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abyl (=Ir. ábalta) able: cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible; able-bodied, adroit, businesslike, capable, powerful, slick, smart: mysh shey cheead thousane coshee va deiney abyl, cheu-mooie jeh cloan. Bible

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jannoo abyl capacitate

businesslike (adj.) abyl, jeean

capacitate (v.) jannoo abyl

able (adj.) cummeydagh; fondagh: I don't know, but I think you'll be able to get some at C- - Cha saym, agh ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vod oo geddyn paart ec C-. JJK idiom He was able to speak Manx - Oddagh eh loayrt Gaelg. DF idiom Before I was able - Roish my doddin. DF idiom; (v.) jargal: Still, I hope you will be able to make a good breakfast - Foast, ta mee treishteil dy bee shiu jargal dy vrishey yn trostey eu dy-mie. JJK idiom Were you able to do that? - Row shiu jargal shen y yannoo? DF idiom; abyl: You are able - T'ou abyl. DF idiom; foddee: You are able - Foddee oo. DF idiom I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom

able-bodied (adj.) abyl, corplajer, lajer, loor

adroit (adj.) abyl; jesh-laueagh; gastey; schleioil

slick abyl; arbyl; jesh-laueagh; shliee

greeasaghey motivate: t'ad feer trimshagh nagh row ad abyl greeasaghey ny rouanyn. Carn

capable (adj.) abyl, cummyssagh; jargal: I am not capable of it - Cha yargin eh. DF idiom

comprehend (v.) goaill baght, goaill stiagh; toiggal: May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length - Ve abyl dy hoiggal marish ooilley ny nooghyn cre tan lheead, as y lhiurid Bible

powerful (adj.) abyl; breeoil; cummaghtagh; cummeydagh; erreartagh; lajer; mooar; niartal; pooaragh; pooaral: England and France are two powerful states - Ta Sostyn as yn Rank daa steat pooaral. JJK idiom; reiragh; reirtagh

smart abyl, bioyr, glick, jesh, jeshagh, kioot; aghtal: Smart lad - Scollag aghtal. DF idiom; gonnagh, gortey, gred, guinn, piandagh; gyersnagh

stand without (v.) shassoo mooie: it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without - tan emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

ard-reihys general election: As erreish da Thoreeyn Hostyn v'er ngeddyn y varriaght syn ard-reihys s'jerree, ta Bnr Thatcher abyl dy hoilshaghey magh e graih er yn phooar chesh-veanagh. Carn

ard-veoir chief steward, Lord Mayor: Tra v'eh pointit myr ard-veoir Chorcaigh, va MacSuibhne er ghra dy row yn sleih va abyl dy hurranse ny smoo na sleih elley geddyn y varriaght sy jerrey. Carn

breinnagh smelly person; smelly: V'ee cliaghtey goaill jaagh jannoo ymmyd jeh thombaghey breinnagh ennagh veih'n Rank as va'n jaagh cha chiu as nagh row mee abyl tayrn ennal ny keayrtyn. Dhoor

bunscoill (f.) (pl -yn) primary school, elementary school: T'eh bunnys erskyn credjal nagh row bunscoill erbee ayns Nalbin raad va paitchyn abyl gynsaghey trooid Albinish gys 1958 Carn

cha earrooagh so great: son quoi ta abyl dy vriwnys ad shoh dty phobble ta cha earrooagh? Bible

co-ennaghtyn 1 empathy, sympathy a: Cho leah's va ny shenndaaleeyn abyl soilshaghey magh dy row ad ayns coennaghtyn marish spyrryd ny shenn chlaghyn Carn; 2 sympathize

cuirreyder entertainer; host: Bee cummaltee abyl feyshtey oltey ynnydagh y Chiare as Feed, David Cannan, vees cuirreyder y çhaglym, voish lieh-oor lurg shiaght noght ayns halley yn scoill. BS

dowanagh cosmic, cosmical; global, terrestrial: T'eh grait dy vel Mannin cloie er ardane dowanagh nish as by chiart dooin scapail veih rumbyl Voir Sostyn tra vees mayd abyl shen y yannoo. Carn

drogh-haghyrt bad accident, disaster, mischance: Dy beagh drogh-haghyrt olk ec Sellafield, cha beagh sleih abyl cummal ayns Mannin! Carn

dty 'egooish without you: O YEE, son wheesh as dt'egooish nagh vel shin abyl dy dty wooiys PB1765

dyn dy bragh nevermore: as dyn dy bragh abyl cheet gys tushtey jeh'n irriney. Bible

earrooagh multiple, multitudinous, numerable, numerical, numerous, populous: son quoi ta abyl dy vriwnys ad shoh dty phobble ta cha earrooagh? Bible

feayree cooling: T'eh jeeaghyn dy row ad geearree feddyn magh row ad abyl jannoo fegooish y gas feayree dy jinnagh drogh-haghyrt cur orroo dooney sheese y stashoon dy doaltattym. Carn

feer fliugh sodden, very wet: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

fer balloo mute: Quoi my hee ad fer balloo nagh vod loayrt, t'ad dy choyrt lhieu eh,  as guee gys Bel dy vod eh loayrt, myr dy beagh eh abyl dy hoiggal. Apoc

foddey ny smoo much more: Shoh possan follit ta lostey thieyn ta er ve kionnit ec joarreeyn ta abyl geeck foddey ny smoo na'n sleih ynnydagh son ny thieyn shen. Carn

mooinjeryn peoples: cha row ad abyl dy loayrt rish mooinjeryn ny cheerey er-yn-oyr nagh row ad toiggal chengey ny cheerey Dhoor

Moscow (f.) Moscow: Cha leah as va my heshaghyn abyl shooyl, hie ad er coyrt gys Moscow CnyO

neu-ghemocratagh undemocratic: Tamain coontey dy re neu-ghemocratagh yn red shoh dy vel ny Sostnee abyl jannoo shoh er y fa nagh vel oltey ny peiagh erbee ayns reiltys Hostyn dy loayrt ass nyn leih. Carn

obbyr laa (f.) day labour: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie, chamoo ta shoh obbyr laa ny jees, son ta shin ymmodee t'er ny ve kyndagh 'sy chooish shoh. Bible

raghtal impatient, impetuous, obstinate, rash, stubborn; violent: t'eh so-hoiggal dy vel boirey ayn er y fa dy row dooinney abyl dy yannoo yn loght cheddin reesht lurg da v'er soie er mraane dy raghtal sy traa hie shaghey. BS; unruly

soiaghey stiagh inoculate; graff: As bee adsyn myrgeddin, mannagh vel ad dy kinjagh tannaghtyn ayns mee hredjue, er nyn soiaghey stiagh: son ta Jee abyl dy hoiaghey ad stiagh reesht. Bible

sonaasagh ambitious, furious, haughty: As dy sonaasagh as mish agh blein as feed dy eash dooyrt mee, Ogh, dooinney baanrit gyn skeilley t'ayn ta abyl loayrt feer vie. GB

tayrn ennal (=Ir. tarraing anàla) breathe, breathing, respiration, respire: V'ee cliaghtey goaill jaagh jannoo ymmyd jeh thombaghey breinnagh ennagh veih'n Rank as va'n jaagh cha chiu as nagh row mee abyl tayrn ennal ny keayrtyn. Dhoor; gasp

Thalloo Noa New Ground, New Land: Veagh yn Boayrd abyl dy chur yn thalloo noa chionnee eh er maayl da'n theay, son, er y chooid s'moo, bare lesh ny croiteyryn ve nyn dannyssyn na myr shellooderyn er y thalloo. NNS

tranlaase (=Ir. tromfhlaitheas) (f.) despotism, harassment, oppression, persecution, tyranny: Cha bee yn noid abyl tranlaase y yannoo er Bible

votal vote: Roish as lurg y reihys, v'eh baghtal ry akin nagh row milliunyn dy Hostnee abyl votal son Kinnock er y fa dy vel eh ny Vretnagh. Carn

ability (n.) ablid: To the best of my ability - Rere yn ablid aym. DF idiom He is a man of ability - T'eh ny ghooinney abyl. DF idiom To the best of my ability - Cha mie as foddym. DF idiom; fondiaght; fort; jargaght; schlei


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