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Aash (Yn); (The) Rest

aash (=Ir. fois) (f.) break, easement, rest; ease: bee eh ec aash as ec fea Bible; assuagement

Inexact matches:

aash caggee (f.) armistice

aash veg (f.) breather, short respite: Nagh gow shiu aash veg? JJK

boayl aash layby

camp aash rest camp

Cronk Aash Rest Hill

Goaill Aash Resting

goaill aash resting: Haink yindys mooar er Billy Beg tra honnick eh Thom Beg cho jeeragh as lajer, as tra ren Thom Beg goaill aash as greim dy vee dinsh eh da e skeeal voish bun as baare GB

gyn aash unrelaxing

lheeys aash rest cure

shamyr aash (f.) green room

thie aash home of rest, rest house

ass dty aash quietly, softly; (intj) hush, quiet

cur aash da rest

cur aash er ease, quieten; assuage

ease aash: And among these nations shalt thou find no ease - As mastey ny ashoonyn shoh, cha vow veg yn aash Bible; soccar, soccoilid; (v.) boggaghey, cur aash er, eddrymaghey, feaysley er, jannoo aashagh, seyrey; lhaggee: Ease somewhat the yoke that thy father did put upon us? - Lhaggee yn whing hug dty ayr orrin? Bible; lhaggaghey: ease thou somewhat the grievous servitude of thy father - jean uss red ennagh y lhaggaghey jeh bondiaght dewil dtayrey Bible

rest aash: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; aashagh: It's at rest now - T'eh aashagh nish. DF idiom; cagh elley; (yn) chooid elley; cur aash da; fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; fieau: Let's rest here a while - Lhig dooin fieau ayns shoh rish tammylt. DF idiom; goaill fea, jannoo fea; scuirr: The waves never rest - Cha nel ny tonnyn rieau scuirr. DF idiom; taggey; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn

assuage (adj.) (pain) meein; castey; cur aash er: That will assuage him - Ver shen aash er. DF idiom

breather (n.) aash veg

green room (n.) shamyr aash

of rest (dy) ea: There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. - Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen B ible; (dy) aash: a sabbath of rest to the Lord - doonaght dy aash dan Chiarn Bible

Rest (n.) (The); (Yn) Aash

rest camp (n.) camp aash

rest cure (n.) lheeys aash

Rest Hill (n.) Cronk Aash

rest house (n.) thie aash

Resting (n.) Goaill Aash

short respite aash veg

lhie bane (dy); (to) lie waste; (ny) lie desolate: Choud as te ny lhie bane, bee aash echey, er-yn-oyr nagh dooar eh aash e ghooneeyn, as shiuish cummal ayn. Bible

armistice (n.) aash caggee, farkaght chaggee

assuagement (n.) aash; kiunid; meeinaghey; meeinaght

home of rest (n.) thie aash

layby (n.) boayl aash; boayl scuirr

restlessness (n.) anveays; graue-aash; neufeaghid

uneasiness (n.) anaash, graue-aash

graue-aash (f.) restlessness, uneasiness

easement (n.) aash; aashid; cour; kiartys ymmyd

resting (v.) ec fea; goaill aash; scuirrit

quieten (v.) cur aash er, cur ny host, feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, kuinaghey, tostaghey

softly (adv.) aashagh; dy bog; dy kiune; dy meein; ass dty aash

unrelaxing gyn aash; gyn fea; gyn lhaggaghey; gyn scuirr

dauesyn to them: Smerg dauesyn t'ec aash ayns Zion Bible

change1 arraghey, coonrey; caghlaa: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; cassey; ceaghley; neealeraght

hush1 (v.) cheet dy ve tost, cheet dy ve tostagh; (n.) kiuney: The hush before the storm - Yn chiuney roish yn dorrin. DF idiom; tostid; ass dty aash

night (n.) oie: I've had a very good night's rest - Ta aash oie feer vie er ve aym. JJK idiom

quiet beg, fast, fastagh, fea, feaee, meen; feagh: Be quiet - Bee feagh. JJK idiom; feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, tostaghey, coyrt dy fea, jannoo feagh; (intj) ass dty aash

quietly (adv.) dy kiune; ass dty aash; slane feagh: Go in quite quietly - Immee stiagh slane feagh. JJK idiom

sinews (npl.) fehyn: my sinews take no rest - cha vel aash ec my fehyn Bible; fehghyn

chee (=Ir. ) 1 seeking a: t'eh shooyll trooid faasaghyn fadane, chee aash, agh ayns fardail Bible; 2 thicker

diu to you: Bee shen doonaght dy aash diu Bible; for you; drank: As diu eh jehn feeyn, as veh er meshtey Bible

dy sheelt soberly: Ta jough, my te iu't dy sheelt, as ayns traa feme, coyrt gennallys 'sy chree, as aash gys yn aigney. Apoc

grinney (f.) gateway, portcullis: Pian as angaish v'eck ee hene y leaydey lhee seose gys y yiat, nagh row agh gerrit voee; yn grinney lajer hayrn ee seose lesh aash PC

gyn grunt bottomless, characterless, fathomless, unfathomable: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey, beishteig kinjagh bio, jeh ster'm, dorrin as brimstone lheit heese fo. CS

gyn vooghey unquenchable, unquenched: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey PC

imbagh ny hoie night season: Ta my chraueyn guint lesh pian ayns imbagh ny hoie as cha vel aash ec my fehyn Bible

lurg munlaa afternoon, p.m.: er-yn- oyr nagh voddagh ad lhaih yn Vaarle, yinnagh Eleanor lhaih eh tra veagh shin ooilley ayns y thie lurg munlaa goaill aash rish tammylt lurg obbyr chreoie Dhoor

potecaree pl. pothecareeyn apothecary, chemist, dispenser, druggist, pharmacist: Jeh nyn lheid ta'n potecaree jannoo seose e haaseyn lheihys; gyn jerrey ta e obbraghyn, as voishyn ta aash feaï-ny-cruinney. Apoc

soccarys (=Ir. sudog) calmness, forbearance, placidity: Ta sleih dy harryltagh gobbal daue hene aash as soccarys er graih cosney, son dy vel ad er soiagh nyn gree er CS

sonnish (f.) whisper; susurrate; inkling; still: Sonnish veign my lhie ec my aash; dy kuine veign my chadley ayns shee as ec fea, 4 Marish reeaghyn as mooaralee yn thallooin, hrog lhiaghtyn daue hene ayns y Bible

tooilliu more: Tra skeayl y choonceil, aash er-lhieu va oc dy voghe ad pooar dy yannoo tooilliu olk, veih'n treisht fardalagh hug nyn mainshter daue dy chur gys kione yn eilkin v'ayns e laue. PC

break (n.) aash, barney, doarlish, straih, traa cloie, traa seyr; chentyn; (v.) cur fo haart, chraghey, smoashal; (impv) brish; (to); (dy) vrishey: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; vrish; brishey: I must be up by break of day - Shegin dou ve er my chosh ec brishey'n laa. JJK idiom


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