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aegey young: haare ny deiney aegey greme er Bible; juvenile

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deiney aegey young men: nee ny deiney aegey eu ashlishyn y akin, as ny shenn gheiney eu dreamallyn y ghreamal Bible

loghtee aegey juvenile delinquents

mooinjer aegey minors: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn Bible

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

Cairys Sleih Aegey Youth Justice

Chaghteryn Sleih Aegey Youth Ambassadors

Lioaryn son Sleih Aegey Young Adult Reading

lus ny guillyn aegey (f.) meadow sweet

Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey Children and Young Persons Act

Bree - Gleashaght Chiaull Tradishoonagh son Sleih Aegey Bree - Youth Traditional Music Movement

Gleashaght Chiaull Tradishoonagh son Sleih Aegey Youth Traditional Music Movement

minors (npl.) sleih fo eash; sleih aegey; mooinjer aegey

juvenile delinquents (npl.) loghtee aegey

young men (npl.) deiney aegey

young ones1 (n.) aeglagh, sleih aegey

young people (npl.) aegid; sleih aegey

Youth Justice (n.) Cairys Sleih Aegey

juvenile aeglagh; eean; aeg, aegey, oikanagh, lambaanagh, paitçhagh

Young Adult Reading (n.) Lioaryn son Sleih Aegey

young persons (npl.) aeglagh, sleih aegey; aeglee

youth (n.) aeglagh; aegid; scollag aeg; (npl.) sleih aegey

Youth Ambassadors (npl.) Chaghteryn yn Aeglagh, Chaghteryn Sleih Aegey

Children and Young Persons Act Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey

meadow sweet (n.) lus ny guillyn aegey, lus villish ny lheeannagh

Youth Traditional Music Movement (n.) Gleashaght Chiaull Tradishoonagh son Sleih Aegey

garveigagh bellow, bellowing, roaring; groan, roar: nee ad garveigagh myr lionyn aegey Bible

haare caught: haare ny deiney aegey greme er. Bible

haart (ny) confounded, discomfited: bee ny deiney aegey echey ny haart Bible

heet (dy); (to) to come: Sur-jee cloan aegey dy heet hym's Bible

inshee will tell: Fênee jeh dty gheiney aegey, as inshee ad dhyt. Bible

kirp bodies: ta kirp ny deiney aegey glen; carcases

musteral mustered, numbered: ren eh musteral ny deiney aegey princeyn y rheam Bible

varkee rode: kiare cheead dy gheiney aegey, varkee ersooyl er camelyn Bible

vlieh (dy); (to) grind: Ghow ad ny deiney aegey dy vlieh Bible

Bree - Youth Traditional Music Movement (n.) Bree - Gleashaght Chiaull Tradishoonagh son Sleih Aegey

camels (npl.) camellyn; camelyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

dromedaries (npl.) dromedareeyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

mules (npl.) muleyn: riders on mules, camels, and young dromedaries - markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

pigeons (npl.) calmaneyn: And he shall offer the one of the turtledoves, or of the young pigeons - As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey Bible

young1 aeg: Young as he is, he isn't wanting in prudence - Ga dy vel eh aeg, cha nel eh laccal, tastid. JJK idiom; (adj.) aegey

armyderyn armourers: As haink jeih deiney aegey, armyderyn Yoab, mygeayrt-y-mysh, as woaill ad Absalom, as varr ad eh. Bible

assylyn asses: ver ad lhieu nyn merchys er geayltyn assylyn aegey gys cheer dy heaghyn as angaish Bible

bennaylt winnow: Nee ny dew myrgeddin, as ny assyllyn aegey, ta traaue yn thalloo, gee arroo glen t'er ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt. Bible

caartyn carts: Ghow dew caartyn jeant jeh bolk as daa wheeyl vooarey. Dhoor; cards: va mish as daa ny tree deiney aegey elley cliaghtit goll keayrt ny ghaa dys y thie oc 'syn 'astyr dy chloie caartyn LC

caillinyn bodies: va caillinyn aegey as nyn minnagh giarit assdoo tayrn nyn ennal s'jerree CnyO

calmaneyn 1 pigeons a: As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey, lheid as oddys eh gheddyn; 2 doves a: Ta shin ooilley gullal myr y vuc-awin, as cooagey dy treih myr calmaneyn Bible

cannoo lust: V'ee er-cannoo lurg ny Assyrianee e naboonyn, captanyn as fir-reill, coamrit yindyssagh stoamey, markiagh er cabbil, ad ooilley deiney aegey aalin. Bible

chagh (=Ir. teach) abode, dwelling, residence; hiding place; feedingplace: C'raad ta oayll ny lionyn, as chagh ny lionyn aegey? Bible [OIr. teg, tech]

cheet harrish cite, re-enact, repeat, repetition: lhig da fer jeh ny deiney aegey cheet harrish dy chur lesh eh. Bible

dromedareeyn dromedaries: hug eh screeunyn lesh postyn er cabbil, as markee er muleyn, camelyn, as dromedareeyn aegey Bible

droynyn humps, bunches: ver ad lhieu nyn merchys er geayltyn assylyn aegey gys cheer dy heaghyn as angaish, as nyn dashtaghyn er droynyn camelyn Bible

fee1 1 (v.) braid, interlace, intertwine, knit, mat, plait, weave a: ren ad fee duillagyn figgagh cooidjagh, dy choodaghey ad hene. Bible; 2 (npl.) ravens: Ta coyrt foddyr dan maase: as beaghey ny fee aegey ta geamagh huggey Bible

feeaihee (npl.) deer: Ta dty cheeaghyn myr cubbyl dy feeaïhee aegey ta nyn lannoonyn Bible

firrynee males: Hooar James Speakman y varriaght ayns co-hirrey kayak ayns soodraght  son firrynee aegey. BS

glack (=Ir.glac, glacad.) (f.) pl. glick :1 (of hand) hollow; palm; narrow valley; (of shares etc) block; (v.) lay hold: glack fer jeh ny deiney aegey, as gow yn eilley-caggee echeysyn. Bible; seized; confiscate

goll neeal faint: Sy laa shen nee ny moidynyn aalin, as ny deiney aegey goll neeal lesh paays. Bible

jeeaghyn mysh look after: Nish, t'ad shirrey coyrle as ymmodee Manninee boirit dy liooar mychione lhiass feallagh aeg syn Ellan, erskyn ooilley mychione yn aght ta sleih jeeaghyn mysh persoonyn aegey hie er cur ayns kiarail. BS

kinjagh (=Ir. cinnteach) constant, continual, continuous, definite, incessant, invariable, persistent, regular, steady, still, unceasing, unfailing, uninterrupted, unvaried, unwavering: chum ee kinjagh marish mraane aegey Boaz Bible; (of person) ballast; perpetual; everlasting

kyndagh rish shen owing to that: Kyndagh rish shen, ta thousaneyn dy Yernee aegey er naagail Nerin dy hirrey obbyr ayns America as ayns Sostyn. Carn

lannoonyn twins: Ta dty cheeaghyn goll-rish daa feeaïh aegey ta nyn lannoonyn, fassagh mastey ny lileeyn. Bible

lion bwoirryn she-lion: Cre ta dty voir? Lion bwoirryn: lhie ee sheese mastey lionyn, hrog ee seose ny quallianyn eck mastey lionyn aegey

nee mayd shall we: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn; lesh nyn mee as nyn inneenyn Bible

nyn mooinjer our relations: Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn Bible

oaseir ny mraane keeper of the women: dy haglym cooidjagh ooilley ny moidynyn aegey as aalin gys Shushan y phlaase, gys thie ny mraane, fo kiarail Hege shamyrlin y ree, oaseir ny mraane Bible

oikagh functionary, officer, official: Eshyn barrantagh-coonee ny Scrialtee syn Ellan as oikagh barrantagh ny sidooryn aegey ec Colleish Ree Illiam. BS

pairk (=Ir. páirc) (f.) course, moorland, pasture field, untilled field: Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF; park, public garden: Hannah, t'adsyn er hroggal pairk son paitchyn aegey ec Faaie Craine. BS

pott pl. puit pot: Aghterbee, hie kuse dy gheiney aegey un oie lesh shilley er Thorn as va pott vooar ny soie er yn aile as bree aynjee. JyC

rheam field, gamut, monarchy, range; province: ren eh musteral ny deiney aegey princeyn y rheam Bible; dominion

scollagyn 1 school children; 2 lads a: Yn ainle ren mish y livrey veih dy chooilley olk, dy bannee eh ny scollagyn Bible; 3 children a: Ghow ad ny deiney aegey dy vlieh, as huitt ny scollagyn fon fuygh. Bible

settyn slips: shen-y-fa nee oo soiaghey biljyn aegey aalin, as nee oo soiaghey eh lesh settyn joarree Bible

sheginey lie in wait: Kiart gollrish ny Brooghyn, tra haink ny meoiryn shee dy ghoaill adsyn v'er n'ghoaill ayrn ayns y raghlid, va armee jeh deiney aegey sheginey. NNS

speiltyn firewood; chips: she'n un red jiu tra ta Sostnee aegey goll gys yn Spaainey, as t'ad shirrey eeast as speiltyn praase as Stoandey Jiarg Watney choud's t'ad aynshen. Carn

strinnoogh (=Ir. srannadh) snore: choud's va ny guillyn aegey lhiggey er dy ye cadley trome as paart jeu strinnoogh gollrish mucyn! Coraa

ventyn (dy); (to) touch: As hug ad lhieu huggey myrgeddin cloan aegey, dy ventyn roo: agh tra honnick e ostyllyn shoh, hooar ad foill. Bible

arose (v.) dhatt: and when the flood arose - as tra dhatt yn ushtey Bible; dirree: Then I arose, and went forth - Eisht dirree mee, as hie mee magh Bible; hrog: And Rebekah arose, and her damsels - As hrog Rebekah as e mraane aegey orroo Bible

even now nish hene; eer nish: My daughter is even now dead - Ta minneen eer nish paartail Bible; eer ec y traa shoh: even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men - eer ec y traa shoh ter jeet hyms veih slieau Ephraim daa ghooinney aegey Bible; eer foast: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God - Agh ta fys aym, eer foast, cre-erbee nee oo y yeearree er Jee Bible; dy jarroo nish: even now are there many antichrists - dy jarroo nish ta ymmodee anchreesteenyn ayn Bible

coyrlee 1 (v.) advocate, exhort, urge: Coyrlee ny deiney aegey myrgeddin dy ve sheelt-aignagh. Bible; 2 reprove a: Ny coyrlee yn ghannidagh, er-aggle dy der eh feoh dhyt Bible; 3 rebuke a: coyrlee yn dooinney creeney, as bee eh ayns aigney-mie rhyt Bible; 4 advisory, advising, counselling, consultant, consulting a: As hug Absalom fys son Ahitophel yn Gilonite, fer-coyrlee Ghavid, veih e ard-valley Bible; 5 (npl.) advisers; 6 persuade

Eaisht rhym (intj) Look here, Listen here, Lend me your ear: Eisht dooyrt Boaz rish Ruth, Eaisht rhym, my inneen, ny gow dy yeeassyragh ayns magher erbee elley, chamoo scugh veih shoh, agh freill oo-hene er-gerrey da ny mraane aegey aym's Bible

mee (=Ir. , ) (pron) I, me: Honnick ny deiney aegey mee Bible; (f.) pl. meeghyn :2 loin: chryss ad aanrit-sack mysh nyn meeghyn Bible; pl. meeghyn pl. meeaghyn month: Mee er dy henney, hug mish shilley er ny hEllanyn Sheear son y chied cheayrt. Carn [O.Ir. ]

soyllys luxury: Ta mee er chlashtyn mychione mraane-aegey as 'neenyn er nyn n'gheid ersooyl, cleaynit liorish gialdyn jeh bioys ayns soyllys as berchys, as gyn dy bragh ry-akin reesht Dhoor

timbrelyn timbrels: T'adsyn ta goaill arraneyn shooyll hoshiaght, adsyn ta jannoo bingys er greïnyn-kiaull cheet nyn-yeï: ayns y vean ta ny mraane-aegey cloie er ny timbrelyn. Bible

vroo See broo (dy); (to) crush: teh er humney shiartanse vooar m, dy vroo my gheiney aegey Bible; bruised: son ayns e aegid lhie ad maree, as vroo ad keeaghyn e moidynys, as ren ad maarderys cadjin r'ee. Bible; stamped: as vroo eh eh cha meein as joan Bible; wounded: as vroo ad eshyn myrgeddin Bible


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