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aase ry-cheilley accretion

aase (=Ir. fás) (v.) See gaase 1 develop, evolve, grow, wax a: Ta ny fraueyn echey skeayley mysh y charnane, as aase mastey creggyn. Bible; 2 (n.) tumour; 3 culture, growth; 4 forwardness

Inexact matches:

aase askaidagh ulceration

aase beg seedling

aase ching sicken

aase eairkagh (on foot) corn

aase lheeah (of hair) blanche

aase noa neoplasm, new mass

aase tarmaynagh economic growth

gyn aase undeveloped

aase dy rank luxuriate

aase er craue apophysis

aase ro vooar da outgrow

aase un' oie mushroom growth

cur ass aase dwarf

accretion (n.) aase ry-cheilley

blanche2 (v.) (of hair) aase lheeah

corn3 (n.) (on foot) aase eairkagh

economic growth (n.) aase tarmaynagh

growth (n.) aase; bishaghey

neoplasm (n.) aase noa

new mass (n.) aase noa

seedling (n.) aase beg, sheelag

tumour (n.) aase

ulceration (n.) aase askaidagh, askaidaghey

undeveloped1 (adj.) fiosagh; gyn aase

concrescence (n.) co-aase

concresence (n.) co-aase

concretion (n.) co-aase

growing pains (npl.) guinyn-aase

outgrow (v.) aase ro vooar da

regrow (v.) aa-aase

second crop (n.) aavaair; aa-aase

second growth (n.) aa-aase

aa-aase regrow, second growth, second crop

co-aase concresence, concretion, concrescence

guinyn-aase growing pains

myn-aase evolution

yn-aase ingrowing

apophysis (n.) aase er craue; banglane creggagh

blanche1 (v.) (of person) cheet daah bane er, aase lheeah

forwardness (n.) aase; goll er oaie; lheahys; shenn-chreenaght

luxuriate (v.) aase dy rank; goaill sollys

mushroom growth gaase 'sy oie; aase un' oie

evolution (n.) aafilley, tayrn magh fraueyn; evolooshaght, evolooshaghys; myn-aase

evolve (v.) aafilley, aase, cheet gy kione, cur ry-cheilley, gientyn

ingrowing (adj.) goll 'syn 'eill; 'sy 'eill; yn-aase

sicken (v.) aase ching, cur chingys er, cur feoh da, cur feoh er

culture (v.) aase, lhiasaghey; (n.) cultoor: I am a believer in national culture - Ta mish er cheu cultoor ashoonagh. DF idiom

develop (v.) bishaghey, aase, fosley, gaase, giennaghtyn, imman, lhiasaghey, mooadaghey; anchoodaghey: Let's watch it develop in the darkroom - Lhig dooin jeeaghyn er yn anchoodaghey echey 'sy chamyr ghorraghey DF idiom

dwarf (n.) crivassan, cruitin, dooinneen, trollag; (adj.) beg; (v.) cur ass aase, cur cummey feer veg er

grow (v.) aase: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; cuirr; mooadaghey

henceforth (adv.) maghey shoh; (ny) sodjey maghey shoh; (ny) jei shoh; veih shoh magh: May no fruit grow on thee from henceforth ever - Nar aase mess erbee orts veih shoh magh er son dy bragh. DF idiom

herbs (npl.) lossreeyn, lossyreeyn; lussyn: I got the herbs to grow finally - Hug mee er ny lussyn dy aase fy-yerrey. DF idiom

wax1 aase, bishaghey, lhieeney, sholl; cur kere er; gloas lesh kere; kere: Wax is soft, when warmed - Ta kere bog, tra t'ee er ny chiow. JJK idiom; kerey

berrish-feeyney (f.) grape: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa Bible

çhymmyltaght (=Ir. timpeallacht) environment: T'eh gra dy bee ayrn mooar jeh'n chiartey echey bentyn rish stiurey coorse eddyr aase tarmaynagh as fendeil y çhymmyltaght. BS

on you erriu; (emph.) erriuish; ort: I shan't call on you again, until you invite me - Cha derym shilley ort reesht derrey chuirrys oo mee. JJK idiom; (emph.) orts: May no fruit grow on you ! - Nar aase mess erbee orts! DF idiom; ort-hene

corranyn hooks: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa, giare-ee eh jeh ny slattagyn lesh corranyn-pollal, as gowee eh ersooyl, as giare-ee eh sheese ny banglaneyn. Bible

nar 1 albeit, even though; 2 when: NAR va ymmydi pobyl chiaggilt kuyjaght, as v'ayd er jiit huggesyn magh as ny hayrd valchyn ully, loyr eshin liorish koghaslys. PB1610; 3 do not a: Nar aase mess erbee orts veih shoh magh er son dy bragh Bible; 4 our


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