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tarmestey (v.) ban, block, blocking, check, checkmate, chip in, debar, foil, frustrate, interdict, proscribe, thwart: Ny bee tarmestey ooilley'n traa. DF; (annoy) cross; (n.) discouragement, encroachment, frustration, interdiction, interference, proscription, taboo; stonewaller

Inexact matches:

tarmestey er encroach

tarmestey poosee marriage impediment

blocking tarmestey

checkmate (v.) tarmestey; (n.) tarmesteyder

cross2 (v.) (annoy) tarmestey

debar (v.) tarmestey

discouragement (n.) lhiettalys, tarmestey

encroachment (n.) brishey stiagh, tarmestey

frustrate (v.) tarmestey

frustration (n.) tarmestey

interdict neulhiggal; tarmestey

interdiction (n.) crossey; neulhiggal; tarmestey

marriage impediment (n.) tarmestey poosee

proscribe (v.) meelowal, tarmestey

proscription (n.) meelowal, tarmestey

stonewaller (n.) tarmestey

chip in (v.) cur fockle stiagh; cur gioal; tarmestey

encroach (v.) brishey stiagh er, tarmestey er

foil (n.) brat chooylloo; cliwe crammanagh; scroggyl; (v.) tarmestey; molley

taboo (v.) cur fo guess, tarmestey; (n.) guess

kiartyn rights: Tarmestey er ny kiartyn aym. DF

ban (v.) cur fo sarey, cur lhiettrimys er; (n.) lhiettrimys, tarmestey

interference (n.) cur eie er, cur stiagh er, perkinaght, perkinys, tarmestey

thwart beck; tessen; thowt; (v.) cheet tessen er, crossey, tarmestey

block1 block, glack, glout, jeenysal, kiap; cur lhiettrimys er: They tried to block the bill in Tynwald - Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF idiom; dooney; tarmestey

check (n.) aanrit breck; coontag; (v.) castey, cur streean er, glockey, smaghtaghey, smaghtey, shickyraghey, streeaney; lhiettalys; oght; screeuyn coontee; tarmestey; jannoo lhiettalys er: That will check them! - Nee shen jannoo lhiettallys orroo! DF idiom


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