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Thom Keekagh Peeping Tom

Ayrn Poyllan Thom Tom's Small Pool Part

Croit Thom Beg Little Tom's Croft

Croit Thom Rob Vooar Big Tom Robert's Croft

Peeping Tom (n.) Thom Keekagh

goaill aash resting: Haink yindys mooar er Billy Beg tra honnick eh Thom Beg cho jeeragh as lajer, as tra ren Thom Beg goaill aash as greim dy vee dinsh eh da e skeeal voish bun as baare GB

Big Tom Robert's Croft (n.) Croit Thom Rob Vooar

Little Tom's Croft (n.) Croit Thom Beg

Tom's Small Pool Part (n.) Ayrn Poyllan Thom

Delbee (f.) See Delby Dalby: Va Billy Beg as Thom Beg daa greesee cruittagh as v'ad baghey cooidjagh ayns stayd hallooin ny lomarcan er-gerrey da Delbee. GB [Scand]

raad mooar COMPARE raad-vooar highway, main road, major road, public way, trunk road: Veih Ballakilpheric ghow mee y bayr ta goll seose da'n raad mooar er y clieau, faggys da'n tholtan aynsyn va Thom Dipper baghey Coraa

keayrt ny ghaa divers times, many a time, on several occasions: Eisht honnick mee Thom cur lesh e laue harrish e hooillyn keayrt ny ghaa as tra hug mee jerrey er y ghrane, honnick mee dy row jeir ayns ny sooillyn echey Coraa

teaym (f.) attack, bout, fit, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, swoon: Teaym noa dy hingys. DF; caprice, fad, mood, notion, vagary, whim: va fys mie aym dy row Thom ny ghooinney breagagh, as v'eh meshtalagh neesht, as ny "lhiam-lhiat" myr ta sleih ennagh tra ta teaym ocsyn er red erbee JC


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