; great desire: Agh nish nagh vel arragh aym dy yannoo ayns ny ardjyn shoh, as myr te er ve my aigney jeean ny ymmodee bleeantyn shoh dy heet nyn raad Bible

aigney mie benevolence, good faith, goodwill: Myr shen yiow foayr, as aigney mie ayns shilley Jee as dooinney. Bible

aigney seyr free will: Oh'n coonrey ta ro gheyr dy v'er ny hurranse liorish aigney seyr; nyn gooyl rish niau nish, niurin t'ain myr reih. PC

annooinid aigney imbecility

annoonid aigney retardation

bree aigney impulse

caghlaa aigney veer, change opinion

chingys aigney (f.) mental illness

conrieughid aigney escapism

coonid aigney narrow-mindedness

drogh aigney (f.) bad faith, evil will, grudge, ill will, malice, malignity: Lhig dauesyn ver nyn goyrt gys nearey as er nyn gastey: whilleen as tayns drogh-aigney gys Sion. Bible

gyn aigney unmeant, unwitting

jeih-aigney feerid bona fides, honest intentions

keylid aigney narrow-mindedness

lesh co-aigney unanimously

lheead aigney broad-mindedness, large-mindedness

lhee aigney mind healer

lheeys aigney (f.) psychiatry

lhiantynys aigney obsession

niart aigney fortitude, moral fibre, willpower

pooar aigney mental power

rouailley aigney wandering of mind; wandering

rouailtys aigney lack of concentration, mental aberration; (of mind) wandering

scoltey aigney schizophrenia

shaghrynys aigney mind wandering

shee aigney (f.) peace of mind

slane aigney-mie affectionately

unnaneys aigney unanimity

aigney yn leigh legal mind

aigney yn theay public opinion

caghlaa gys aigney share resipiscence

cur arraghey aigney er talk over, talk round

er yn aigney echey on his mind: Ta Jee ny ayraghyn ain er dty reih, dy voddagh fys y ve ayd er yn aigney echey Bible

fallsoonys yn aigney philosophy of mind

fer lhee aigney alienist, psychiatrist

goaill yn aigney preoccupy: Cre'n aght t'ad goaill shin jeh; T'ad goaill yn aigney harrish cair, Dy s'coan yiow Jee agh lieh. LH

jannoo aigney elley (in opinion) turn round

jeh un aigney (of opinions) undivided: Bee-jee jeh un aigney yn derrey yeh gys y jeh elley. Bible

lesh aigney feayr dispassionately

lesh un' aigney unanimous, unanimously

narrow-mindedness (n.) coonid aigney, keylid aigney

public opinion (n.) aigney yn phobble; aigney yn theay

wandering2 (of mind) branlaadee; rouailtys aigney; rouailley aigney

frame4 (of mind) aigney: In that frame of mind - Jeh'n aigney shen. DF idiom

accord aigney: Of his own free will and accord - Jeh e yioin as e aigney hene. DF idiom; coardail; jannoo cordail; join: Of your own accord - Jeh dty yoin hene. DF idiom

affectionately slane aigney-mie: So being affectionately desirous of you - Myr shen ayns slane aigney-mie diuish Bible

alienist (n.) fer lhee aigney

bad faith (n.) drogh aigney

broad-mindedness (n.) lheead aigney

contentment (n.) aigney booiagh, saasaght

double minded aigney ghooble

escapism (n.) conrieughid aigney

evil will (n.) drogh aigney

fortitude (n.) niart aigney

good faith aigney mie

goodwill (n.) aigney mie, jeih-aigney

impulse (n.) bree aigney, thollane

insular mind (n.) aigney coon

large-mindedness (n.) lheead aigney

mental aberration (n.) rouailtys aigney

mental power (n.) pooar aigney

mind healer (n.) lhee aigney

mind wandering shaghrynys aigney

moral fibre (n.) niart aigney

on his mind er e cheeayll; er yn aigney echey: Something is preying on his mind - Ta red ennagh jannoo er yn aigney echey. DF idiom

psyche (n.) aigney, annym, spyrryd

psychiatrist (n.) fer lhee aigney

psychiatry (n.) lheeys aigney

schizophrenia (n.) scoltey aigney, daa-aignaght

unanimity (n.) co-aigney, unnaneys aigney

undivided2 (of opinions) jeh un aigney

veer2 (opinion) caghlaa aigney

volition (n.) aigney; join

willpower (n.) niart aigney

caghlaa-aigney repentance: veh er ny yiooldey: son cha row saase son caghlaa-aigneysy chooish Bible

cooilleen-aigney gratification: dy mooar er heaghney ad, as er ghoaill cooilleen-aigney jeu. Bible

benevolence (n.) aigney mie; dooieid; my-chreeys

bona fides (n.) jeih-aigney feerid

equanimity (n.) kiunid-aigney

gratification (n.) cooilleen-aigney

high-mindedness (n.) ard-aigney

honest intentions (npl.) jeih-aigney feerid

humbleness of mind (n.) injillid-aigney

ill will (n.) drogh aigney, myskid

imperiousness (n.) ard-aigney, ard-vooaralys, chiarnoilid

intention (n.) kiarail, yeearree; shalee: I went there with the intention of staying - Hie mee dys shen as yn shalee aym tannaght. DF idiom; aigney: What is his intention? - C'red ta'n aigney echey? JJK idiom; join: It is our intention - She nyn yoin eh. DF idiom

lack of concentration rouailtys aigney

legal mind (n.) aigney yn leigh

menticide (n.) aigney-varroo

mirthlessness (n.) neu-yennalys, sou-aigney

obsession (n.) baght kianglt, lhiantynys aigney

peace of mind (n.) shee aigney

pessimism (n.) doo-aigney

preoccupy (adj.) boirey, goaill yn aigney

psychosomatic (adj.) aigney-gientit

remorse (n.) sneih-aigney

resipiscence (n.) caghlaa gys aigney share

turn round2 (v.) (in opinion) jannoo aigney elley

unmeant (adj.) gyn aigney, gyn yss

aigney-gientit psychosomatic

aigney-mie amicableness: Son myr dooinney ta er stroie e noid; eer myrgeddin t'ou er choayl aigney-mie dty naboo. Apoc

aigney-varroo menticide

ard-aigney (f.) high-mindedness, imperiousness

co-aigney concord, unanimity

doo-aigney pessimism

injillid-aigney humbleness of mind; humility: Myr ta ny mooaralee as dwoaie oc er injillid-aigney; myr shen ta ny berchee as dwoaie oc er ny boghtyn. Apoc

jeih-aigney goodwill

kiunid-aigney equanimity

sneih-aigney (f.) remorse

sou-aigney (f.) anxiety, dejection, despond, mirthlessness, sorrow: Ooilley e laghyn myrgeddin, goaill e veaghey ayns dorraghys, as t'echey mooarane trimshey, as sou-aigney lesh e hingys. Bible

amicableness (n.) caarjoilid, dooieys; caarjys; aigney-mie

concord co-aigney; co-vingys; coardailys; coardail

dejection (n.) groamid; grouwid; lhag-chreeys; sou-aigney; trommys

dispassionately (adv.) dy neuchleaynagh; lesh aigney feayr

free will aigney seyr; jioinagh; jionagh

grudge (n.) camman, drogh aigney, troo; (v.) mooaraghey, trooaghey; tallagh

malice (n.) camman, drogh aigney, drogh-chree, goanlys, myskid, roon

mental illness (n.) chingys aignagh, chingys aigney, gorley aignagh

philosophy of mind (n.) fallsoonys yn aigney

repentance (n.) arrys: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations - As arrys as leih peccaghyn dy ve er nyn breacheil ayns yn ennym echey, mastey dy chooilley ashoon Bible; caghlaa-aigney: he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance - v'eh er ny yiooldey: son cha row saase son caghlaa-aigney 'sy chooish Bible

retardation (n.) annoonid aigney, cumrailys, gorley keeaylley, streeaney

talk round (v.) cur arraghey aigney er

unanimous (adj.) co-aignagh, lesh un' aigney, unnaneagh

unanimously (adv.) dy co-aignagh, lesh co-aigney, lesh un' aigney

unwitting (adj.) almoragh, anoayllagh, dyn-yss, gyn aigney

will1 (n.) chymney; (n.) aigney; toill; (v.) nee; (interrog.) jean

despond (v.) cheet dy ve souaignagh; (n.) lhag-chreeys, sou-aigney

frame1 (n.) clowan, cron, frame, creatlagh, loayrt; aigney; (v.) cur frame er, cur roish

imbecility (n.) anlheil, anlheiltys, annooinid aigney, jei-hushtaght, meecheeayl, meecheeayll, meecheeayllid

malignity (n.) camman, cammar, drogh aigney, elgys, goanlys, olkys, roonid

resolution (n.) aigney jeean, daanys, jeeskeaylley, kiarail, rheynn, skeaylley; cruinnys

arryltys (pl -syn) alacrity, readiness, willingness: Son ta fys aym er arryltys nyn aigney Bible

braih (f.) malt: Ta aigney ec Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. DF

er ny harbaa alienated: voue ta dty aigney er ny harbaa Bible

flagon flagon: as nyn aigney er flagonyn feeyney. Bible

anxiety (n.) anaash; imnea: He is in mortal anxiety - Ta imnea yn theihll er. DF idiom; sou-aigney; imneays

at length (adv.) ec y jerrey; er liurid; fod; fy yerrey; fey-yerrey: if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey - my she aigney Yee eh dy choyrt dou fey-yerrey jurnah sauchey Bible

bent aigney; cam; cleayn, cleoyn; croym: He is bent double - T'eh feer chroymm. DF idiom; lhoobit; (n.) keep, shaslagh

changing caghlaaee; (v.) caghlaa: I am changing my mind - Ta mee caghlaa yn aigney aym. DF idiom

go2 (v.) (to); (dy) gholl: I've a great mind to go there - Ta aigney mooar aym dy gholl dys shen. JJK idiom

humility (n.) imleeid; imlid; injillid: before honour is humility - ta injillid goll roish ooashley Bible; injillid-aigney

mind aigney: Be that as it may, I've made up my mind - Foddee shen y ve, agh ta m'aigney jeant magh. JJK idiom; barel; cooinaght; cooinaghtyn; miandid

purpose (n.) aigney, finn, shalee, treeal, ymmyd; (v.) kiarail, soulaghey; dy jeean: I didn't do it on purpose - Cha ren mee eh dy-jeean. JJK idiom

talk over (v.) cur arraghey aigney er, cur feysht fud y cheilley, loayr mychione echey

ard-choraa loud voice: Eisht dyllee ad lesh ard-choraa, as stap ad nyn gleayshyn, as roie ad stiagh er lesh un aigney

ard-reiltys domination: As shassee ree niartal seose, nee reill lesh ard-reiltys, as jannoo cordail rish e aigney hene. Bible

arryltagh (adj.) (dy) ready, spontaneous, voluntary, willing: ta my aigney arryltagh, agh dy yannoo shen ta mie Bible; (n.) pl. arryltee volunteer; willingly

bee-jee be: Bee-jee jeh aigney dooie yn derrey yeh gys y jeh elley lesh graih braaragh Bible

croym-jee incline: Ny soie-jee nyn aigney er nheeghyn ard, agh croym-jee gys deiney ta injil ayns stayd. PB1765

cumrailagh detainer, hinderer, hindersome, loiterer, tedious person: shegin dhyt goll gys y leigh , lesh ymmyrkey Creestee, fegooish shirrey cooilleeney aigney, fegooish goaill aghtyn cumrailagh as roonagh, as cur corree er dty naboo as ort hene fegooish oyr. CS

cur roish frame, instruct, propose, submit: quoi t'er hoiggal aigney yn Chiarn, dy jean eh cur roish? Bible

derragh (interrog.) would give; (nagh) would not give: As deie ad gys y Jee dy Israel ooilley lesh un chree as aigney nagh derragh eh nyn gloan son cragh, as nyn mraane son spooilley Apoc

drogh-ourys (=Ir. droch amhras) (pl -syn) 1 apprehension, misgiving; 2 (f.) qualm; 3 evil thought a: dy jig smooinaghtyn ayns dty aigney, as gowee oo drogh ourys Bible

dy row 1 certain a: hie eh stiagh ayns thie dooinney dy row va ooashlaghey Jee, enmyssit Justus Bible; 2 that was a: tra hoig eh dy row eh jeh Cilicia Bible; 3 may be a: scuirr shin, gra, Aigney yn Chiarn dy row jeant. Bible

dy sheelt soberly: Ta jough, my te iu't dy sheelt, as ayns traa feme, coyrt gennallys 'sy chree, as aash gys yn aigney. Apoc

dy slane completely, fully, quite, thoroughly, totally: dy vod shiu prowal cre ta'n aigney shen dy Yee ta mie as booisal da, as dy slane casherick. Bible; utterly; wholly

feer trome 1 back breaking, backbreaking; 2 very heavy a: va laue Yee feer trome orroo Bible; 3 very grievous a: As va shoh feer trome er aigney Abraham er coontey e vac Bible

feill assylyn flesh of asses: Son va'n aigney eck soit er e graihderyn, yn eill oc ta myr feill assylyn, as y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil. Bible

feoiltys cree kind-heartedness: As taaghey yn chiamble gagh-laa lesh un aigney, as brishey arran 'sy thie ghow ad nyn meaghey lesh gennallys as feoiltys cree Bible

feyshteyder controversialist, examiner, inquisitive person, questioner: Hir Mainshtyr Shimmin er y feyshteyder dy ghoaill rish dy row eh freggyrt as foays ashoonagh share yn Ellan syn aigney echey. BS

flagonyn flagons: ta sooill oc gys jeeghyn elley, as nyn aigney er flagonyn feeyney. Bible

goaill boggey jubilate, rejoice, rejoicing: gowee oo rish e aigney mie, tra t'eh smaghtagh chammah as tra t'eh goaill boggey jeed. CS

goaill toshiaght er commence, enter on, go ahead, handsel: Shegin da studeyryn caghlaa nyn aigney as nyn jerkalys tra t'ad goaill toshiaght er ynsaghey y Ghaelg. Carn

graihderyn lovers: Son va'n aigney eck soit er e graihderyn, yn eill oc ta myr feill assylyn, as y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil. Bible

gyn feysht unquestionable: heeagh shin feeuid e obbyr hene gyn feysht fergagh nyn aigney my's foalsey, my's mooidjeenagh yn dooinney eh. Coraa

hashoonee (ny); (the) peoples: Son s'lioar dooin son y traa jeh nyn mea t'er n'gholl shaghey dy ve er n'yannoo aigney ny Hashoonee Bible

jouyllagh demoniac, devilish, diabolical, satanic: va'n aigney jouyllagh greinnagh skianyn bieau, cur er y lossyr lhoobey roish e chleeau PC; hellish

laa casherick holy day: My hyndaa-ys oo dty chass veih cooishyn seihltagh er y doonaght, veih geiyrt da dty aigney hene er my laa casherick Bible

leshtalyn excuses: As ren ad ooilley toshiaght lesh un aigney dy yannoo leshtalyn. Bible

livrey-ee shall deliver: T'ad shoh jeh'n un aigney, as livrey-ee ad nyn booar as nyn niart da'n veisht. Bible; shall redeem

lossyr (f.) pl. lossyryn blaze, flame: va'n aigney jouyllagh greinnagh skianyn bieau, cur er y lossyr lhoobey roish e chleeau; PC; (of torches) fire

lurg coyrle advisedly: Ayn myrgeddin ta shin er gheddyn eiraght, myr va shin pointit ro-laue cordail rish y chiarail echeysyn ta gobbraghey dy chooilley nhee lurg coyrle e aigney hene Bible

mian appetite, delight, desire, fancy, hunger for, longing, lust, passion, wish, wishing, yearning: cre-erbee ta dty aigney cur mian da. Bible

mooidjeenagh badly behaved, despicable, mean, rascally, villainous: heeagh shin feeuid e obbyr hene gyn feysht fergagh nyn aigney my's foalsey, my's mooidjeenagh yn dooinney eh. Coraa; debase

neu-hastagh inadvertent, inattentive, oblivious, regardless, undiscerning, unintelligent, unmindful, unobservant, unwary, unwise: Shen-y-fa ny bee-jee neu-hastagh, agh toig-jee cre ta aigney yn Chiarn Bible

nhuyr day after tomorrow: erreish dou v'er gheddyn magh aigney my ayrey traa erbee mairagh, ny nhuyr Bible

pohlldal endorse, maintain, support, uphold, warrant: Lesh un aigney, ta'n Choyrle-Agglish Ardjynagh pohlldal screeuyn hug Richard Corkill gys y Reiltys Goaldagh. BS; (of children) maintenance

ro gheyr too dear: Oh'n coonrey ta ro gheyr dy v'er ny hurranse liorish aigney seyr PC; exorbitant

s'aaley finer: Shoh'n cubbyl s'aaley ren laue Yee y chroo fud e chretooryn; cha row veg gollroo, shooyl laue ry laue v'ad glen, ny[n] aigney seyr veih dagh failleil ta cur er graih gaase PC; finest

sayntyn lusts: Nagh jinnagh eh ny sodjey ceau yn chooid elley jeh e hraa ayns yn eill, lurg sayntyn deiney, agh lurg aigney Yee. Bible

sayntyn ny foalley lusts: Ayndoo shoh ren shin ooilley myrgeddin baghey roish nish, ayns sayntyn ny foalley, cooilleeney yeearreeyn yn eill, as yn aigney Bible

scaan pl. scaanyn apparition, ghost, spectre, spirit, spook: Agh v'ad seaghnit ayns nyn aigney as agglit, as heill ad dy nee scaan v'ad dy akin. Bible; glass, reflection; image: va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible; double

sheeanys blessedness, charm: gyn red erbee 'syn aigney echey agh sheeanys ny creggyn 'syn astyr, yn soodraght 'sy vadran, kiunid ny glionney as eshyn ny henn-ghooinney cummal 'sy waane ! Coraa

soiagh jeant jeh accepted: Son my ta'n aigney hoshiaght arryltagh, ta soiagh jeant jeh cordail rish fort y dooinney Bible

soodraght (f.) (on shore) back-wash; recussion, rolling of sea, surf: gyn red erbee 'syn aigney echey agh sheeanys ny creggyn 'syn astyr, yn soodraght 'sy vadran, kiunid ny glionney as eshyn ny henn-ghooinney cummal 'sy waane ! Coraa

sy chenn traa in old time: Son cha daink phadeyryssy chenn traa liorish aigney dooinney Bible

taittin (=Ir. taitin) (f.) satisfaction: My s'taittin lhiat goll marym gys Babylon, tar royd, as bee'm dooie rhyt ; agh mannagh by-haittin lhiat goll mârym gys Babylon, jean dty aigney hene Bible

toig (=Ir. tuig) know, understand: As uss Solomon, my vac, toig aigney Yee dty ayrey Bible

traa erbee anytime, whenever: O Hiarn Yee Israel, erreish dou v'er gheddyn magh aigney my ayrey traa erbee mairagh, ny nhuyr Bible

Yeesey Chreest Jesus Christ: dy vod mayd uss y wooiys chammah ayns aigney as jannoo, trooid Yeesey Chreest nyn Jiarn PB

as soon as cha leah as: And as soon as she saw them with her eyes, she doted upon them - As cha leah as honnick ee ad lesh e sooillyn, va yn aigney eck soit orroo Bible; cha leahs: for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children - son cha leahs va Zion er-troailt, hug ee son y theihll e cloan. Bible; erreish da: as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob - erreish da Isaac ver choyrt e vannaght da Jacob Bible

even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

I am with thee ta mish lhiat; ta mish mayrt: I am with thee according to thy heart - ta mish mayrt cordail rish dty aigney Bible; ta mee mayrt: Fear not: for I am with thee - Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

I should lhisin, lhisins: shew thou me the way that I should walk in - jeeagh dou yn raad ayn lhisin gimmeeaght Bible; (dy) jinnin: If it be your mind that I should bury my dead out of my sight - My she nyn aigney eh, dy jinnin my varroo y oanluckey ass my hilley Bible; (dy) jinnyn: God forbid that I should sin against the Lord - ny lhig eh Jee dy jinnyn peccah noin Chiarn Bible; veign: I should soon have put down their enemies - Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible

sorrow bran; seaghyn; smeih; sou-aigney; trimshey: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; dobberan: She made a great display of her sorrow - Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF idiom


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