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aarlaghey (=Ir. ullmhĂș) dressing, get out, groom, prepare, provision, qualify, train: ren eh siyr dy aarlaghey eh Bible; cook

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gyn aarlaghey extempore, extemporise, impromptu, offhand, undressed, unseen

aarlaghey da'n oaye lay out

aarlaghey lesh curree curry

cummey gyn aarlaghey improvise

impromptu cheuraght; gyn aarlaghey

improvise (v.) cummey gyn aarlaghey

provision1 aarlaghey: Make provision against - Aarlaghey y yannoo noi. DF idiom; kiarail: Make provision for one's family - Kiarail y yannoo da'n lught thie ayd. DF idiom

train1 aarlaghey: Train a man for the navy - Dooinney y aarlaghey da'n lhuingys chaggee. DF idiom; (v.) cliaghtey, traenal, ynsaghey; (n.) traen: He travels by train - T'eh troailt er traen. DF idiom

disqualification (n.) bac; jee-aarlaghey; lhiettrimys

dressing1 (v.) aarlaghey; coamrey; kiangley; lhiasaghey

extemporise (v.) cloie; gyn aarlaghey; loayr

offhand (adj., adv.) gyn aarlaghey; neu-ullee; neuchooishagh

jee-aarlaghey disqualification, disqualify

curry1 aarlaghey lesh curree, caartaghey, kerey; caartey; curree

extempore (adj., adv.) er y chaa; gyn aarlaghey

qualify (v.) aarlaghey, cur coontey jeh, jannoo cooie, kiartaghey

unseen (adj.) ass shilley; gyn aarlaghey; gyn fakin; neufakinit

disqualify (v.) cur bac er; cur lhiettrimys er; jee-aarlaghey

groom (v.) aarlaghey, kerey; (n.) fer ny gabbil, fer y phoosee, fieaumanagh, guilley cabbil

cook (n.) aarlider; (v.) coagyragh, aarlaghey, gaarlaghey; (n., v.) coagyrey: Relief cook - Coageyder coonee. DF idiom Hunger is a good cook - She coagyrey mie yn accrys. DF idiom

get out (v.) aarlaghey; geddyn magh; scapail: I couldn't get out of it - Cha dod mee scapail jeh. DF idiom; tayrn; (intj) magh ass: Get out! - Magh ass shoh! DF idiom

lay out (v.) aarlaghey da'n oaye, baarail, ceau, cur magh, cur tarnoal da, lhie magh

navy (n.) lhuingys chaggee: Train a man for the navy - Dooinney y aarlaghey da'n lhuingys chaggee. DF idiom

prepare (v.) aarlaghey, gaarlagh, gaarlaghey, geddyn aarloo, jannoo aarloo, kiarail, kiartaghey, shiaullaghey; kiare: Prepare for yourself - Kiare-jee diu hene. DF idiom; kiartee: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Kiartee-jee raad y Chiarn. DF idiom; kiare-jee

undressed aw; eaddagh currit jeh; garroo; gyn aarlaghey; neuchoamrit: I am undressed - Ta mee neuchoamrit. DF idiom; neulhiastit

ard-laa festival: Shen-y-fa son dy nee laa yn aarlaghey ve, as nagh beagh ny kirp er y chrosh er laa yn doonaght (son va'n doonaght shen ny ard-laa) Bible; heyday

cheyoo See sheyoo (yn); (the) sixth: she er laa aarlaghey ny Caisht ve, as mysh y cheyoo oor Bible

shesheree of a team: 1 As hie eh roish back voish, as ghow eh cubbyl jeh ny dew, as varr eh ad, as ren eh yn eill oc y aarlaghey lesh ny greinyn shesheree as hirveish eh er y pobble, as ren ad gee ; eisht dirree eh. Bible; belonging to a plough


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