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aghtyn procedures: Er-aggle dy n'ynsee oo ny aghtyn echey Bible; devices

Inexact matches:

aghtyn cast yn reiltys wheels of government

ayns ymmodee aghtyn in many respects: Kinvig dy jarroo ny Vanninagh dooie doaieagh, as ny ghooinney neuchadjinagh ayns ymmodee aghtyn Coraa

caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn different ways, divers manners, various ways; sundry times: Jee, ren ec ymmodee earishyn, as ayns caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn, loayrt ayns y traa t'er n'gholl shaghey rish ny ayraghyn liorish ny phadeyryn Bible

treealagh assertive, empiric, empirical, tentative: Aghtyn Sheiltynagh as Aghtyn Treealagh ry-hoi Cooney lesh Chengaghyn ta fo Baggyrtys Carn

procedures (npl.) aghtyn

feroil manful, manly, mannish, virile: agh ta Andreays ayns ny Aghtyn as Scriptyryn freayll seose aghtyn bea nagh vel corrym rish cooishyn caggee as feroil. Dhoor

devices (npl.) saaseyn: He disappointeth the devices of the crafty - Teh tilgey bun-ry-skyn saaseyn ny croutee Bible; croutyn: I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me - ta fys aym er ny smooinaghtyn eu, as er ny croutyn ta shiu dy aggairagh kiarail m. Bible; smooinaghtyn dowin: There are many devices in a man's heart - Ta ymmodee smooinaghtyn dowin ayns cree dooinney Bible; aghtyn: but we will walk after our own devices - agh nee mayd gimmeeaght lurg nyn aghtyn hene Bible; kialgyn: for we are not ignorant of his devices - son cha vel e chialgyn gyn-yss dooin Bible

different ways (npl.) caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn

divers manners (npl.) caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn

sundry times (npl.) caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn

various ways caghlaaghyn dy aghtyn

in many respects ayns ymmodee aghtyn

wheels of government (npl.) aghtyn cast yn reiltys

blaaoil floral, florid, flowery: Ny laaghyn shoh s'goan cowraghyn blaaoil dy akin; foddee dy vel sleih er jeet dy ve ny smoo glick agh s'cosoylagh dy vel ad jannoo ymmyd jeh aghtyn elley m. Dhoor

chaglymyn gatherings: Nee yn Cheshaght shoh niartaghey ny kianglaghyn eddyr ny brastylyn Gaelgagh, as reaghey coorseyn as chaglymyn son fir as mraane ynsee dy haraghey ny aghtyn ynsee oc. Dhoor

cheet neese ascend, come up: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Albinish (Gaelg Albinagh) cheet neese as, er aghtyn ennagh, oddagh oo gra dy vel ee ny stroshey nish na t'ee er ve rish tammylt, ga dy vel ee (myr gagh chengey Cheltiagh) foast ayns gaue Carn

cumrailagh detainer, hinderer, hindersome, loiterer, tedious person: shegin dhyt goll gys y leigh , lesh ymmyrkey Creestee, fegooish shirrey cooilleeney aigney, fegooish goaill aghtyn cumrailagh as roonagh, as cur corree er dty naboo as ort hene fegooish oyr. CS

eajee atrocious, filthy, ghastly, monstrous, odious, unlovely: soilshee daue nyn aghtyn eajee Bible; horrible; abominable; abhorrent; grisly; hateful

faaueyn suggestions: Eisht, haink skeealyn as faaueyn mygeayrt dy row ny meoiryn-shee gaghtey er aghtyn neu-chooie. Carn; tips

fondit established, proved: As cha row yn colught er chur geill da aghtyn-plannal fondit. BS

gheddyn (dy); (to) get: nagh gliaghtmayd dy bragh lheid ny aghtyn dy gheddyn nyn meaghey as ta fys ain nagh jean eh dy bragh y vannagh. CS

neareydagh ashamed, lewdness, reserved, shameful: gyn dy yannoo lurg ny aghtyn neareydagh euish Bible; embarrassing, ignominious

saaseyn cluicagh wicked devices: Ta aghtyn yn er-sondagh myrgeddin an-chiart: t'eh smooinaghtyn er saaseyn cluicagh dy stroie yn boght lesh goan breagagh Bible

ben-choyrlee chormid (f.) equality advisor: Sue Strang, Ben-Choyrlee Chormid, t'ee gra dy vel shoh cur caa da colughtyn ynnydagh dy ronsaghey ny h-aghtyn t'ad failley sleih. BS

rouanagh immoral, wanton: uss ven rouanagh as almoragh Bible; lewd: gys inneenyn ny Philistinee, ta goaill nearey jeh dty aghtyn rouanagh Bible; profligate, uproarious; riotous: ayns shen hug eh jummal er e chooid liorish baghey rouanagh Bible; incontinent: Fegooish graih dooghyssagh, brishey conaantyn, casseyderyn foalsey, rouanagh, dewil, dwoaiagh er deiney mie Bible; frolicsome; play: as dirree ad seose dy ve rouanagh Bible; rioter

scruteyr (=Ir. scrúdóir) checker, inspector: Ta'n Scruteyr Roberts gra dy vel ad er ronsaghey ny h-aghtyn as ny buill raad ta ny meoiryn-shee gobbraghey. BS


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