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accan 1 pl. accanyn complaint, lamentation, lawsuit, supplication; 2 (v.) complain, grumble, moan a: dirree Abraham dy moghey, gys yn ynnyd raad ren eh roie accan kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn. Bible

Inexact matches:

gyn accan uncomplaining

jannoo accan intercession: Ayns my heaghyn nee'm geamagh er y Chiarn: as jannoo accan gys my Yee.

accan y chur stiagh lay a complaint

accan y yannoo lay a complaint: as gowee eh padjer, gys yn er smoo syrjey, as foshlee eh e veeal ayns padjer, as nee eh accan y yannoo son e pheccaghyn. Apoc

Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan Petition of Redress of Grievance; Petition for Redress of Grievance

jannoo accan er son intercede

lay a complaint (v.) accan y chur stiagh, accan y yannoo

complaint (n.) accan: Lay a complaint - Accan y chur stiagh. DF idiom; plaiynt; doghan: What is her complaint ? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom

lawsuit (n.) accan; cooish leigh

supplication (n.) aghin; accan

uncomplaining (adj.) gyn accan

grumble accan; grinderagh; grinderey; tallagh; trughane; trughaney

intercession (n.) jannoo accan, sheealtaght, sheer loayrt

lamentation (n.) accan, cronneeaght, dobberan, jeirnys, keayney, trimshagh

moan (n.) accan, cauaig, eie, sogh, sou; (v.) cauaigey, gra dy soghallagh, osnaghey, soghal, soutaghey

Petition for Redress of Grievance (n.) Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan

Petition of Redress of Grievance (n.) Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan

aym (=Ir. agam) at me, have, my: Oh dy beagh my accan aym! Bible

prayal praying: Cre son ta shin prayal ayns yn accan shoh? CS

complain (v.) accan, gaggan: I have cause to complain - Ta oyr gaccan aym. DF idiom; trughaney: I have nothing to complain about - Cha nel veg aym dy hrughaney mysh. DF idiom; tollagh

couch (n.) aashag; bainc, baink; lhiabbee: he went up to my couch - hie eh seose gys my lhiabbee Bible; lhiaght: my couch shall ease my complaints - nee my lhiaght my accan y veeinaghey Bible; soiag

intercede (v.) jannoo accan er son, jannoo stiagh, sheealtaghey, sheer loayrt, loayr ass y lieh

inshyn islands: Ta Sostyn (cooyl jeh NIREX) smooinaghtyn bee eh aashagh cur er ny h'Albinee ayns ny h'Inshyn goaill stiagh nyn jummalys fegooish accan. Carn; isles

jiu hene 1 even today, this very day a: Eer jiu hene ta my accan sharroo Bible; 2 of yourselves a: chamoo nee shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh keint erbee dy red snauee ter yn ooir. Bible

mee-hene myself: My jir-ym, Neem's my accan y yarrood, ver-ym my hrimshey dy lhiattee, as mee-hene y gherjaghey Bible

red sloo least thing: Son slaynt, teh geamagh huggeysyn ta faase: son bioys, teh guee gys red gyn-vioys: son cooney, teh jannoo accan imlee gys y red sloo cooney tayn Apoc

stiurtyn officers: Eisht haink stiurtyn chloan Israel, as ren ad accan gys Pharaoh Bible; treasurers

trughanagh complaining, murmuring; complainant, grumbler, rival: Son ta'n chleaysh eadolagh clashtyn dy chooilley nhee, chamoo ta'n accan trughanagh er ny cheiltyn. Apoc

groanings (npl.) osnaghyn: the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered - tan Spyrryd cheddin jannoo accan er nyn son lesh osnaghyn nagh vod glare soilshaghey Bible; soghyn: he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man - nee eh soghal kiongoyrt rish, myr soghyn dooinney ta guint gybaase Bible

deiney ny marrey seafaring men: 17 As troggee ad seose accan treih er dty hon, as jir ad rhyt, Kys t'ou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey, yn ard-valley ooasle, va lajer ayns yn aarkey, ish as ny cummaltee eck hug nyn dappey vouesyn ooilley va taaghey huic. Bible

lhiaght (=Ir. leacht.) pl. lhiaghtyn bed, couch, lie, lying place: Nee my lhiabbee my gherjaghey, nee my lhiaght my accan y veeinaghey Bible; cairn, carn, standing stone; cave, sepulchre, tomb: doanluck ad eh ayns lhiaght. Bible; lodging place, house, lair: dy chooilley ghooinney ayns e lhiaght hene Bible


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