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aigh (=Ir. ádh) (m., f.) 1 luck: Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley Bible; 2 prosper a: bee aïgh vie lesh 'sy chooish shen ta foym's dy chooilleeney Bible

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aigh mie good luck: As ghow'n dooinney yindys j'ee as v'eh ny host, goaill tastey row'n Chiarn er choyrt aigh mie lesh e yurnah, mannagh row. Bible

aigh vane (f.) box plant

aigh vie (f.) farewell, fortune, good luck: ver eh aigh vie lesh 'sy raad. Bible

gyn aigh luckless

Aigh vie ort Good luck to you

tubbag yn aigh (f.) lucky dip

good luck (n.) aigh mie: Good luck have thou with thine honour - Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley; aigh vie; raah; rah; sonnys; slane imraa

box plant (n.) aigh vane

Good luck to you (intj) Oorey vie ort; Noorey vie ort; Aigh vie ort: Good luck to you with it anyway - Aigh vie ort lesh ansherbee Bunnydys

luck (n.) aigh; baill

ill luck (n.) mee-aigh

luckless (adj.) gyn aigh; gyn rah

lucky dip (n.) tubbag yn aigh

drogh-aigh (f.) bad luck, misfortune: Ny cheayrtyn v'ee cur lhee drogh-aigh as va sleih prowal dy gheddyn rey-ree, keayrtyn elley v'ad jannoo cummey ven ny vabban as cur lhee dy valley lesh onnor myr 'Babban y Mhelliah' Dhoor

mee-aigh (f.) ill luck

tayrn-aigh lottery

lottery (n.) cronghyr; tayrn-aigh; cron tayrn; cronchor

cochruinnit lesh beset: Ta mee cochruinnit lesh drogh aigh. DF

bad luck (n.) donnys: Bad luck to them! - Donnys orroo! DF idiom; drogh oor: Bad luck to them! - Drogh-oor orroo! DF idiom; drogh-aigh: I am beset with bad luck - Ta drogh aigh shooyl marym. DF idiom

beset (v.) chionney stiagh er, soiaghey mysh, chionney; cochruinnit lesh: I am beset with bad luck - Ta mee cochruinnit lesh drogh aigh. DF idiom

misfortune (n.) anraah, ansheean, arkys, drogh, drogh chonagh, drogh erree, drogh oor, drogh-aigh, neuchoanagh, neu-chonagh

prosper (v.) aigh, bishaghey, cheet er y hoshiaght, cur er y hoshiaght, cur rah er, goll er y hoshiaght, rahghey, speeideil, bishee; cheet lesh: That won't prosper for you - Cha jig shen lhiat. DF idiom

bannaght lhiat adieu, cheerio, farewell: Bannaght lhiat as aigh-vie ort. Coraa

jannoo drane rhyme, rhyming: As ta dooinney, Doug Faragher er lhiam, gra 'aigh' jannoo drane lesh yn fockle 'graih' er yn kishteen 'Gailck Coloayrtyssagh' Dhoor

kishteen caddy, cassette: As ta dooinney, Doug Faragher er lhiam, gra 'aigh' jannoo drane lesh yn fockle 'graih' er yn kishteen 'Gailck Coloayrtyssagh Dhoor

farewell (n.) aigh vie; bannaght lhiat; slane ayd; slane eu; slane lhiat: to say before thee what they had against him. Farewell - dy chur stiagh kiongoyrt rhyts cre-erbee voc dy lhiassaghey n. Slane lhiat Bible; slane lhieu, slane lhiu; my vannaght mêriu: Finally, brethren, farewell - Er-jerrey, vraaraghyn, my vannaght mêriu: Bible

fortune (n.) aigh vie, faaishnys, sonnys, speeideilys, haghyr; fortan: She has lost half her fortune, but that doesn't make her less happy - T'ee er choayl yn derrey lieh jeh'n fortan eck, agh cha nel eh shen cur urree ve ny sloo maynrey. JJK idiom; sheean


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