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thooilley (f.) pl. thooillaghyn cloudburst, deluge, downfall, downpour, effusion, flood, flow, inundation, onrush, spate, stream, torrent, waterspout: nee yn slatt goll trooid y cheer myr thooilley [L. diluvium]

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thooilley cassee waterspout

thooilley ushtey water flood: ta yn chiarn na hyi erskyn yn tuilliu-uisky : as ta yn chiarn faraghtyn na rii erson gybragh. Psalm1610

lurg y thooilley postdiluvian

roish y thooilley antediluvian; before the flood: Son myr ayns ny laghyn va roish y thooilley, v'ad gee as giu, poosey as coyrt ayns poosey, derrey yn laa hie Noe stiagh ayns yn arg Bible

thooilley as traie rising and falling

thooilley stiagh ayn infest

waterspout (n.) thooilley, thooilley cassee

before the flood roish y thooilley: For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking - Son myr ayns ny laghyn va roish y thooilley, vad gee as giu Bible

cloudburst (n.) thooilley

deluge thooilley

downfall (n.) lhieggey, thooilley

downpour (n.) thooilley

effusion (n.) deayrtey, thooilley

flood baih; baihghey; lhieeney rour; skeaylley tooilley er; thooilley: The river is in flood - Ta thooilley 'syn awin. DF idiom

infest (v.) thooilley stiagh ayn

inundation (n.) baih; plooghey; thooilley

onrush (n.) thooilley

postdiluvian lurg y thooilley

spate (n.) thooilley

stream (v.) ceau magh aker, deayrtey; (n.) glass, glish; stroo, struan; thooilley: In one continuous stream - Ayns thooilley gyn scuirr. DF idiom; strooan: The stream ran dry - Hirmee y strooan. DF idiom

torrent (n.) spooyt, thooilley

water flood (n.) thooilley ushtey

antediluvian (n.) fer jeh'n shenn chroo; (adj.) roish y thooilley

rising and falling thooilley as traie

brooinyn banks, outskirts: bee ad thooilley roie harrish ny brooinyn Bible

moogheyder extinguisher, firefighter, quencher, suppressor: Moogheyder Sam As Y Thooilley Dhoor

flow1 lhieeney; roie: It doesn't flow well - Cha nel eh roie dy-mie. JJK idiom; sheeley; taaley; thooilley

swept glennit, sceabit, skeabit; sceabey; skeabey: The flood swept the rocks down with it - Ren yn thooilley skeabey ny creggyn neose lesh. DF idiom

chyrmey dry: haink yn ushtey magh myr thooilley: myr shen dy roie awinyn ayns ynnydyn chyrmey Bible

fo ushtey awash, sub-aqua, submerged, under water: bee ad thooilley roie harrish ny brooinyn, as ver ad yn cheer fo ushtey Bible

freayney 1 foam, foaming, fume, overflow, raging, ripple, rippling, ruffle, surge, uprush a: ta freaney myr sheean thooilley ymmodee ushtaghyn Bible; 2 (of sea) flow; 3 (of sea) heave

jannoo feiyr clatter, making a sound: Smerg da co-chruinnaght yn vooarane pobble ta jannoo feiyr myr feiyr ny faarkaghyn; as da tharmane ny ashoonyn, ta freaney myr sheean thooilley ymmodee ushtaghyn! Bible

lhieeney stiagh flow in, pervade, pour in: Eisht ver oo my-ner, as nee shiu lhieeney stiagh myr thooilley, as nee dty chree roie harrish lesh atchim as boggey Bible

lhieent harrish overflowing: as nee eh gatt seose dy slane myr thooilley; as bee eh lhieent harrish, as er ny vaih myr liorish awin Egypt. Bible

miallys (f.) benefaction, beneficence, bountifulness, clemency, gentleness, humaneness, philanthropy: Ny ushtaghyn yeeagh da nyn miallys ayns tonnyn glassey brishey sheese dagh slyst, dagh thooilley goaill ny raaidyn da by-niessey as tuittym, rowlal lesh y varroo lhieggey PC

noi echey against him: Tra hig yn noid shagh myr thooilley, nee Spyrryd y Chiarn troggal seose mergey noi echey. Bible

obbrinagh mechanic, mechanical: Agh va failleil obbrinagh ayn, marish thooilley sy stashoon-pooar hene. BS

sheeley ersooyl steal away: Ta'n thooilley scarrey cummaltee yn thallooin; eer ny ushtaghyn, raad nagh vel kesmad-coshey: t'ad er ny hyrmaghey seose, t'ad sheeley ersooyl veih deiney. Bible

slug draught, swallow, swig: slug ee seose thooilley hilg y dragon magh ass e veeal Bible; swallowed

traartyssyn desolations: bee yn jerrey echey lesh thooilley, as gys jerrey yn chaggey ta traartyssyn kiarit Bible

vaih drowned: V'ad gee, v'ad giu, v'ad poosey, v'ad er nyn goyrt ayns poosey, derrey'n laa hie Noe stiagh ayns yn arg: as haink y thooilley as vaih eh ad ooilley. Bible


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