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Why (interrog.) Cre'n fa; C'hon; Cre hon; Cammah

why1 fa, cammah

why2 (interrog.) Cre'n oyr: Why should you think so? - Cre'n oyr smooinagh shiu myr shen? JJK idiom; cammah; cre fa: Why don't you offer her some? - Cre'n fa nagh vel oo arral veg urree? JJK idiom; cre hon: Since you know it, why do you ask me? - Myr ta fys ayd, cre hon t'ou fenaght jeem? JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

Why not (interrog.) Cre'n fa nagh: Why don't you offer her some? - Cre'n fa nagh vel oo arral veg urree? JJK idiom

that is why shen y fa

cammah (interrog.) for what reason, how, why: Cammah, cre'n olk t'eh er n'yannoo? Bible

C'hon (interrog.) Why: c'hon daag oo mish cho moal, fadane myr baagh? PC

Cre'n oyr (interrog.) why: Cre'n oyr ta son smaghtagh yn eill? CS

fa (=Ir. fa) cause, reason, why: Cre'n fa chossyn oo ersooyl dy follit Bible

coarse (adj.) garroo: Why have you given us such coarse bread? - Cre hon ta shiu er choyrt dooin lheid yn arran garroo? JJK idiom; neuveein

dad (n.) jeyd; jishag: Why did dad go to Douglas today, mum? - Cre'n fa hie jishag dy Ghoolish jiu, vummig? Bunnydys

disquieted (adj.) anveagh: and why art thou so disquieted within me? - as cre hon tou cha anveagh cheusthie Bible

done away (v.) callit: Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family - Cren faveagh ennym yn ayr ain callit mastey e chynney Bible; lheie ersooyl; coyrt naardey

I dont know cha s'aym: I don't know why he acts as he does - Cha s'aym cre'n fa t'eh t'eh gaghtey eh hene myr shen. DF idiom

incredible (adj.) anchredjallagh; neuchredjallagh; anchredjuagh: Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you - Cren-fa veagh eh smooinit red anchredjuagh lieriuish Bible

one day (n.) laa dy row; laa er dy henney; un laa: why should I be deprived also of you both in one day? - Cren fa veign er my roostey jeu nyn neesht ayns un laa? Bible

punish (v.) jannoo kerragh; kerraghey: Why do you punish him? - Cre'n fa t'ou kerraghey eh? JJK idiom

reproach drogh-ghoo, goltooan; flout; floutal; floutyraght; oltooan; oltooaney: Why do you reproach us with our faults? - Cre'n oyr dy vel shiu g'oltooaney shin lesh nyn voiljyn? JJK idiom; scammyltey; tallagh; scammylt

sent currit gys; currit hug: Why haven't you sent him his books? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu er chur huggey e lioaryn? JJK idiom

split (v.) gaaigey, skeiltey; scoltit, skeilt; scolt; scoltey: Why have you split this piece of wood? - Cre'n oyr dy vel shiu er scoltey yn veer dy fuygh shoh? JJK idiom

staring blakeagh; blakys; thoaganagh; thoaganey; thoaganys; blakey: Why are you staring into space? - Cre'n fa t'ou blakey voyd? DF idiom

under thee foyd: why should he take awaythy bed from under thee? - cre te eisht, agh dy gow eh voïd dty lhiabbee ta foyd? Bible

cre fa (interrog.) why: Kre fa ta us shassu ghoud voniyn o hiarn : as fallaghy taedyn ayns tra ymmyrtsagh dy hyaghyn. Psalm1610

Cre hon (interrog.) For what, For what purpose, Why: Cre hon ta ny shiaght eayin woirryn shoh, tou er hoiaghey er lheh?; Wherefore: Cre hon tou er nyannoo shoh? Bible

Cre'n fa (interrog.) Wherefore, Why: Cre'n fa eisht nagh goyms orrym yn Credjue Creestee? CS

Cre'n fa nagh (interrog.) Why not: Cre'n fa nagh vel ooilley adsyn ta fys oc er ny reddyn shoh çheet dy ve sharvaantyn biallagh gys Jee? CS

shen y fa hence; therefore: Shen y fa ta mish gra riuish Bible; that is why; wherefore

fill (v.) bolgey; jannoo; lhieeney: Why don't you fill the tumblers? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu lhieeney ny glessyn? JJK idiom; lughtaghey; pronney; saie; lhieen: There are the tumblers, fill them - Er hen ny glessyn, lhieen ad. JJK idiom; lhieen-jee

owners (npl.) shellooderyn; mooinjer by-liesh: the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? - dooyrt y vooinjer by-liesh eh roo, Cren-fa ta shiu feaysley yn lhiy? Bible; orroosyn by-liesh: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their l - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; mainshteryn: and what good is there to the owners thereof - as cren vondeish tec mainshteryn Bible

wish mian: I wish to say - S'mian lhiam gra. DF idiom; mianey; yerkal; baill; soulaghey; geearree: I wish for money - Ta mee geearree argid. DF idiom; yeearree; sailt: Why do you wish us to learn this? - Cre'n fa sailt shin dy ynsagh eh shoh? JJK idiom

you (pron) oo: Why haven't you sent me my shoes? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel oo er chur hym my vraagyn? JJK idiom; shiu: You have always been very sympathetic - Ta shiu er ve co-ennaghtagh dy-kinjagh. JJK idiom; (emph.) shiuish: I'm a whole head taller than you - Ta mish slane kione ny s'lhiurey na shiuish. JJK idiom; uss: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom


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