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O.A. = Oltey yn Ardwhaiyl M.L.C., Member of the Legislative Council

all in a flurry ooilley fud-y-cheilley

appear in a vision (to) ashlaghey

as a comparison son mac-soyley

as dead as a herring cha marroo as skeddan

at a rough guess myr barel

at a tearing rate myr gheay Vayrnt ayn

at a walking pace er keim hooyl

band over a horse's back (n.) dromag

belonging to a pledge gialtagh

but a little agh ny veggan

by a miracle lesh mirril

done to a T (v.) coagyrit dy bollagh

edge of a cask (n.) arroogh

establish a right (v.) cur cair da

flogging a dead horse (v.) custhey skeddan marroo

for a penny er ping: Two for a penny - Jees er ping. DF idiom

form a scar (v.) goaill crackan

form a shell finneigagh

function of a settlement (n.) ymmyd ynnyd-vaghee

getting in a rage goll cheagh; goll er ouyl

give a pull (v.) (to); (dy) chur tayrn

growing a beard (v.) faasaagey

half a dozen (n.) lieh ghussan

Half a sec (intj) Tannee shallid

half a second (n.) thootchey

half a ton (n.) lieh hunney

Have a guess (intj) Cur çheb er

have a wet (v.) (drink); (to) jough y 'luggey

I don't give a damn (intj) s'cummey yn Jouyl lhiam

impose a duty (v.) (tax) cur fo cheesh

impose a toll (v.) troggal mayle: it shall not be lawful to impose toll, tribute, or custom, upon them - cha bee eh lowal dy hroggal jeu mayle, keesh, ny custom Bible

in a dilemma eddyr daa aile Boaldyn: He was in a dilemma - V'eh eddyr daa aile Boayldyn DF idiom

in a distant country 'sy yughtee: Far in the remoteness of time and in a distant country - Foddey 'sy yoin 'sy yughtee DF idiom

in a faint annooiney; my neealloo

in a high position ayns ard cheim; ayns ard phost

in a low degree ass cooid y veggan

in a moment ayns shallid: the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment - peccah Sodom, va stroit myr ayns shallid Bible; ayns tullogh: that I may consume them in a moment - dy voddym ad y stroie ayns tullogh Biblr

in a parallel direction ayns co hroa rish

in a rage ayns jymmoose: and ye have slain them in a rage - as ta shiu er varroo ad ayns jymmoose Bible; ayns jiarg eulys: So he turned and went away in a rage - Myr shen hyndaa eh, as jimmee eh roish ayns jiarg eulys Bible; jiarg-chorree: for he was in a rage with him because of this thing - son veh jiarg-chorree rish, son ny dooyrt eh Bible; er ouyl

in a trance my neealloo: and in a trance I saw a vision - as myr va mee my-neealloo, honnick mee ayns ashlish Bible

in a trice ayns meekey-sooilley

in a whisper myr hannish: She is here, he said in a whisper - T'ee ayns shoh, dooyrt eh myr hannish. DF idiom

keepers of a field (npl.) arreyderyn magheragh

land a prize (to) aundyr y chosney

land between a fork (n.) injeig

land by a river (n.) claddagh

land use of a settlement (n.) ymmyd-thallooin ynnyd-vaghee

lay a complaint (v.) accan y chur stiagh, accan y yannoo

lay a wager (v.) cur gial er

let down a net (v.) (to); (dy) chuirr

make a journey (v.) jannoo turrys

making a sound (v.) jannoo feiyr

many a day laa ny ghaa

many a time keayrt ny ghaa; (ny) keayrtyn; ymmodee keayrtyn; shimmey keayrt: many a time turned he his wrath away - shimmey keayrt hyndaa eh e chorree ersooyl Bible

meal put on a cake (n.) follick, follyd

of a bank (gen.) brooie

of a beard (gen.) faasaagey

of a beast maaish: and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast - ooilley yn chied ruggit, as jeh dty chied ingan maaish Bible

of a bed (gen.) lhiabbagh: in the corner of a bed - veih corneil lhiabbagh Bible

of a bell (gen.) cluig

of a book (gen.) lioaragh: Leaf of a book - Duillag lioragh. DF idiom

of a brood (gen.) aail

of a brother (gen.) braarey

of a candle (gen.) cainley; cainleagh: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee - As cha jean soilshey cainleagh arragh soilshean aynyd Bible

of a church (gen.) killagh, killey

of a churchyard (gen.) ruillickey

of a claw (gen.) ingney

of a cockerel (gen.) kellee

of a corner (gen.) corneilagh

of a court (gen.) cooyrtey

of a cow (gen.) baa

of a dish (gen.) jystey

of a division (gen.) ronney

of a door (gen.) dorrysh

of a fast troshtee

of a father (gen.) ayrey

of a field (gen.) magheragh: As keepers of a field, are they against her round about - Myr arreyderyn magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck Bible

of a flail (gen.) sooisht, sooishtey

of a floor (gen.) laarey

of a gate (gen.) giattey

of a giant (gen.) foawir

of a glen (gen.) glionney

of a goat (gen.) goayrey

of a gun (gen.) gunney

of a hand (gen.) lauey

of a hen (gen.) kirkey

of a herb (gen.) losseree

of a hip (gen.) lheshey, lhish

of a jury (gen.) bingey

of a lie (gen.) breagey

of a mill (gen.) mwyljey

of a mire (gen.) laaghey

of a mother (gen.) mayrey: The love of a mother - Graih mayrey. DF idiom

of a needle (gen.) snaidey: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle - Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

of a palm (gen.) bassey

of a peak (gen.) beinney

of a pig (gen.) muickey, muigey

of a pool (gen.) lhuingey

of a port (gen.) purtey

of a reaper (gen.) beayney

of a river (gen.) awiney: The upper waters of a river - Baare awiney. DF idiom

of a road (gen.) bayrey

of a rock (gen.) carrickey, creggey

of a seal (gen.) rauney

of a sheaf (gen.) bunnee

of a sheep (gen.) keyrragh

of a ship (gen.) lhuingey

of a shoe (gen.) braagey

of a sister (gen.) shayrey

of a slope (gen.) lhargee

of a son (gen.) mic

of a soul (gen.) anmey

of a stallion (gen.) collee

of a street (gen.) straiddey

of a stripper-cow (gen.) gounee

of a table (gen.) vuird

of a team (gen.) shesheree

of a vow (gen.) breearrey

of a wedding (gen.) banshey; poosee: That is the sign of a wedding - Ta shen monney poosee. DF idiom

of a well (gen.) chibbyragh

of a woman (gen.) mreih

of a wood (gen.) keyljey

of a year (gen.) bleeaney

on a large scale dy mooar

on a rope er louyn

on a small scale er beggan

once in a while (adv.) nish as reesht

one of a pair (n.) lieh-chione

paces of a horse (n.) immeeaght; shooyl cabbil

peck a shell scolbey

picking a bone (v.) crimmey craue

point of a diamond (n.) baare diamond

point of a story (n.) bree y skeeal

point of a weapon (n.) rinn

poison of a serpent (n.) pyshoon ard-nieu

present a play (v.) cloie y choyrt

production of a country (n.) jeeillaght cheerey

provided for a rainy day ry-hoi laa fliaghee

puffing a cigarette (v.) toghtaney jaaghag

put a point on (v.) brackey

quarter of a boll (n.) lioarlhan, liorlhan

record a vote (v.) (to) teiy y cheau: Record one's vote - Dty heiy y cheau. DF idiom

recovery of a personal chattel (n.) meechummal

right of a mother (n.) mayraght

set a low value on soiaghey beg jeh

shake out a reef (v.) skeayll magh coorse

sing a song (v.) gow arrane

small hill on a hill (n.) stuggey

smell of a field (n.) soar magher

son of a fisherman (n.) mac eeasteyragh

stay a while fuirree dreayst

stopping a blood flow (v.) castey folley

storm in a tea cup (n.) caggey ny lughee

strip of a girl (n.) roostey

such a thing e lheid: neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it - chamoo nee oo veg jeh e lheid, lurg yn aght cheddin Bible; lhied y red

table a bill (v.) (to) billey y chur er y voayrd

table a motion (v.) cur treealtys er y voayrd

take a bath (v.) (to) oo hene y oonlaghey

take a degree (to) keim y ghoaill

take a fence (v.) (to) cleigh y lheimmey

take a meal (v.) (to) lhongey y ee

Take a seat (impv) Bee dty hoie

take a trick (v.) (to) cluic y ghoaill

take a walk (v.) (to); (dy) hooyl

take a wife (v.) (to) ben y phoosey

take in a reef (v.) kiangle coorse

taken as a whole 'sy clane

tell a lie (v.) flipperagh; insh breag; ginsh breag

That's a pity (intj) S'bastagh shen

to a T (adv.) cruinn jeeragh; glen

top of a rock (n.) baare ny creggey

to trice a sail shiaull y chrappey seose

triple A rating graadaghey tree A

U.S.A (n.) Steatyn Unnaneysit

V.A.T (n.) K.T.F.

vote a sum (v.) (to) sym y votal

wait a while (v.) fuirree dreayst; fuirree tammylt

weight of a blow niart

What a pity (intj) S'doogh shen

What a shame (intj) S'bastagh

wishing a curse on gwee mollaght er: by wishing a curse to his soul - liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

with a sum lesh sym

with a vengeance dy trome

within a week roish shiaghtin

within a year (ny) sloo na blein roish

without a penny gyn ping

witness to a will feanish chymnee

working a cure (v.) jannoo lheihys

working a machine (v.) gobbraghey jeshaght

Works of a Day (npl.) Obbyraghyn Laa

yet a while dreayst

a.r.e. etc., et cetera

graadaghey tree A triple A rating

var a mish I warrant: She Sostynagh eh, var a mish! DF

put a page on the web (v.) duillag y chur er yn eddyr-voggyl


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