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abbyr (=Ir. abair) 1 say, state, phrase a: abbyr rish cloan dty phobble Bible; 2 (Geometry) assume; 3 tell

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Abbyr eh (intj) Hear, Hear, Well said; Say on: As dreggyr Yeesey, as dooyrt eh rish, Simon, ta red aym's dy ghra rhyt, As dooyrt eh, Abbyr eh, vainshter. Bible

abbyr eh say it: My ta red erbee ayd dy ghra, abbyr eh: immee lesh; son ta mee aggindagh dy dty heyrey. Bible

abbyr dy moandagh stutter

abbyr dy vel suppose: Abbyr dy vel yn daa red corrym. DF

Abbyr shen reesht (impv) Say again

assume2 (v.) (Geometry) abbyr: Assume A equal to B - Abbyr dy vel A corrym rish B. DF idiom

express (adj.) bieau, tappee; eer: The express purpose - Yn eer-oyr. DF idiom; jarroo; (v.) fockley, gra, loayrt; abbyr: Express yourself in Manx - Abbyr eh ayns Gaelg. DF idiom; (n.) traen tappee

Hear, Hear (intj) Abbyr eh

say it abbyr eh

say1 (impv) abbyr: Say 'abbot' without moving your jaw - Abbyr 'abb' dyn gleashagh dty chab. DF idiom; (v.) gra: I had better say nothing - Bare dou gra veg. DF idiom; jir: He won't say anything whatever - Cha jir eh veg. DF idiom; liassaghey

Say again2 (impv) Abbyr shen reesht

Say ye Abbyr-jee

tell (v.) ginsh; insh: I can't tell you exactly - Cha n'oddym insh diu dy-kiart. JJK idiom; inshys; earroo; abbyr: Tell your sister that this will do her good - Abbyr rish yn chuyr eu dy jean shoh mie jee. JJK idiom; gra: Can you tell me what time it is? - Nod shiu gra rhym yn traa? JJK idiom

Abbyr-jee Say ye: Abbyr-jee rish y dooinney ynrick, Dy jig eshyn jeh dy mie ; son nee ad soylley y ghoaill jeh mess nyn yannoo. Bible

phrase (n.) abbyrt, raa; (v.) abbyr, cur ayns focklyn, gra, graa, meeraghey

suppose (v.) abbyr dy vel, goaill ass laue, sheil, sheiltyn, shein; smooinee

abbot (n.) abb, fer-reill abban: Say 'abbot' without moving your jaw - Abbyr 'abb' dyn gleashagh dty chab. DF idiom

jaw1 (n.) cab: Say 'abbot' without moving your jaw - Abbyr 'abb' dyn gleashagh dty chab. DF idiom; keeil: The upper jaw - Yn keeil eaghtyragh. DF idiom; cabberaght

moving gleashagh: Say 'abbot' without moving your jaw - Abbyr 'abb' dyn gleashagh dty chab. DF idiom; moostagh; scughey; toghtagh; snauee

shibboleth (n.) jarroo-raa, shenn-raa ceaut; shibboleth: Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth - Eisht dooyrt ad rish, Abbyr nish SIBBOLETH Bible; sibboleth

stutter (v.) abbyr dy moandagh, loayrt dy cabbagh, loayrt dy moandagh, loayrt dy thittagh; (n.) cabbid; moandid

Well said (intj) Abbyr eh; Feer vie: Then said Saul to his servant, Well said; come, let us go - Eisht dooyrt Saul rish e harvaant, Feer vie; tar, lhig dooin goll Bible

William (n.) Illiam: Tell William not to plough the field - Abbyr rish Illiam dyn traaue y magher. DF idiom

goll ass wane, waning: Nagh abbyr dy vel mee goll ass my cheeall gra shoh. Carn

jehsyn (emph.) of him: fenee jehsyn ta er-chea, as jeeish ter scapail, as abbyr, Cre ter jeet erriu? Bible

loayrt er speak of: Agh ta'n chairys ta liorish credjue loayrt er yn aght shoh, Ny abbyr ayns dty chree, Quoi hed seose gys niau? Bible

mannagh vel (unless) except; if not: mannagh vel oo son feaysley eh, abbyr shen Bible

rish y gheay down-wind, downwind: abbyr rish y gheay, Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra Bible

roo 1 to them a: Abbyr roo, Ta mish son cowrey diu Bible; 2 with them; 3 ruff, ruffle

saue (=Ir. sábháil) (v.) save: As abbyr jee, Saue shin, O Yee nyn saualtys Bible; (n.) ointment, salve

seihill lifetimes; worlds: Abbyr cren ymmyd t'ayns ny seihill fo niau, cre'n-fa v'ad jeant, quoi hug nyn gummey daue PC; lifelong; (gen.) of the world

Thie Yee House of God: Tra tou er-y-fa shen hoshiaght çheet stiagh ayns Thie Yee as er dty ghlioonyn, abbyr rhyt hene y phadjer yiare shoh. CS

veg (f.) COMPARE beg anything, naught, none, nothing: ny abbyr-jee veg r'ee. Bible; (tennis) love; (cricket) duck

goodman (n.) eh hene; fer thie: say ye to the goodman of the house - abbyr-jee rish y fer-thie Bible; sheshey: For the goodman is not at home - Son cha vel my heshey ec y thie Bible

state (v.) abbyr, gra; (n.) ashoon; cheer: Every state was represented - Va chaghter ass gagh cheer ayn. DF idiom; state; staydoilys: We dined in state - Dee shin ayns staydoilys. DF idiom; foaynoo; stayd: I want to hear the actual state of things - Saillym clastyn stayd firrinagh ny reddyn. DF idiom; stait: Divorce church from state - Yn agglish y scarrey veih'n stait. DF idiom; steat: Weighed down with the affairs of state - Laadit lesh currymyn steat. DF idiom


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