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thooillaghyn floods, inundations: Ren oo brishey trooid y thalloo lesh thooillaghyn

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Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn Flood Risk Management Bill

floods (npl.) thooillaghyn: The floods are rising - Ta ny thooillaghyn gatt. DF idiom; lhieenaghyn

inundations (npl.) baihaghyn, plooghaghyn, thooillaghyn

Flood Risk Management Bill (n.) Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn

swelled datt: The floods swelled - Datt ny thooillaghyn. DF idiom

coorse ushtey watercourse, waterway: Quoi t'er yiarey magh coorse-ushtey son ny thooillaghyn Bible

rising gatt: The floods are rising - Ta ny thooillaghyn gatt. DF idiom; irree magh; girree: The sun is rising - Ta'n ghrian g'irree. JJK idiom

cur cree da heartening, reassure: t'eh cur cree da sleih liorish gra nagh lhisagh taillaghyn-urryssaght goll seose kyndagh rish ny thooillaghyn haink er Yn Ellan er y gherrid. BS

niee ersooyl wash away: Myr ta ny ushtaghyn ceau ny claghyn, as ny thooillaghyn niee ersooyl messyn y thallooin Bible

Shirveishagh Arraghey Transport Minister: Ta'n Shirveishagh Arraghey, John Shimmin, boirit ec ny caghlaaghyn syn emshyr feiy ny cruinney, as y gaue smoo dy bee thooillaghyn ayn kyndagh rish shen. BS

thooilley (f.) pl. thooillaghyn cloudburst, deluge, downfall, downpour, effusion, flood, flow, inundation, onrush, spate, stream, torrent, waterspout: nee yn slatt goll trooid y cheer myr thooilley [L. diluvium]

tonnyn waves: Tra haink tonnyn y vaaish mygeayrt-y-moom, ren thooillaghyn deiney mee-chrauee my agglaghey Bible

uinniagyn windows: Va myrgeddin thooillaghyn y diunid, as uinniagyn yn aer dooint seose Bible

baghteyrys criticism, critique: V'eh freggyrt baghteyrys veih Barrantee Valley Chashtal mychione y Rheynn Arraghey bentyn rish ny thooillaghyn-marrey ayns Toshiaght Arree mleeaney. BS; review


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