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Toshiaght Arree (=Ir. tosach Earraigh) (f.) February: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn

toshiaght (f.) (of ship) bow; beginning, commencement, curtain raiser, dawn, fore, forefront, forepart, forestalling, genesis, getaway, inception, initiation, lead, opening, outset, preliminary, start: veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid Bible; (of pain) threshold; onset

arree 1 Spring, spring, vernal a: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn; 2 various

Inexact matches:

cheet toshiaght onset

eer toshiaght forefront, very first: Soie-jee Uriah ayns eer toshiaght ny rankyn Bible

er-dyn toshiaght from the beginning: ta ny coyrleyn ayd's er-dyn toshiaght cairys as firrinys. Bible

er toshiaght1 forward: Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF

er toshiaght2 (dy ve); (to) to lead

goaill toshiaght begin, break out, breed, come up, commence, dawn, originate, set to, start: Cre'n fa ta ny Annaghyn goaill toshiaght lesh ny goan shoh CS

jannoo toshiaght begin: va yn precheel kedyn erna insh tryid magh Juri ully (as janu tossiagh ayns Galile, nyrg yn vastchey ren eyn y phrecheel). PB1610

'sy toshiaght foremost; in the beginning: As, Tou uss, Hiarn, ’sy toshiaght er hoiaghey undin y thallooin Bible

toshiaght blah warm front

toshiaght dooint occluded front

Toshiaght Fouyir August: ec Keeill Noo Runias ayns Skeerey Marooney, Yn 1400 Mee Toshiaght Fouyir 1975. Carn

Toshiaght Gheuree (f.) November: Er-lhien dy row eh ny 'eailley Toshiaght Gheuree as Jerrey Souree, tra honnick ny Celtiee ooilley ny duillagyn tuittym voish ny biljyn casherick oc ayns geayaghyn rastagh yn 'ouyir. Dhoor

toshiaght lhuingey prow

toshiaght roie flying start

Toshiaght Souree May: Yn nah feailley mooar Celtiagh t'ayn, shen Boaldyn, Toshiaght Souree, as foddee dy vel shen yn fer smoo ayns ny ardjyn Celtiagh. Dhoor

veih'n toshiaght from the outset: Quoi dobbree as ren shoh y chooilleeney, cowraghey ny sheelogheyn veihn toshiaght? Bible; from the beginning

caghlaa sheeanyn ec toshiaght goan initial sound change

cur er toshiaght promotion

cur toshiaght er begin, start: Cur toshiaght er yn obbyr kiart nish. DF

deyrit veih'n toshiaght foredoomed

ec y toshiaght 1 (dy ve); (to) to lead; 2 at the beginning a: Nagh vel shiu er lhaih, eshyn chroo ad ec y toshiaght, dy chroo eh ad fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh? Bible

goaill toshiaght er commence, enter on, go ahead, handsel: Shegin da studeyryn caghlaa nyn aigney as nyn jerkalys tra t'ad goaill toshiaght er ynsaghey y Ghaelg. Carn

goaill toshiaght reesht recommence, resume

gow kesmad er toshiaght step forward

jannoo toshiaght er open up

jannoo ymmyd toshiaght handsel

lhean 'sy toshiaght bluff

seiy er toshiaght shove forward

toshiaght as jerrey start and finish: Lhig dooin nish aggle y ghoaill roish y Chiarn nyn Yee, ta cur dooin fliaghey cooie ny imbaghyn, chammah toshiaght as jerrey ny bleeaney Bible; first and last; former and latter

toshiaght yn armee van of the army

veih toshiaght gys jerrey fore and aft; from beginning to end: Nee'm my hideyn er-meshtey lesh fuill, (as nee my chliwe feill my noidyn y stroie) as shen, lesh fuill ny merriu, as ny cappeeyn, veih toshiaght gys jerrey kerraghey er y noid. Bible

gow toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl settle

begin (v.) cur toshiaght er; goaill toshiaght: Where do we begin? - C'raad ta shin goaill toshiaght? JJK idiom; jannoo toshiaght; toshiaghey; iargi, jargi

start clishtey; clistal; cur er bun; cur toshiaght er; doostey; goaill toshiaght; immeeaght: We start tomorrow - Beemayd gimmeeaght mairagh. DF idiom; lheim; moostey; obbraghey; scarrey; spret; toshiaghey; toshiaght: From start to finish - Voish toshiaght gys jerrey. DF idiom; cur er obbraghey: Start a clock - Clag y chur er obbraghey. DF idiom

at the beginning ec y toshiaght: Beginning at the beginning - Goaill toshiaght ec y toshiaght. DF idiom

from the beginning er-dyn toshiaght: From the beginning of the world - Er dyn toshiaght y theihll. DF idiom; veih'n toshiaght

commence (v.) goaill toshiaght; goaill toshiaght er; toshiaghey

lead3 (v.) (to); (dy ve) ec y toshiaght; (dy ve) er toshiaght

onset (n.) cheet toshiaght; soiagh-er; toshiaght

forefront (n.) toshiaght; eer toshiaght: Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle - Soie-jee Uriah ayns eer toshiaght ny rankyn Bible; cheu wass: upon the forefront of the mitre it shall be - er cheu wass y vitre vees eh. Bible; oaïe: The forefront of the one was situate northward over against Michmash - Va oaïe yn derrey yeh lesh y twoaie jeeragh er Michmash Bible; eddin: from the forefront of the lower gate unto the forefront of the inner court - veih eddin y yiat sinshley gys eddin y chooyrt sodjey-stiagh Bible

outset (n.) toshiaght: From the outset - Veih'n toshiaght. DF idiom

beginning (n.) toshiaght: The beginning always is - Ta'n toshiaght dy-kinjagh. JJK idiom

dawn gerrym y chellee; goaill toshiaght; irree yn laa; madran; toshiaght; brishey laa

handsel (n.) eearlys, yeearlys; (v.) goaill toshiaght er, cur yeearlys da, jannoo ymmyd toshiaght

very first eer toshiaght: from the very first, - er-dyn eer toshiaght Bible

set to goaill toshiaght: Let's set to - Lhig dooin goaill toshiaght. DF idiom; troiddey

began hoshee; ghow toshiaght: he began to say unto his disciples - ghow eh toshiaght dy ghra rish e ostyllyn Bible

break out (v.) goaill toshiaght

commencement (n.) toshiaght

flying start (n.) toshiaght roie

foredoomed (v.) deyrit veih'n toshiaght

foremost (adj.) red toshee; 'sy toshiaght: And he put the handmaids and their children foremost - As hug eh ny sharvaantyn, as y chloan ocsynsy toshiaght Bible

forestalling toshiaght

forward1 lheah, mogh-appee, shenn-chreeney; er toshiaght: The seat is too far forward - Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF idiom; ry-heet; toshee; er oaie: Carry it forward - Cur er oaie eh. DF idiom

genesis (n.) giennaghtyn, toshiaght

getaway (n.) toshiaght

inception (n.) bunaghey, toshiaght

originate (v.) goaill toshiaght

preliminary roie-; toshee; toshiaght

starting clistey; moostey; toshiaghey; lheim; goaill toshiaght: The practices are starting this week - Ta ny roortyssyn goaill toshiaght yn chiaghtin shoh. DF idiom

threshold2 (n.) (of pain) toshiaght

bow thruster (n.) seiyder-toshiaght

curtain raiser (n.) cloie toshee, toshiaght

enter on goaill toshiaght er

first syllable (n.) toshiaght-shillab

from the outset veih'n toshiaght

initiation (n.) doltey, lhiggey stiagh, toshiaght

recommence (v.) aahoshiaghey, goaill toshiaght reesht

settle cur fea er; kiartaghey; lhie; soiaghey: But I will settle him in mine house - Agh neems eshyn y hoiaghey ayns my hie Bible; soie sheese; gow toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl, goaill toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl; jean ynnyd-vaghee, jannoo ynnyd-vaghee; cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee, cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee; (impv) kiare-jee: Settle it therefore in your hearts - Kiare-jee eh er-y-fa shen ayns nyn gree Bible

seiyder-toshiaght bow thruster

toshiaght-shillab first syllable

bow3 (n.) (of ship) boogh, gob, kione toshee, toshiaght

first and last toshiaght as jerrey

fore and aft veih toshiaght gys jerrey

former and latter toshiaght as jerrey

from beginning to end veih toshiaght gys jerrey

go ahead (adj.) breeoil; (v.) goaill toshiaght er, goll roish

initial sound change caghlaa sheeanyn ec toshiaght goan

occluded front breid vestit; toshiaght dooint

promotion (n.) ardjaghey, cur er toshiaght, keim s'ardjey, moylley

shove forward (v.) jingey roish; seiy er toshiaght

start and finish toshiaght as jerrey

warm front (n.) breid vlah, toshiaght blah

August (n.) (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Ouyr; Luanistyn; Mee Luanistyn; Toshiaght Fouyir [Ir. Lúnasa]

breed aalaght; clein, fuilleeaght, kynney; (v.) geddyn sluight, goaill toshiaght, troggal, sheelraghey; sheelrey; skeaylley

fore cor; toshee: The fore feet - Ny cassyn toshee. DF idiom; toshiaght

November (n.) Mee Houney, Sauin, Toshiaght Gheuree; (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Gheurey; (gen.) Souney [Ir. Samhain]

open up (v.) cur er bun; fosley; jannoo toshiaght er; reurey

resume (v.) goaill seose reesht; goaill toshiaght reesht; toshiaghey reesht

step forward (v.) gow kesmad er oaie, gow kesmad er toshiaght

van of the army (n.) leeideilee; sheshaght chaggee toshee; toshiaght yn armee

aghinyn petitions, supplications: Ec toshiaght dty aghinyn haink y sarey magh Bible

by-hinney eldest: ghow eh toshiaght, ec yn er by-hinney Bible

chied vess (yn) first fruits: myr yn chied vess appee toshiaght yn tourey Bible

chroo created: Ayns y toshiaght chroo Jee niau as thalloo Bible

derrey shoh thus far: goaill toshiaght veih Galilee derrey shoh. Bible; hitherto

fadeyryn prophets: Dy loayr ooilley ny Fadeyryn jeh veih toshiaght y teihll. CS

ommijys foolishness: Ta goan e veeal goaill toshiaght ayns ommijys Bible

prindeys apprentice: 'Sy toshiaght hie Juan Comish myr prindeys da fuinneyder Coraa

woalley (dy); (to) smite, strike: ren ad toshiaght dy woalley sheese yn pobble Bible

afresh (adv.) ass-y-noa: To start afresh - Dy ghoaill toshiaght ass y noa. DF idiom

armies (npl.) armeeyn: As soon as war was declared, both armies began to move - Cha leah's va caggey er ny hoilshaghey magh, ghow yn daa armee toshiaght dy ghleashagh. JJK idiom; sheshaghtyn-caggee

blaze1 lossan; lossey: It's beginning to blaze - T'eh goaill toshiaght dy lossey. JJK idiom; lossyr; blaze; soilshean, flozan, floggan

bluff1 baggyrtys: Call his bluff - Cur ersyn dy chooilleeney e vaggyrtys. DF idiom; baggyrtys follym; lhean 'sy toshiaght, rinn ughtee; (v.) molley, baggyrt

career coorse: At beginning of his career - Ec toshiaght e choorse. DF idiom; coorse-bea; imneeaght roish

come up (v.) cheet neese: Come up from down there! - Ta neese veih shen! DF idiom; goaill toshiaght; shassoo lesh: He doesn't come up to me - Cha nel eh shassoo lhiams. DF idiom

considerable (adj.) geiltagh; mooarane: I had considerable trouble at first - Va mooarane boirey aym ec y toshiaght. JJK idiom

created (v.) crooit; chroo: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - Ayns y toshiaght chroo Jee niau as thalloo. Bible; kiaddit: Created by his genius - Kiaddit trooid yn ardcheeayll echey. DF idiom

February (n.) (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Arragh; chied laa jeh'n Arree: On the first of February - Er y chied laa jeh'n Arree. DF idiom; Toshiaght Arree

forepart (n.) toshiaght; toshiagh; cheu veealloo: And the oracle in the forepart was twenty cubits - As van ynnyd casherick cheu-veealloo feed cubit Bible

fruit (n.) mess: This fruit is beginning to rot - Ta'n mess shoh goaill toshiaght dy loau. JJK idiom; troar; (v.) ymmyrkey mess

May (n.) Boaldyn, Mee Boaldyn; (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Tourey; Mee ny Boaldyn; Mee ny Boaldyney; Mee ny Cooagyn; Toshiaght Souree

opening (n.) doarlish; toshiaght; caa: Fine opening for a young man - Caa mie da dooinney aeg. DF idiom; (v.) fosley

prow (n.) bow, gob lhuingey, kione keyl lhuiney, kione lhuingey, kione toshee lhuingey, staim toshee, toshiaght lhuingey

rot loauaghey, loaughey: This fruit is beginning to rot - Ta'n mess shoh goaill toshiaght dy loau. JJK idiom; loauid; loauys; molkey; ommidys; ommidjys; trouise

through (adj., adv.) trooid: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; (ny) hrooid

worthless1 (adj.) gyn feeuid, gyn foaynoo; neufeeu: It was worthless from the word go - V'eh neufeeu veih'n toshiaght. DF idiom

Aaue (f.) Eve: O Yee Ooilley-niartal, ren ec y toshiaght croo nyn ghied ayr as moir, Adam as Aaue, as ren casherickey as ad y choyrt cooidjagh ayns poosey PB1765

Ard-Shirveishagh Chief Minister: As eshyn goaill toshiaght dy loayrt mychione y chooish, vrie eh strane d'eyshtyn jeh'n Ard-Shirveishagh, Donald Gelling. BS

arraghyn 1 sluices a: ooilley ny ta jannoo arraghyn as loghanyn son eeast. Bible; 2 watches: ayns toshiaght ny arraghyn deayrt magh dty chree Bible

astyl avenue: Y haglym, vees goaill toshiaght ec lieh-oor lurg shiaght, hed eh er cummal ayns Halley Killagh Noo Peddyr ayns Astyl Reeoil. BS

baare s'jerree latter growth: ren eh kiaddey ny locustyn ayns toshiaght cur-magh yn vaare s'jerree, as cur-my-er, she yn baare s'jerree ve lurg fouyr yn ree. Bible

baghteyrys criticism, critique: V'eh freggyrt baghteyrys veih Barrantee Valley Chashtal mychione y Rheynn Arraghey bentyn rish ny thooillaghyn-marrey ayns Toshiaght Arree mleeaney. BS; review

Barraie (f.) Barra: va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn

beign must: Ny keayrtyn, va lioaryn ry-gheddyn fegooish tapeyn as ny keayrtyn, beign da coorseyn goaill toshiaght fegooish stoo-ynsee. Carn

blah lukewarm; warm: Bare lhiam jarrood yn clane cooish as ersooyl lhiam er-ash gys my lhiabbee blah as souyr, agh shoh my obbyr as s'mie lhiam eh tra yioym toshiaght lesh y cheeaght. Dhoor

cabbaragh bragging, chatter, chatty, gabbling, gibbering, muttering, prattler, quibble, quibbler: ec y toshiaght va ny goan oc cabbaragh, as feyshtyn as freggyrtyn brishey stiagh noi ry hoi, osnaghyn, jeir as yllaghyn. CnyO

cadjinit popularized, vulgarised, vulgarized: ta sorch dy Ghaelg loayrit ta cadjinit goaill toshiaght dy heet rish. Carn

carrooagh gamble, gambler, gambling: Y traa dy gheddyn Kiedyn Carrooagh Er-Linney ayns Mannin, t'eh ny smoo na va sleih gra ayns y toshiaght. BS

chaghteraght (=Ir. teachtaireacht) (f.) pl. chaghteraghtyn commission; communications, deputation, dispatch, embassy, legation, message: shoh'n chaghteraght ta shiu er chlashtyn er-dyn toshiaght Bible

cheird (f.) (yn) know-how: 'Sy toshiaght hie Juan Comish myr prindeys da fuinneyder, as lurg va'n cheird ynsit echey, hiaull eh er ny lhongyn "Blue Funnel" er feiy ny cruinney Coraa

chenjeanyn beacons: Ec toshiaght yn nuyoo lhing jeig va slane geuley dy chenjeanyn er ooilley liurid yn clyst, as va paitchyn ceau slonganyn dy vlaaghyn, as daunsin ayns straneyn laue ry-laue. Dhoor

chionnraa protest: ghow Terence McSweeney, ard-veoir Chorcaigh, toshiaght dy hrostey ayns pryssoon Vrixton ayns Sostyn myr chionnraa noi yn stayd jeh'n phryssoon. Carn

coloinyn colonies: T'ad shirrey er goair scapit, goaill toshiaght er mooadaghey nyn coloinyn, as jannoo cummaght sidooragh. Carn

corpoil (=Ir. corpamhuil) bodylike: ec y toshiaght, ynseydee çheet dy ve ayns stayd kiune as taitnyssagh liorish kiaull kiunaghey as roortys corpoil ta goll rish Yoga Dhoor

cruink hills, upland: Eisht nee ad toshiaght dy ghra rish ny sleityn, Tuitt-jee orrin; as rish ny cruink, Coodee-jee shin. Bible

dockle cried, declared: Dockle mee magh ro-laue ny reddyn va jeant veih'n toshiaght Bible

dunnallys 1 bravery, daring a: ren eh toshiaght dy loayrt lesh dunnallys ayns y synagogue Bible; 2 humanity

dy hionney stiagh beleaguer: Ayns ny laghyn shen ghow'n Chiarn toshiaght dy hionney stiagh Israel Bible

er-dyn hoshiaght since the beginning: Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn, ny er hoiggal liorish y chleaysh, chamoo ta sooill er vakin, er-lhimmey jeeds, O Yee

er gerrey 1 approaching, imminent a: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; 2 near, nigh: Smooinnee Isaiah dy gow er toshiaght tra va ashoon g'ennaghtyn injillid cosoylit rish ashoon er gerrey daue. Bible

er lhiam pene I imagine: Er lhiam pene dy row startey mie jeant ain shiaulley y vaatey as foddee eer ny smoo scanshoil, cur Ellan Vannin er e toshiaght as soilshaghey magh Feailley Thousa GK; it is my opinion

er yn eaghtyr above ground, afloat: Neen Chiarn uss y toshiaght, as cha neen jerrey; as bee oo er yn eaghtyr, as cha nee fo Bible

faarney (f.) 1 drip, dripping, drop, get in; 2 leak, leakage a: Ec y traa cheddin va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn; 3 ferns

flaaoil 1 See flaoill articulate, circumfluent, eloquent, fluent, fluid a: Shegin daue goaill toshiaght ec mysh kiare ny shey jeig bleeaney d'eash dy beagh ad flaaoil ec hoght bleeaney jeig. Carn; 2 (of speech) flowing

Fo Ghlion Near the Glen: Harlheim mee veih'n varroose faggys da Los Tilos, as ghow mee toshiaght shooyl rish y raad fo ghlion. Dhoor

Gailck (f.) Gaelic, Manx: Ta shin laccal lioar erbee ayns Gailck, agh dy firrinagh bare lhiam my lioaryn aym pene y screeu ayns Gailck veih'n toshiaght. Carn

galverg (f.) gall: agh ayns y toshiaght, tra chie ad er croo, cha row galverg, noidys, ny nieu ayndoo gys dirree peccah PC

Ghermaan (f.) (Yn) Germany: Gow ad toshiaght er loayrt mychione yn irree jeh ashoonaghys fei-ny-Europey ayns mean y nuyoo keead jeig as er-lheh ayns yn Ghermaan. Carn

ghreinnaghey (dy); (to) encourage: As tra v'eh er ghra ny reddyn shoh roo, ren ny scrudeyryn as ny Phariseeyn toshiaght dy eginaghey, as dy ghreinnaghey eh dy loayrt jeh ymmodee reddyn: Bible

goo pl. goan voice, word: Va'n Goo cheddin ayns y toshiaght marish Jee. Bible; utterance; reputation; fame

gour y ghib headlong: Aght erbee choud's va shin shassoo mygeayrt ghow eh toshiaght dy roie gour y ghib hyms hene! Dhoor; mouthways

greïney (gen.) of sun: Toshiaght, as jerrey, as mean ny traaghyn: caghlaaghyn, as chyndaaghyn ny greïney, as imbaghyn ny bleeaney: Coorse ny bleeantyn, as order ny rollageyn Apoc

h-Ellanyn Asoar (f.) (Ny); (The) Azores: y shirveishyn shoh goaill toshiaght ayns Mee Houney lesh y lhong 'Ben Seyr Vannin', vees heet erash veih shirveish- souree ayns ny h-Ellanyn Asoar roish foddey. BS

Injinee Indians: er-lhiam dy lhaih mee boayl ennagh dy ghow ny Yernee toshiaght dy yannoo arrish er ny hInjinee ayns ny bleeantyn feed Carn

Jerrey Souree (=Ir. deireadh samhraidh) July: Ec y toshiaght jeh Jerrey Souree, cha lhiggagh moiraghyn da barrooseyn faagail y scoill. Carn

kelloorey celebration; celebrate, celebrating: Y feailley, ta kelloorey cultoor Manninagh liorish kiaull, daanyn as ellyn, nee ee goaill toshiaght Jesarn, yn hiaghtoo laa jeig Jerrey Souree. BS

Kernowagh 1 Cornish; 2 Cornishman a: Ec y toshiaght dooyrt mee nagh row enney aym er Kernowagh ennmyssit Paal Carn

kiare feed as jeih ninety: scrutaghey yn aght va slattyssyn-keesh dellal rish leodaghey keesh-turrysid er ny lhiasaghey ec y toshiaght jeh ny bleeantyn kiare feed as jeih BS

kione heese lower end: Hie Fenella gys cooyl dorraghey va kione heese yn thie as ghow ee toshiaght er na guessaghyn as ny obbeeyssyn. GB

Laa Sauiney All Saints' Day, Hollantide Day: Sourey goaill toshiaght Laa Boaldyn, as yn geurey Laa Sauiney. GB

leshtalyn excuses: As ren ad ooilley toshiaght lesh un aigney dy yannoo leshtalyn. Bible

lieh-oor (=Ir. leath uair) half-hour: Gowee ad toshiaght feanish y chlashyn ec lieh-oor lurg jeih sy voghrey. BS

losteyder arsonist, firer, fire-raiser, igniter, incendiarist; burner, incinerator: derrey vees y losteyder ec Cronk Bwoaill Rhennee goaill toshiaght d'obbraghey. BS

magher arroo cornfield: Ec y traa shen hie Yeesey trooid magher arroo er y doonaght, as va e ostyllyn accryssagh, as ghow ad toshiaght dy phluckey ny jeeassyn arroo, as dy ee. Bible

Marooney Marown: ec Keeill Noo Runias ayns Skeerey Marooney, Yn 1400 Mee Toshiaght Fouyir 1975. Carn

mean-eashagh mediaeval: Ta shenndaalee, Spencer Smith, veih Wrecsam, credjal dy noddagh cashtal mean-eashagh ayns jiass yn Ellan ve kianlt lesh cashtal Bretnagh as Ree Norlann mysh y toshiaght jeh'n chied eash jeig. BS

Mee ny Boaldyn (f.) May: Ghow Rennell mac Olaf toshiaght dy reill ayns Mannin er y cheyoo laa jeh Mee ny Boaldyn. Chron

meevaynrey dismal, infelicitous, miserable, unhappy: Ghow Locket Somerville toshiaght dy screeu tra v'eh ayns Hong Kong, raad haink eh dy ve jeant meevaynrey ec aght-beaghee yn cherroo- argidys as y sleih va gobbraghey ayn. BS

myr yien pretence, show; as though, as if: lhiggey yn baatey sheese er yn ushtey, myr yien dy chur magh akeryn veih toshiaght ny lhuingey. Bible; pretendedly, shamming

noanee new boy, newcomer, novice, recruit: Ghow yn cooish shoh toshiaght sy vlein 1977 tra va sleih choyrt duillageenyn da'n theay noi noanee sidooryn ec yn un cheayrt as va'n armee Sostnagh jannoo taishbynys er y chooylaghyn. Carn

oayllys (f.) awareness, dope, guidance, information, know-how, knowledge, lore: Hug mee yn skeeal shen da Phillie Gawne, myr dooyrt eh, agh cha ren Phillie soilshaghey cre'n aght hooar mee yn oayllys shen ayns y toshiaght. Dhoor

obbraghey (=Ir. oirbriú) 1 act, action, application, cultivate, elaboration, employment, exercise, forge, function, handle, handling, influence, labour, motion, operate, operation, performance, ply, process, pursuance, start, wangle, work, work up, wreak a: As ghow Noah toshiaght dy obbraghey yn thalloo Bible; 2 (legal) application; 3 (of machines) behaviour

pennys (=Ir. peanas-eaglais) (f.) penance: ec toshiaght y Chargys dy row lheid ny persoonyn as v'er nyn gheddyn kyndagh jeh ard pheccah erbee, er nyn goyrt fo pennys foshlit PB1765; punishment

ponkyn dots: Goll trooid ny ponkyn ta linney, ta goaill toshiaght lesh side dy yeeaghyn y raad dhyt as eh cowrit lesh earrooyn dy hoilshaghey magh ny coyrdyn cooie. Dhoor

quaiyllagh congressional; forensic: t'eh er ngoaill rish dy vel doilleeid ayn ayns Mannin, ta shen dy ghra, dy vel feanishee as fir vingagh goll er agglaghey roish my vel cooishyn quaiyllagh goaill toshiaght. BS

rank pl. rankyn 1 rank a: nee ad goaill toshiaghtsy trass rank. Bible; 2 exuberant, lush, luxuriant, quick-growing, rampant

rankyn ranks: Soie-jee Uriah ayns eer toshiaght ny rankyn, raad sdewilley tan caggey Bible

Rhennee Ferny Place: derrey vees y losteyder ec Cronk Bwoaill Rhennee goaill toshiaght d'obbraghey. BS

riurey fat, fatter: As hug Abel lesh myrgeddin jeh toshiaght e hioltane, as y chooid s'riurey. Bible

rubbey 1 rub, wipe a: ren eh toshiaght dy niee cassyn e ostyllyn, as dy rubbey ad lesh yn aanrit Bible; 2 chafe

sallagh COMPARE sollagh dingy, filthy, grubby, impure, messy, nasty, piggish, squalid: Ec y toshiaght, va ooilley yn obbyr creoie as sallagh currit dou. JG; (putrid) foul

sayntoil covetous, lustful, voluptuous: dy chooilley yeearree sayntoil as toshiaght saynt ny foalley. CS

screeuaght (f.) literature: Agh tra ghow ad toshiaght mysh keead blein er dy henney dy chroo screeuaght noa, beign da fir screeuee caggey noi'n Victorianaghys as yn Agglish marish ooilley ny doilleeidyn elley. Carn

seyraad (=Ir. saoráid) facility: T'ad kiarail goaill toshiaght lesh yn obbyr ec Meary Veg ayns Skylley Stondane ayns yn 'ouyr, as ad kiarail dy bee yn seyraad gobbraghey sy vlein daa housane as tree. BS

shappyn shops: Agh son y chooid smoo, va boirey goaill toshiaght trooid ferg dowin noi lught-reill erbee, as lurg shen va sleih spooilley shappyn myr sorch dy spooyrt. Carn

Shenn agglish Casherick Old Holy church: va oardagh crauee 'sy chenn agglish Casherick, ec toshiaght y Chargys dy row lheid ny persoonyn as v'er nyn gheddyn kyndagh jeh ard pheccah erbee, er nyn goyrt fo pennys foshlit PB1765

shey jeig sixteen: Shegin daue goaill toshiaght ec mysh kiare ny shey jeig bleeaney d'eash dy beagh ad flaaoil ec hoght bleeaney jeig. Carn

slonganyn garlands: Ec toshiaght yn nuyoo lhing jeig va slane geuley dy chenjeanyn er ooilley liurid yn clyst, as va paitchyn ceau slonganyn dy vlaaghyn, as daunsin ayns straneyn laue ry-laue. Dhoor

soieyn sittings: Ta shen dy ghra nagh bee lhiaggan lhiasit y villey heet erash gys y Chiare as Feed roish toshiaght y nah heshoon, mannagh vees tooilley soieyn reaghit. BS

sollaghyn (f.) brewis, crowdie: Gow ee toshiaght lesh lhongey beg as va shoh yn Kaart-Bee: Sollaghyn; Arran Curnaght; Arran Corkey; Arran Praase; Arran Oarn; Caashey; Bonnag dy Churranyn; Berreen Rass; Smuir Smeyragh; Binjean; Cooish as Jaagh. Dhoor

speeideilagh prosperous, successful: Ta'n saase Kodaly er ve feer speeideilagh ayns shimmey cheer hannah as cha nodmayd agh goaill foays voish my ta shin goaill toshiaght er ayns shoh. Carn

spret kick, kick out, shove, start, struggle: Eisht spret guilley Manninagh, as y far-ennym echey, ' Ned y guilley keoie,' as d'eie eh magh ayns Gailck, er-creau as jiarg-corree, goaill toshiaght dy yannoo Coraa; last stretch

staydys status: ta kuse dy phryssoonee Pobblaghtagh ayns Camp ny Kesh Foddey er ngoaill toshiaght dy hrostey "gys yn baase hene" mannagh vees reiltys Hostyn cur staydys politickagh daue. Carn

'sy vlein per annum: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn

ta cheet oncoming: neayrs reih mee yn pobble veihn toshiaght? as ny reddyn ta cheet, as ry-hoi cheet, lhig daue ad shen y hoilshaghey Bible

tarrarey drill, drilling: Ec y traa cheddin va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn


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