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aacheoid Vanninagh laziness

Baarle Vanninagh (f.) (language) Anglo-Manx; Manx dialect

ben Vanninagh (f.) Manxwoman

cabbag Vanninagh (f.) Isle of Mann cabbage

ghlare Vanninagh (f.) (yn); (the) Manx language: hug e boggey dooin ooilley tra loayr eh dooin 'sy chenn ghlare Vanninagh. Coraa

pibbin Vanninagh (f.) Manx shearwater

shamrag Vanninagh (f.) wood sorrel

Co-heshaght Vanninagh America Twoaie (f.) North American Manx Association

Leigh Theayagh Vanninagh Manx Public Law

Sheshaght Vanninagh y Theihll (f.) World Manx Association

Treisht Vanninagh y Dooghys Feie (f.) Manx Wildlife Trust

Ynnyd Shennayraght Vanninagh Manx Ancestry Centre

Manx dialect (n.) Baarle Vanninagh

Manx language (n.) (the); (yn) ghlare Vanninagh

Manxwoman (n.) ben Vanninagh

anti-Manx noi-Vanninagh

Manx shearwater (n.) pibbin Vanninagh, scraayl

partly Manx lieh-Vanninagh

lieh-Vanninagh partly Manx

noi-Vanninagh anti-Manx

Anglo-Manx2 (n.) (language) Baarle Ghaelgagh, Baarle Vanninagh, Baarle Vrisht

Isle of Mann cabbage (n.) cabbag Vanninagh

Manx Ancestry Centre (n.) Ynnyd Shennayraght Vanninagh

Manx Public Law (n.) Leigh Theayagh Vanninagh

North American Manx Association (n.) Co-heshaght Vanninagh America Twoaie

wood sorrel (n.) bee cooag, shamrag Vanninagh

World Manx Association (n.) Sheshaght Vanninagh y Theihll

laziness (n.) aacheoid Vanninagh, drollaneys, lhiastid, litcheraght, litcheraght lhome, litcherys; (yn) shenn red

Manx Wildlife Trust (n.) Treisht Bea Feie Vannin, Treisht Vanninagh y Dooghys Feie

assembly (n.) chionnal, co-chruinnaght, feish, forragh, mod, quaiyl, quinney; cruinnaght: Manx National Assembly - Cruinnaght Vanninagh Ashoonagh. DF idiom

language (n.) chengey: It's a very useful language - T'eh ny chengey feer ymmydoil. JJK idiom; glare: The Manx language - Yn ghlare Vanninagh. DF idiom

aa- (pref.) re-: Aa-scruit ec Juan y Geill veih skeeal beg v'er n'insh 'sy Ghailck Vanninagh liorish shenn ven hooar baase shiartanse dy vleeantyn er-dy-henney Coraa; ex-; retired, second

ard-reireyder general manager: Ard-Reireyder Phairk ny Beiyn Feie, Nick Pinder, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeeant feer wooiagh dy vel y phairk Vanninagh er ve goaill ayrn ayns claare-sheelree er lheh BS

as tree and thirdly, thirdly; and three: Marge Joughin, ben Vanninagh ennoil, t'ee er ngeddyn baase as ish kiare feed blein as tree dy eash. BS

ayns ymmodee aghtyn in many respects: Kinvig dy jarroo ny Vanninagh dooie doaieagh, as ny ghooinney neuchadjinagh ayns ymmodee aghtyn Coraa

cliejeen (f.) drop; gem, jewel, precious stone: Ta colught Strix coontit dy ve yn cliejeen smoo t'ec jantyssaght Vanninagh. BS

feeshag video: Tra phrow Scoill Ard Phurt ny h-Inshey dy gheddyn feeshag Vanninagh taishbynit ec Feailley 1997, cha ren shen taghyrt. Dhoor

fioghys decadence; decay: myr shen va'n undin soit er son fioghys y shenn jengey Vanninagh. Coraa

ghlare ghooie (f.) (yn); (the) native tongue: haink e aegid er-ash huggey tra v'eh loayrt e ghlare ghooie, as by haittin lesh fakin y Ghailck Vanninagh er ny h-aavioghey. Coraa

Laa'l Steoin Boxing Day: Ren possanyn dy hradishoonee Vanninagh goaill soylley jeh'n chliaghtey Shelg y Drean Laa'l Steoin. BS

leighderaght (f.) litigate, litigation, pleading, practising law: er y gherrid tra hirr meoiryn-shee Vannin er ny h-ughtaryn jeh ynnyd Vanninagh dy scughey veih ny duillagyn oc y chooid smoo jeh tuarystal mychione leighderaght noi politickeyr Manninagh shinsharagh. BS

lhargee (pl -yn) declivitous, descending: ny veih cha vel eh yindys erbee, dy vel ad ooilley goll sheese ny lhargee agh er lheh, yn Ghailck Vanninagh son ta cha beg dy chummaltee 'syn Ellan. Coraa; (gen.) of a slope

quaaltys (f.) interview, meeting: Foddee dy bee yn kiartey jeh Turneyr Theayagh goll er soilsheeney as yeearreyderyn er list giare goaill ayrn ayns quaaltys liorish bing Vanninagh. BS

roish y theihll antemundane; before the creation of the world; before the world: s'mie va'n obbyr jeant ec 'Neen Doris Clague as 'Neen Laura Kneale dy chummal seose y vrattagh Vanninagh roish y theihll. Coraa

Shirveishagh Tashtey Treasury Minister: Chammah as shen, hoilshee yn Shirveishagh Tashtey dy bee aa-reayrt mooar jeant jeh leigh-cholught Vanninagh. BS

sneeuit annoyed, piqued; spun: Gow kiarail dy vel yn clane thie skeabit as yn lhiabbee jeant lesh aanrit laue-sneeuit, as lhuishagyn jeh ollan Vanninagh, yn cooid share t'ayns y thie. Coraa


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