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advocate (n.) turneyr, leighder, pleadeyr, sheealtagh, fer-loayrt; (v.) coyrlaghey, moylley, sheearloayr er nyn son; coyrlee

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Government Advocate (n.) Turneyr y Reiltys

Government Advocate-Advisory (n.) Turneyr Coyrlee yn Reiltys

Government Advocate-Civil (n.) Turneyr y Reiltys son Cooishyn Theayagh

Government Advocate-Criminal (n.) Turneyr y Reiltys son Cooishyn Kimmeeys

local advocate (n.) leighder ynnydagh

leighder ynnydagh local advocate

sheearloayr er nyn son advocate

Turneyr y Reiltys Government Advocate

Turneyr Coyrlee yn Reiltys Government Advocate-Advisory

sheealtagh (n.) advocate, intercessor, mediator, mediatory, pacifier, peacemaker; (adj.) peaceable: Yn Keayn Sheealtagh. DF

turneyr pl. turneyryn advocate, attorney, solicitor: Turneyr yn 'endeilys. DF; writer

Turneyr y Reiltys son Cooishyn Kimmeeys Government Advocate-Criminal

Turneyr y Reiltys son Cooishyn Theayagh Government Advocate-Civil

coyrlaghey advocate, exhort, persuade, recommend, urge: hug y Chiarn Jee nyn ayraghyn huc e haghteryn coyrlaghey ad dy kinjagh as dy kiaralagh; Bible; exhortation

fer-loayrt advocate: My ta duyne erbi jeanu peky, ta ain fer loyrt er nan son: marish yn aer Iesy Khrist ta kayr, as she eshyn fer y grays erson nan bekaghyn. PB1610

leighder pl. leighderyn advocate, attorney, barrister, council, lawyer, legal practitioner: Gow kiarail dy choyrt Zenas yn leighder

moylley (f.) pl. moyllaghyn advocate, applaud, applause, cheering, commend, commendation, compliment, compliments, laud, plaudits, praise, promotion, put forward, recommend, recommendation, tribute: hug ad moylley da'n jee oc Bible; (praise) boost; (praise) cheer

pleadeyr pl. pleadeyryn advocate: cre vel pleadeyr y theihll shoh? Bible; counsellor; disputer; orator; pleader

coyrlee 1 (v.) advocate, exhort, urge: Coyrlee ny deiney aegey myrgeddin dy ve sheelt-aignagh. Bible; 2 reprove a: Ny coyrlee yn ghannidagh, er-aggle dy der eh feoh dhyt Bible; 3 rebuke a: coyrlee yn dooinney creeney, as bee eh ayns aigney-mie rhyt Bible; 4 advisory, advising, counselling, consultant, consulting a: As hug Absalom fys son Ahitophel yn Gilonite, fer-coyrlee Ghavid, veih e ard-valley Bible; 5 (npl.) advisers; 6 persuade


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