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aght erbee 1 anyhow, anyway: Aghterbee, gyn ourys, ta sleih ayn as adsyn jannoo ymmyd jeh'n 'ockle er aght slobbagh. Carn; 2 any way a: cha vod shiu er aght erbee goll stiagh ayns reeriaght niau. Bible

aght (=Ir. acht) manner, means, method, plight, practice, procedure, skill, style, system: Cha jean-ym arragh yn seihll y stroie er yn aght shoh Bible; way; parliamentary act

Inexact matches:

aght baghee manner of life; way of life, way of living; occupation

aght beaghey lifestyle

aght-bea jarrooagh positive lifestyle

aght fuilt coiffure

aght gientynagh reproductive mechanism

aght loayrtys phraseology

aght meadragh metric system

aght smooinaghtyn attitude

aght soilsheenee advertising medium

aght ushtey water system

Cre'n aght (interrog.) How: Cre'n aght heemayd dy vel Jee er yannoo shoh? CS

er aght-erbee by any means: my oddagh ad er aght-erbee Phenice, as yn geurey y cheau ayns shen Bible

recortys aght-screeuee spelling log

aght dy heet stiagh (yn) how to join

Cre'n aght ta shiu (interrog.) How are you: as tra honnick ee mish dooyrt ee 'Moghrey mie ayd Yoe, cha liass dou gra 'Cre'n aght ta shiu? er yn oyr dy vel oo jeeaghyn cho mie. Dhoor

er aght cosoylagh in like manner

er aght elley alternatively, in another connection, otherwise: Liorish dy creeney yeearreeyn neu-pheccoil y obbal, dy vod oo ny share obbal ad, tra t'ad er aght elley. CS

er aght ennagh someway: Ta mee gennaghtyn er aght ennagh dy vel eh aggairagh. DF

er aght ennaght somehow

er aght erbee noways, nowise: Son nagh vod oo er aght erbee goll gys niau mannagh vreill oo ad, ny arrys leah y ghoaill. CS

er aght ny ghaa diversely: LOYR jih ayns ny heirishyn ta ern 'oll shaghey er aght na ga, as ymmydi dy raydjyn rish ny haeraghyn liorish ny phaderyn PB1610

er aght oardit prescribed

er aght partanagh crabwise

er dy chooilley aght by all means: Been ynsagh echey lheid shen er dy chooilley aght dy bee Jee er ny akin ayn. CS

er yn aght cheddin likewise: Eiyr ad er yn aght cheddin lesh dty ghoirrin Bible; in like manner

er yn aght cosoylagh similarly

er yn aght shoh thus

way of living aght baghee: Our way of living - Yn aght baghee ain. - Yn aght baghee ain. DF idiom

in like manner er aght cosoylagh; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh; er yn aght cheddin: In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard - Er yn aght cheddin nee oo rish dty gharey-feeyney Bible

plight aght: That is the plight we are in - Ta shen yn aght t'orrin. DF idiom

advertising medium (n.) aght soilsheenee

anyhow (adv.) aght erbee, ansherbee

anyway (adv.) aght erbee, ansherbee

any way aght erbee

coiffure (n.) aght fuilt

crabwise (adj.) er aght partanagh

lifestyle (n.) aght beaghey

means aght: Have we the means to do it ? - Vel yn aght ain dy yannoo eh? DF idiom; ash; cooid; fort; saaseyn

method (n.) aght, saase

metric system (n.) aght meadragh

parliamentary act (n.) aght, slattys

phraseology (n.) abbyrtys; aght loayrtys

prescribed (adj.) er aght oardit

procedure (n.) aght, immeeaght, trior

reproductive mechanism (n.) aght gientynagh

someway (adv.) er aght ennagh

style aght: He has a free style - Ta aght rey echey. DF idiom; birran, snaid; enmys; jannoo; mod: This author's style is difficult - Ta mod yn ughtar shoh doillee JJK idiom

thus (adv.) myr shen; myr shoh; shoh myr; er yn aght shoh: Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel Er yn aght shoh nee oo loayrt rish cloan Israel Bible

by all means (adv.) er dy chooilley chor: I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem - Shegin dooys er dy chooilley chor yn feailley shoh ta er-gerrey y reayll ec Jerusalem Bible; er dy chooilley aght: the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means - dy jean y Chiarn hene dy Jee, sheechoyrt diu dy kinjagh, er dy chooilley aght Bible

constitution3 (n.) (of state etc.) aght-reill; bunraght

diversely er aght ny ghaa

even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

likewise (adv.) lheid elley; myrgeddin: And likewise did he for all his strange wives - As myrgeddin hrog eh son ooilley e vraane joarree Bible; neesht: in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand - ayns y choorse echeysyn neesht va kiare thousaneyn as feed Bible; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh: Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab - Myr-chaagh, tra va ooilley ny Hewnyn y ayns Moab Bible; er yn aght cheddin: he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise - hie eh magh mysh y cheyoo as yn nuyoo oor, as ren eh er yn aght cheddin Bible

manner (n.) aght: He spoke in such a manner, as to lead us to think that he was quite innocent - Loayr eh er lheid yn aght, myr dy chur orrin smooinaghtyn dy row eh slane oney. JJK idiom; beasid; mayk; monney; oash

positive lifestyle aght-bea jarrooagh

recipe (n.) aght-aarlee, oijys

similarly (adv.) er yn aght cosoylagh

somehow (adv.) anshaght; er aght ennaght

aght-aarlee recipe

aght-beaghee trade, occupation: Cre ta nyn aght beaghee? Bible

aght-reill (of state etc.) constitution

how to join (yn) aght dy heet stiagh

in another connection er aght elley

manner of life aght baghee; ymmyrkey bea

noways (adv.) er aght erbee, er chor erbee

nowise (adv.) er aght erbee, er chor erbee

spelling log (n.) recortys aght-screeuee; recortys lettraghey

water system (n.) aght ushtey, corys ushtey

way of life ymmyrkey bea; aght baghee

baghee of life: Yn aght baghee ain. DF

How are you (interrog.) Cre'n aght ta shiu; Kanys ta shiu; Kyns; Kys t'ou

of life (gen.) baghee: Manner of life - Aght baghee. DF idiom

aghtey act, behave, conduct: Ren eh aghtey er yn aght cheddin nurree. JJK

ard-vooaralagh imperious: ta bunnys dy chooilley nhee jeant er aght ard-vooaralagh. Carn; presumptuous

Chrea (Yn); (The) Creed: Cre'n aght ta'n Chrea cooney lhien shoh yannoo? CS

croit (f.) croft: v'ou gynsaghey yn aght dy chummal croit veg neesht. Carn

crootagh (=Ir. cruihaigtheoir) creator; creative: ta shin laccal greeasagh cooishyn Gailckagh er aght crootagh. Carn

currit magh confused; published: Cre'n aght veagh y lioar currit magh? Carn

dys shen thither: Cre'n aght hem dys shen? DF

mayd we: Cre'n aght fod mayd greinnaghey sleih aeg dy ynsaghey Ghaelg? Carn

noidjyn enemies: Cre'n aght oddysmayd barriaght gheddyn harrish nyn noidjyn? CS

oardrail (f.) ordination, prescribe, prescription: cre'n aght nee mayd yn lhiannoo y oardrail? Bible

screeuee of writing: cordail rish yn aght screeuee oc hene Bible

Thoree Tory: Er aght ennagh she shenn Thoree v'ayn. Carn

acquit (v.) cooilleeney, lhiggey; lhiggey jeh; seyrey: and will not at all acquit the wicked - as cha jean eh er aght erbee seyrey ny meechrauee Bible

alternatively (adv.) er aght elley: Or alternatively you can come tomorrow - Er agh elley foddee oo cheet mairagh. DF idiom; er y derrey heu: Or alternatively they will die - Er y derrey heu yiow ad baase. DF idiom

attitude (n.) shassoo; ymmyrkey: That's his attitude - Ta shen yn ymmyrkey echey. DF idiom; aght smooinaghtyn

by any means er aght-erbee: nothing shall by any means hurt you - cha jean nheesy theihll, er aght erbee, skielley diu Bible

How (adv., interrog.) Cre'n aght, Kanys; Cammah: How wast thou not afraid to stretch forth thine hand - Cammah, nagh row aggle ort dy heeyney magh dty laue Bible

lordly (adj.) chiarnagh; ooasle; staydoil: She spoke to me in a very lordly way - Loayr ee rhym er aght feer staydoil. DF idiom

occupation (n.) aght baghee, aght-beaghee, keird; cummaltys: Army of occupation - Armee cummaltys. DF idiom; staartey: Blind alley occupation - Staartey nagh vel bishagh ayn. DF idiom

otherwise (adj., adv.) er aght elley; er nonney: Otherwise we'll be gone - Er nonney beemayd ersooyl. DF idiom; (ny) yei: Go tomorrow otherwise you will not get - Immee mairagh ny yei nagh now oo eh. DF idiom

practice1 aght; cliaghtey: To indulge in a practice - Dy ve currit da cliaghtey. DF idiom; roortys; rooyrtyssagh

skill (n.) aght; schlei: He was praised for his skill - V'eh moyllit son e schlei. JJK idiom

spoke (n.) doarnane; spake; loayr: He spoke in such a manner, as to lead us to think that he was quite innocent - Loayr eh er lheid yn aght, myr dy chur orrin smooinaghtyn dy row eh slane oney. JJK idiom

such a thing e lheid: neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it - chamoo nee oo veg jeh e lheid, lurg yn aght cheddin Bible; lhied y red

system (n.) aght; corys: The solar system - Corys ny greiney. DF idiom; coarys; oardreilys

way1 coorse; fannane; immeeaght; raad: to keep the way of the tree of life - dy lhiettal y raad gys billey yn vea Bible; reamys; ash, aght

we shall send ver mayd: tell us wherewith we shall send it to his place - cren aght ver mayd eh gys e ynnyd hene Bible

ambassadeyr ambassador: Ta Mainshtyr Moffatt er chremmey yn Ard-Shirveishagh er yn oyr nagh dinsh eh da'n ambassadeyr Rooshagh nagh vel Mannin coontey veg jeh'n aght ta'n Reiltys Rooshagh dellal rish cairyn dooinnoil (human rights). BS

arrane ashoonagh national anthem: C'ren aght ta shiu gra yn chied linney jeh'n arrane ashoonagh? Dhoor

beggan er veggan gradually, little by little, piecemeal, progressive: She cowrey baghtal dooin eh jeh'n aght ta ny Manninee coayl, beggan er veggan, nyn lhiastid er nyn gultoor hene. Carn

ben aeg (=Ir. bean og.) (f.) girl, maid, Miss, young woman: Eisht er yn aght shoh haink dagh ben aeg gys y ree Bible; lass; damsel

boarderyn borders: As va ny stuill obbrit er yn aght shoh: va boarderyn orroo, as va ny boarderyn eddyr ny rimmaghyn Bible

Bwoaillee ny Geyrragh Sheep Fold: Eshyn nagh vel goll stiagh er y dorrys ayns bwoaillee ny geyrragh, agh ta drappal seose er aght ennagh elley, teh shen ny vaarliagh as ny roosteyr. Bible

cairyn dooinnoil (f.) human rights: remmey yn Ard-Shirveishagh er yn oyr nagh dinsh eh da'n ambassadeyr Rooshagh nagh vel Mannin coontey veg jeh'n aght ta'n Reiltys Rooshagh dellal rish cairyn dooinnoil. BS

cha eddrym so light: Cren aght teh taghyrt eisht dy vel whilleen mee-rioosagh jeh currym cha eddrym as aashagh CS

Cha jeanym I will not: Cha jean-ym arragh yn seihll y stroie er yn aght shoh, er coontey sheelnaue Bible

Chreesteeaght (Yn); (The) Eucharist: As eisht shegin dhyt smooinaght cre'n aght oddys oo yn Chreesteeaght shoh y ghoaill dy feeu. CS

coheshaght (f.) (of persons) club: Coardail rish Coheshaght ny Colughtyn Radio Traghtee, oddagh yn aght ta Radio Vannin gobbraghey ve ny hambyl mie da stashoonyn-radio sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit. BS; ( of hounds) pack; party

Conaant Noa New Testament: Myr t'ou smooinaghtyn er-yn aght shoh cha nel feayn-skeealleydaght Ghreagagh, ny Cheltiagh, ny foddee eer Yn Conaant Noa feer screeuaght. Carn

coonseil (f.) council: Ta Coonseil ny h'Europey arryltagh dy cheau argid yn aght bare lhee as cha nel ad shirrey er coyrle voin-hene. Carn

corpagh bodily, corporal, incarnate, physical: v'eh jeeaghyn dy dooyrt yn whaiyl shoh dy vel kied ec reiltys dy chur er sleih dy gholl ass nyn geeayll choud's nagh vel shen jeant ayns aght corpagh. Carn

cosoylley compare: ta mee smooinaghtyn dy ren ny Sostnee ymmyd jeh Bretnish er aght cosoylley rish ny cheayrtyn. Carn

cotteyryn cottagers: va'n cragh er ve speeideilagh erskyn credjue ayns wheesh as v'eh er hayrn arrey y teihll er yn aght voght v'er mooinjer Lioas, as er croiteyryn as cotteyryn er fud ny Gaeltaght. NNS

co-vingys (f.) acoustics, concord, consonance, harmony: T'ad feer vooar lesh daa 'eddan as un cronnane yn aght oddagh oo cloie co-vingyssyn feer foayssagh. Carn

coyrt cooyll put back: Agh my nee shiu er aght erbee coyrt cooyll Bible

craidoil burlesque, gibing, grieve, mocking, scornful: Tra t'ad d'enmys eh gys ymmyd fardailagh ny olk erbee, ta shen tra t'ad loayrt jeh Jee, ny jeh Ghoo, ny jeh hirveish, ayns aght erbee craidoil. CS

creenid maturity, ripeness; shrewdness: Agh t'eh credjal dy vel y Reiltys er hoilshaghey creenid syn aght t'eh er ghellal rish ny cooishyn BS

cronnane (pl -yn) babble, buzz, drone, hum, purr, whirr: T'ad feer vooar lesh daa 'eddan as un cronnane yn aght oddagh oo cloie co-vingyssyn feer foayssagh. Carn

crossag (f.) crossroad; ford, river crossing; crossing, intersection: V'ad soie ny brasnagyn er aght crossag as va fer jeh ny deiney goaill daa vrasnag jeh darragh as ren eh rubbey ad dy gheddyn lossan. Dhoor; spade handle; gullet

cughlinagh conic, conical, coniform, pineal: Bee ny feddanyn shoh cughlinagh dy chur sheean dy liooar yn aght bee ad ry chlashtyn 'syn aer feayn. Carn

cur nearey er 1 cheap morally, dishonour; 2 shame, abash, embarrass a: Er aght ennagh va taishbynys yindyssagh ny Britaanee cur nearey er Celtiee elley. Carn

daa-chassagh biped, two-footed, two-legged: honnick eh yn aght dewil as mee-onneragh v'ad dellal rish fer jeh ny braaraghyn echey, cretoor daa-chassagh fegooish fedjagyn va annym echey CnyO

droghad (=S.G. drochaid; Ir. drochiott) arch, gantry; bridge: Ta baggyrt rish yn traa ry-heet er ny Ellanyn Canna as Sanday mannagh vel yn droghad eddyr oc mooadit yn aght oddagh gleastanyn goll harrish. Carn

dy chadjin generally: S'cummey yn jalloo, ta mee lane shickyr nagh bee eh aght erbee ta sleih coamrit dy chadjin ny laghyn t'ayn jiu ayns Ellan Vannin. Carn

dy giare brusquely: 'Scosoylagh nagh bee eh feer aashagh diu dy hoiggal er yn oyr shen, agh shen yn aght ayns ny shenn daanyn Gaelgagh-ta gagh ooilley nhee rait dy giare, dy rooisht, bunnys gyn jesheen erbee. Coraa

er nyn son hene for themselves: Huggey shegin dooin guee, cha nee er nyn son hene ny lomarcan, agh son dy chooilley stayd as aght ta sleih ayn CS

feayn-skeealleydaght (f.) mythology: Myr t'ou smooinaghtyn er-yn aght shoh cha nel feayn-skeealleydaght Ghreagagh, ny Cheltiagh, ny foddee eer Yn Conaant Noa feer screeuaght. Carn

feer voiragh harrowing, nerve-racking: Dooyrt ad dy vel briwnys yn imraa soilshaghey 'stayd feer voiragh' bentyn rish yn aght va rheynnyn-reiltys, politickeyryn as fir-oik dellal rish y lhiasaghey. BS

feill neu-ghooghyssagh strange flesh: ren er yn aght cheddin ad-hene y choyrt seose gys maarderys, as geiyrt er feill neu-ghooghyssagh, er nyn soiaghey magh son sampleyr, surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

fodmayd we can: Fodmayd toiggal yn aght dy vel ny eeasteyryn shoh corree. Carn

Germaanee Germans: Va ny Frangee eer ny s'dewiley ny ny Germaanee tra v'ad cur cultoor fo smaght yn aght va paart dy Vritaanee greinnit dy co-obbragh maroo. Carn

goaill yn aigney preoccupy: Cre'n aght t'ad goaill shin jeh; T'ad goaill yn aigney harrish cair, Dy s'coan yiow Jee agh lieh. LH

Goaldee (Ny); (The) British: Hoilshee yn skeeal Bennett magh dy vel ny Goaldee as nyn gaarjyn soie er Yernee ayns twoaie ny hErin ayns aght barbaragh. Carn

goll ry-cheilley alike, associate, go together: v'ad er dy chooilley aght goll ry-cheilley Bible

gour y ghib headlong: Aght erbee choud's va shin shassoo mygeayrt ghow eh toshiaght dy roie gour y ghib hyms hene! Dhoor; mouthways

grinderagh See grindyragh grumble, snarl; satirist; mock, sarcastic, satirical: dooyrt eh rish e charrey ayns aght grinderagh "Cre va'n vuc-awin sonjeragh ayns dty chleaysh?" EF; taunting

gyn moir motherless: Shen yn aght 'sy theihll shoh - shimmey peiagh kenjal as dooie gyn paitchyn erbee oc, as fir elley as cloan oc gyn moir dy kiarail er nyn son. Dhoor

harryltagh (dy) willingly: cre'n aght nagh der eh dooin dy harryltagh dy chooilley nhee elley marish? CS

jannoo cassid er accuse, arraign, charge with crime, denounce, impeach, impeachment, recriminate: V'eh jannoo cassid er y sleih cheddin, v'eh garraghey syn aght cheddin, va'n jeeanid cheddin ayn. GB; (with crime) charge

jannoo craid er mock: Hoig Manninee dooie ny lettyryn shen va jannoo craid er aght cho glen jeh deiney berchagh, creoi as jooigh, lurg pooar as argid v'ad pandoogh. Carn

jannoo er ail, prey upon, trouble, wage war: Er aght ennagh, ta'n boirey cheddin er ve jannoo er ny Celtiee ooilliu. Carn

jannoo ymmyd jeh employ, resort to, use, utilize: gyn ourys, ta sleih ayn as adsyn jannoo ymmyd jeh'n 'ockle er aght slobbagh. Carn

jargal able, capable: dy vrishey ersooyl veih niart ny Sostnee dy bollagh, as my tamain laccal geddyn rey rish yn aght ta ny Sostnee jargal reill harrish ny Manninee Carn

jeeaghyn mysh look after: Nish, t'ad shirrey coyrle as ymmodee Manninee boirit dy liooar mychione lhiass feallagh aeg syn Ellan, erskyn ooilley mychione yn aght ta sleih jeeaghyn mysh persoonyn aegey hie er cur ayns kiarail. BS

jeh beggan scansh trivial, unimportant: Ga dy vel Nerin jeh beggan scansh myr cheer, er aght keoi ennagh ta ny Americanee coontey ee y ve scanshoil ayns caggey eddyr America as y Roosh. Carn

jeianagh last, late, recent, modern: V'eh soilshaghey dooin claare ren eh jeh purt-y-beeal er aght jeianagh. Carn; up-to-date

jesheen (f.) (pl -yn) adornment, ornament, trinket: agh shen yn aght ayns ny shenn daanyn Gaelgagh - ta gagh ooilley nhee rait dy giare, dy rooisht, bunnys gyn jesheen erbee. Coraa

kiangltys connection: my tamain geearree geddyn reh rish pooar ny Sostnee dy reayll arrey orrin syn aght shoh, shegin yn kiangltys shoh y vrishey. Carn

kiare feed as jeih ninety: scrutaghey yn aght va slattyssyn-keesh dellal rish leodaghey keesh-turrysid er ny lhiasaghey ec y toshiaght jeh ny bleeantyn kiare feed as jeih BS

lectraneagh electronic: Nish ta shin cummal ayns eash lectraneagh, ta ram greieyn niartal dy chooney sleih dy ynsaghey, my t'ou toiggal yn aght t'ad gobbraghey! Dhoor

lettyr (=Ir. litir) pl. lettyryn character, letter: Hug ad ennym Najavo er dagh lettyr jeh'n abbyrlhit yn aght nagh bee yn chied lettyr jeh'n fockle noa yn lettyr cheddin er'n ennym Baarlagh. Carn

lhoobagh arching, bending, bowing, convoluted, curved, curvilinear, faltering, inflexional, limber, plastic, pliable, sinuous, snakiness, supple, twisting, vermiculate, willowy, winding: Ta'n slane coorse jeant er aght lhoobagh dy ve cooie da sleih aasit chammah as ynseydee-scoill. Dhoor; (morally) crooked; shifty

loayrit rish (crowd) addressed: Hass mish lesh yn fockle scruit as hass my ayr lesh yn aght va Gaelg er ve loayrit rish sheeloghyn gyn earroo! JC

loayrt er speak of: Agh ta'n chairys ta liorish credjue loayrt er yn aght shoh, Ny abbyr ayns dty chree, Quoi hed seose gys niau? Bible

loayrtyssyn speeches, talks: Ta ny loayrtyssyn mychione yn aght share dy chur slattys cooie er e hoshiaght, as ta Mainshtyr Downie gra dy vel ad er ve feer speeideilagh. BS

looyr husky; stalwart; strong bodied: Va'n maynagh jeeaghyn sunt, roauyr as looyr; va e hooillyn soilshean, yn aght echey shickyr, e ymmyrkey jeeragh, as e hooyl moyrnagh. CnyO

lossan (f.) aurora, light, phosphorescence; pl. lossanyn blaze, flame, flare: V'ad soie ny brasnagyn er aght crossag as va fer jeh ny deiney goaill daa vrasnag jeh darragh as ren eh rubbey ad dy gheddyn lossan. Dhoor

meanvrastyl bourgeoisie, middle class: Yeeagh Ceridwen erash ayns shennaghys as loayr ee mychione ny shennvoiraghyn eck as yn aght haink meanvrastyl rish ayns Bretyn. Carn

mooadit 1 amplified, augmented, enlarged, exaggerated a: Ta baggyrt rish yn traa ry-heet er ny Ellanyn Canna as Sanday mannagh vel yn droghad eddyr oc mooadit yn aght oddagh gleastanyn goll harrish. Carn; 2 (untrue) artificial

mooar ass towse immense; huge: Er aght ennagh, ta red ennagh feer chooie bentyn rish y treealtys ec Redlands Aggregate dy yannoo quarral mooar ass towse ayns ny Harrey Carn

neuchliaghtagh (of thing) unaccustomed: Fer ta cur shilley er Mannin, t'eh cur onnor da George Formby er aght neuchliaghtagh. BS; unpracticed

oayllys (f.) awareness, dope, guidance, information, know-how, knowledge, lore: Hug mee yn skeeal shen da Phillie Gawne, myr dooyrt eh, agh cha ren Phillie soilshaghey cre'n aght hooar mee yn oayllys shen ayns y toshiaght. Dhoor

Oie Voaldyn (f.) May Eve: as voish teks elley haink skeeal yn daa ghragon va eignit jannoo caggey er yn aght cheddin Oie Voaldyn. Dhoor

ordaagagh butter-fingered, clumsy: hass mee jeeaghyn er yn uinnag, goaill yindys quoi erbee va fosley yn uinnag er aght cha ordaagagh. JC

Oshin Ossian: jeh ardynsagh cha nel cowrey erbee 'sy Ghailg (Manninagh) agh cooid veg jeh arraneyn jeant 'syn aght Oshin cronnit ec yn Aspick Hildesley . Coraa

perfume perfume: nee oo perfume y yannoo jeh, aarlit lurg aght y phothecary Bible

pihtt (f.) (pl -yn) vagina, vulva: Ta ny mraane shoh freayll foshlit ny pihttyn oc er aght veagh cur yn olk er ram sleih. Carn; (vulgar) fanny, pussy

quarral quarry: Hie paart jeu dys quarral noa ayns Sostyn dy akin yn aght nagh vel eh jannoo jeeill da'n chymbyllaght. Carn

rouailley confusion, delirium, deviousness, incoherence, mix up, unsettlement: Ta mee er ve rouailley mygeayrt red beg, agh, nish foddee dy vel tooilley fys eu er yn aght ta'n chengey ain goll er aavioghey ayns scoill. Dhoor; prowl, wander, rambling, rave

schoillyn schools: Ta speeideilys yn Bretnish ayns ny schoillyn yn oyr smoo scanshoil son yn aght ta smoo arrym currit da'n chengey. Carn

scooyrit canned, drunk, inebriated, intoxicated, lit up, oiled, pickled, plastered, stoned, unsober: Cha nel mee er aght erbee scooyrit. DF

scrah (f.) green sod, scraw, sod, turf: Yn aght myr heemayd claare ta scoorit glen cummit kiongoyrt rish gah ny skell y ghrian tilgey scaa bane, myr eayst yial, er y voall ny er y scrah PC; clod

shareaghey getting better, improvement: Bishaghey yn earroo dy leih aasit ta cheet dy ve flaaoil liorish shareaghey yn aght ta Gaelg goll er ynsaghey Dhoor

sheiltynagh conjectural, fanciful, imaginable, imaginary, imaginative, notional, presumable, putative, speculative, speculator, theoretic, theoretical, theorist, thinkable: Va ny rinkaghyn co-chianglit er aght schleoil as sheiltynagh Carn

shenn riftan fogy: Cre'n aght veagh enney eck er gagh shenn riftan ayns Mannin, smooinee ish. SF

skeym scheme: Taishbynys jeh Skeym Iris as yn aght t'eh goll er oi sy jiass, v'eh er ny chummal ayns Purt le Moirrey riyr. BS

skeymyn schemes: T'ee credjal dy bee skeymyn myr shoh foaysagh er aght tarmaynagh as sleih reaghey strateysh Vannin ry hoi geddyn rey rish orçh. BS

slane coardailys unison: Ta mee ayns slane coardailys riu mychione shen, ta mish hene er ve screeu ta mee er neddin as ta mee er noll son she shen yn aght ta shin fockley magh ad Dhoor

sleih boghtey poorer classes: lurg v'eh er ny seyrey; ny 'n aght gastoil aynsyn haink eh dys cooney ny sleih boghtey ayns traa y gortey mooar. Coraa

slobbagh dowdy, floppy, mucky, sloppy: ta sleih ayn as adsyn jannoo ymmyd jeh'n 'ockle er aght slobbagh. Carn

smooinagh think: Cha nel mish hene smooinagh dy jean shen taghyn er aght cho glen as shen. Carn [O.Ir. smúainid]

soccar (=Ir. socair) comfort, comfortableness, ease; leisure: Mynjeig 3, ta shen mychione soccar, goaill stiagh soccar persoonagh as yn aght dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh seyraaidyn theayagh (public facilities). Dhoor; association football

stiark few: Ga stiark ta sooillyn fakin dty lheid ayns aght y cheddin! Coraa

streppey pl. streppaghyn tug; (v.) struggle: Shegin da dagh ashoonagh streppey noi'n olk ayns e heer hene, er'n aght shen ta shin cooney lesh dagh ashoon Celtiagh elley. Carn

sursmooinaghtyn consider: Ta olteynyn Mec Vannin sursmooinaghtyn harrish treealtys ta Bernard Moffatt cur roish ard-chruinnaght vleeaney y pharteeg as t'eh cheet er, ayns ayrn, yn aght ta turrysee cheet dys Mannin Carn

tayrn ersooyl drag away, draw away: Dooyrt fer-ynsee dooin, 'Ec yn eash shoh, bee paart jeh ny paitchyn va troggit myr Gaelgeyryn tayrn ersooyl voish y Ghaelg oc rish blein ny jees ansherbee;shen yn aght lesh jeigeyryn. Dhoor

trieghyn feet, soles: Va paitchyn cheet huc dinsh daue dy row sleih ennagh deayrtey geayr er'n voayl v'ad cliaghtey cloie yn aght va trieghyn nyn mraagyn goll loau. Carn

trostaghyn fastings, fasts: nee er aght erbee ayns biallys dooys ren shiu ny trostaghyn shen y reayll? Bible

ve cooie da beseem: ve cooie da er dy chooilley aght dy ve jeant casley rish e vraaraghyn Bible

Wiggynnee Vikings: Red ta boiragh dy liooar ayns Mannin, shen yn aght ta sleih ynsit ennagh dellal rish ny Wiggynnee. Carn

ymmyrkey bea manner of life: as ayns shen ta ynsagh dy liooar ayd, my ta agh fys ayd cre'n aght nee oo ymmyd jeh ayns dt'ymmyrkey bea CS; way of life

ynsym I will instruct: ynsym oo ayns aght cha aashagh dy ve toiggit nagh lhiass dhyt çherraghtyn son laccal tushtey CS

lead1 (v.) coyrt, cur, leeideil, leeideill, lhomey laue, scair, shiaullee, stiurey, toshiaght, reaghey; leeid: Lead the way, please, and I will follow you - Leeid yn raad my sailliu, as eiyrym erriu. JJK idiom; cur er: He spoke in such a manner, as to lead us to think that he was quite innocent - Loayr eh er lheid yn aght, myr dy chur orrin smooinaghtyn dy row eh slane oney. JJK idiom; (n.) caabyl, streir, yeeal, ard-ayrn; (suf.) -toshee

shall deliver livreyee: In any case thou shalt deliver him the pledge again - Er dy chooilley aght livreyee oo huggey e yioal reesht Bible; livrey-ee: And he shall redeem Israel: from all his sins. - As livrey-ee eh Israel; veih ooilley e pheccaghyn. Bible

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee

walk after (v.) geiyrt da: And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the Lord thy God, and walk after other gods - Agh my nee shiu er aght erbee jarrood y Chiarn nyn Yee, as geiyrt da jeeghyn erbee elley Bible; geiyrt er: and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods - as geiyrt er jeeghyn elley nagh vel enney eu orroo Bible; gimmeeaght lurg: They shall walk after the Lord - Nee ad gimmeeaght lurg y Chiarn Bible


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