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aghtal clever, dexterous, expert, proficient, skilful: ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible; smart; workmanlike; apt; cunning; artful

Inexact matches:

dooinney aghtal man of brains

jeshaghteyrys aghtal engineering brilliance

smooinaght aghtal brainwave

jysk aghtal bun-earrooagh DVD

clever (adj.) aghtal: He is clever at writing - T'eh aghtal ec screeu. DF idiom; gastey, glick, kioot, tushtagh

apt1 (adj.) aghtal: all that were strong and apt for war - ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible; cooie; traaoil

engineering brilliance (n.) jeshaghteyrys aghtal

expert aghtal; oalagh; oayllee

proficient (adj.) aghtal

smart abyl, bioyr, glick, jesh, jeshagh, kioot; aghtal: Smart lad - Scollag aghtal. DF idiom; gonnagh, gortey, gred, guinn, piandagh; gyersnagh

workmanlike (adj.) aghtal, keirdoil, schleioil

brainwave (n.) smooinaght aghtal; tonn inchyn

cunning (adj.) cluicagh; (n.) cluicys; schlei, schleï; croutys; kialgeyrys; schleioil: the work of the hands of a cunning workman - obbyr lauee yn er-keirdee schleioil Bible; aghtal: with cherubims of cunning work made he them - va cherubim jeant orroo lesh obbyr aghtal Bible

DVD (n.) JABE; jysk aghtal bun-earrooagh

man of brains (n.) dooinney aghtal

artful (adj.) aghtal; cooishagh; ellynagh; scheial; schleitagh; schleïoil; toiggallagh

dexterous (adj.) aghtal; jesh-laueagh; lauee; scheial; schleioil

skilful (adj.) aghtal: He was more skilful - V'eshyn ny s'aghtaley. DF idiom; scheial, schleial, schleioil, schleïoil, schleitagh

ceab pl. ceabyn clod, clump, lump: As goaill unnane jeh ny peeshyn gyn-ymmyd (dy jarroo ceab cam- crontagh) as er ghrainney eh dy kiarailagh ec e chaa, er chummey shen dy aghtal, as er chiaddey eh ayns cocaslys dooinney. Apoc; flake; ingot

gaauenyn smiths: fir-cheirdee as gaauenyn un thousane, ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible

glackey (=Ir. glacadh) (as report) adopt; (plan) adoption; apprehension, buckle, catch, catch out, confiscate, confiscation, input, reception, shoot, shot; clutch, seize, snatch, holdfast: T'ad ooilley glackey nyn gliwenyn, aghtal ayns caggey Bible

goaill foyr sharpen: My ta'n yiarn moandagh, as cha vel yn obbree goaill foyr, eisht shegin da niart smoo y chur huggey agh ta schleï ymmyrchagh dy yannoo aghtal. Bible

gyn-foaynoo of no value: t'ad genmys adsyn jeeghyn ta obbyr laueyn deiney, airh as argid cummit dy schleïoil, as co-chaslys dy chretooryn, ny red gyn-foaynoo dy chlagh, obbyr shenn laue aghtal. Apoc

spaarailagh frugal, sparing: yn sniengan beg ta tarroogh goaill kiarail son traa ry-heet, e veaghey t'eh sauail ayns thieyn stoyr aghtal jeant lesh mooads tooilleil, spaarailagh t'ad nagh jean nyn stoyr failleil PC


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