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weigh (v.) meihaghey: How much does this weigh? - Quoid ta shoh meihaghey? DF idiom; towse; towsh

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weigh anchor (v.) aker y hroggal

weigh bridge (n.) droghad meihaghey

weigh down (v.) laadey, lhieggey yn meihaghan, lughtey

weigh in meihaghey oo hene

weigh out towse; towsh

I will weigh towshym: I will weigh the fish at home - Towshym yn eeast ec y thie. DF idiom

weigh more heavily dy ve ny strimmey

towsh weigh, weigh out

droghad meihaghey weigh bridge

weigh-beam (n.) quing

aker y hroggal weigh anchor

lhieggey yn meihaghan weigh down

meihaghey oo hene weigh in

towse (=Ir. tomhas) pl. towseyn 1 calibre, capacity, dose, gauge, mensuration, mete, rating, size, time, value a: As liorish towse hug eh airh son buird yn arran casherick Bible; 2 (of gold) tit; 3 (n.) divine law; 4 (v.) mark off, measure out, weigh out, measure, weigh, size up, sum up, summing up, ponder

dy ve ny strimmey preponderate, weigh more heavily

towshym I will weigh: Towshym yn eeast ec y thie. DF

pros and cons (n.) daa heu jeh'n skeeal: Weigh the pros and cons - Yn daa heu y veihaghey. DF idiom

laadey burden, load, weigh down: Bee oo er dty laadey lesh meshtallys as trimshey Bible

lughtey burden, freight, lade, load, loading, weigh down: Eisht ren eh gleashaghey beggan, agh va'n broid lughtey eh foast, as cha dod eh snaue. CL

meihaghey appraisal, appraising, assessing, assessment, balance, weigh, weighing in: ta'n Chiarn meihaghey ny spyrrydyn. Bible

quing (f.) pl. quingyn 1 (of scales) beam, balance beam, weigh-beam; 2 brace, team of oxen; 3 yoke a: Ta quing my loghtyn kainlt orrym liorish e laue's Bible [L. jungo]


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