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Aarey (Yn) Millstream

aarey (f.) kidney, reins: yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo Bible; ladder, scale: myr aarey soit er y thalloo Bible; shroud

Inexact matches:

aarey chiaull (f.) musical scale

aarey fillit (f.) pair of steps, stepladder

aarey vraddan (f.) salmon ladder

aarey Yacob Jacob's ladder

aarey yerree accommodation ladder, stern ladder

Chibbyrt Aarey (f.) Tipperary; Ara's Well

dollan aarey kidney tray

gorley aarey nephritis

aarey ny leaghyn (f.) scale of prices

ladder1 (n.) aarey: The ladder gave way - Hie yn aarey voym. DF idiom; (v.) roie

accommodation ladder (n.) aarey yerree

Ara's Well (n.) Chibbyrt Aarey

Jacob's ladder (gen.) aarey Yacob

kidney (n.) aarey

kidney tray (n.) dollan aarey

musical scale (n.) aarey chiaull

nephritis (n.) gorley aarey

reins (npl.) aarey, aaraghyn; cass-streeaney

salmon ladder (n.) aarey vraddan

stepladder (n.) aarey fillit

stern ladder (n.) aarey yerree

Tipperary (n.) Chibbyrt Aarey

Millstream (n.) Strooan y Wyllin; (Yn) Aarey

pair of steps (n.) aarey fillit

rope-ladder (n.) tead-aarey; aarey-tead

aarey-tead rope-ladder

tead-aarey (f.) rope-ladder

scale of prices (n.) aarey ny leaghyn

shroud (n.) aarey; brelleein ny merriu; coodagh; eshlyn; eshlys; lheiney vaaish

liver (n.) aane: the caul above the liver, and the two kidneys - y skairt ta erskyn yn aane, as y daa aarey Bible; (n.) fer beaghey; (adj.) aaneagh

scale (n.) aarey; crottyl; meih; scailley, scaailley; scraa; scroig; shlig; (v.) drappal; glenney; jannoo er scaailley

bleanyn flanks: As yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo, shen ta liorish ny bleanyn, as y skairt ta erskyn yn aane, lesh ny aaraghyn Bible

shleaystyn flanks: As yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo liorish ny shleaystyn Bible

soit er attacked, intent, repose: As ren eh dreamal, as honnick eh myr aarey soit er y thalloo, as va'n mullagh echey roshtyn gys niau Bible; set on

S'doogh lhiam (intj) I am sorry, Woe is me, Woe: Va mee ro aeg dy hoiggal c'red va goll er, agh shimmey keayrt car ny bleeantyn er-giyn, veagh m'ayr ching 'sy lhiabbee, as s'doogh lhiam gra hooar eh baase ec shiaght bleeaney as da'eed dy eash lesh y doghan-aarey JG


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