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aasit (=Ir. fásta) cultured, grown, well-grown: Daa phersoon aasit joinagh. DF

Inexact matches:

aasit cooidjagh adnate, growing closely attached

aasit joinagh consenting

ben aasit (f.) adult woman

dooinney aasit adult man

fer aasit adult man: Y red smessey sy chooish shoh, shen dy row fer aasit oney goit seose ec meoiryn-shee ec e hie hene as v'eh er ny leeideil ersooyl as glass-laue er. Carn

peiagh aasit adult: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta lane chied-troailt son peiagh aasit costal daa phunt as daeed. BS

aasit as tooilley adult plus

fer aasit aeg young adult

fer aasit as tooilley adult plus

Keirdlannyn son Sleih-aasit Adult workshops

Shirveishyn son Sleih Aasit Adult Services

adult man (n.) dooinney aasit; fer aasit

adult plus fer aasit as tooilley; aasit as tooilley

adnate (adj.) aasit cooidjagh

adult (n.) peiagh aasit

adult woman (n.) ben aasit

consenting (adj.) aasit joinagh, co-choardailagh

cultured aasit; lhiasit

well-grown aasit

growing closely attached (v.) aasit cooidjagh

ill-thriven mee-aasit

young adult (n.) fer aasit aeg

mee-aasit ill-thriven

Adult Services (npl.) Shirveishyn son Sleih Aasit

Adult workshops (npl.) Keirdlannyn son Sleih-aasit

grown aasit; er n'aase: Your father has grown very thin - Ta'n ayr eu er n'aase feer shang. JJK idiom

halley baljagh guildhall: Cuirrey Kiaull Gaelgagh lesh Kiaull veih Nerin, Nalbin as Mannin - Halley Baljagh, Purt le Moirrey Tiggadyn £5 sleih aasit, £3 paitchyn Dhoor

lhoobagh arching, bending, bowing, convoluted, curved, curvilinear, faltering, inflexional, limber, plastic, pliable, sinuous, snakiness, supple, twisting, vermiculate, willowy, winding: Ta'n slane coorse jeant er aght lhoobagh dy ve cooie da sleih aasit chammah as ynseydee-scoill. Dhoor; (morally) crooked; shifty

shareaghey getting better, improvement: Bishaghey yn earroo dy leih aasit ta cheet dy ve flaaoil liorish shareaghey yn aght ta Gaelg goll er ynsaghey Dhoor


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