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aarlee (=Ir. ullmhaigh) cooking: As dreggyr mee, Ta mee fakin pot aarlee, as te soit lesh y twoaie. Bible

Inexact matches:

caillin aarlee kitchen maid

greieyn aarlee kitchen utensils

Rollaghyn Shamyr-Aarlee Kitchen Roll

shamyr aarlee (f.) caboose, galley, kitchen: Va aaght ain ayns ayrn jeh thie stoyr lesh shamyr aarlee ayn. GK

shamyreen aarlee kitchenette

sorn aarlee kitchen range

caboose (n.) caboose, shamyr aarlee

kitchenette (n.) shamyreen aarlee

kitchen range (n.) sorn aarlee

kitchen utensils (npl.) greieyn aarlee

Kitchen Roll (n.) Rollaghyn Shamyr-Aarlee

recipe (n.) aght-aarlee, oijys

aarlee-yms I will prepare: Ayns chiass nyn rouanys aarlee-yms gien elley daue, as nee'm ad er-meshtey dy yannoo ching jeu Bible

aght-aarlee recipe

shamyr-aarlee kitchen: Hed y çhaglym jeh Sheshaght Phenshyneyryn Vannin er cummal ec Shamyr-aarlee Molly ec jees er y chlag fastyr jiu. BS

galley (n.) birling, gallee; shamyr aarlee, thie coagyrey

kitchen (n.) shamyr aarlagh, shamyr aarlee, shamyr-aarlee

kitchen maid (n.) caillin aarlee, 'neen ny juistyn

cooking (adj.) aarlee, coagyree; (n.) coagyraght: I am cooking - Ta mee jannoo coagyraght. DF idiom

fridge (n.) coyr rioee: She has a fridge and a freezer in her kitchen - Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF idiom

bee1 diet, feed, food, nourishment, provisions: As aarlee bee blaystal dou, lheid as shinney lhiam Bible; victuals; be, will be: As bee yn goll-twoaie ayns y vodjal Bible

coyr (f.) pl. coir bin, boot, box, chest, kist, trunk: Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF

coyr rioee (f.) fridge: Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF

I will prepare aarlym; aarlym's; aarlee-yms; trog-yms: I will prepare him an habitation - trog-yms cummal casherick da Bible

boallaghyn bulwarks, walls: Ta trushtey dy-liooar roshtyn Albin trooid ny jystyn ta snaue ass ny chamryn-aarlee as drappal seose ny boallaghyn. Carn


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