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sy (=Ir. sa) in the: Son, Cur-my-ner, va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher, as cur-my-ner, hrog yn vunney aym's, as myrgeddin, hass eh seose jeeragh Bible

Inexact matches:

'sy check in the shit: Nish ta shin 'sy check! DF

'sy cheead per cent: Cosnee shoh jeih 'sy cheead. DF; percentage

'sy chenn-lhiannooaght dote

'sy chiaghtin weekly: Ta mee trostey daa cheayrtsy chiaghtin, Bible

'sy choearroo on the strength

'sy chooish re, in the business, in the matter: Cur dou gioal nish, cur raane dou, quoi ghoys my lauesy chooish? Bible

'sy chree endocardiac, in the heart: Agh lhig da ve yn dooinney follitsy chree Bible

'sy clane taken as a whole; in the whole: Erskyn ooilley, va ennym ard-ghooagh echey son ynrickys, kenjallys as feoiltys, cha row rieau noid echey 'sy clane theihll. Coraa

'sy dooghys heritable

'sy 'eill ingrowing

'sy gherrymagh in the vocative

'sy ghooghys inherent

'sy jerrey 1 astern; 2 in the end a: Dy firrinagh hig eh dy mie lhiatsy jerrey Bible

'sy jiass in the south: As ooilley ny baljyn-beggey va mygeayrt ny ard-valjyn shoh gys Baalath-beer, Ramathsy jiass. Bible

'sy laa by day, in the daytime:Sy laa ren Jee dooinney y chroo, ayns caslys Yee ren eh eshyn y chroo: Bible

'sy lhiabbee abed: hrog shoh cree Israel, dy hoie eh seosesy lhiabbee Bible

'sy lieen netted; in the net: Hooar shin shiaght braddanyn 'sy lieen as ren shin creck ad gys y marchan son queig skillinyn as daeed - va shen leagh feer vie neesht. Coraa

'sy loghan docked

'sy oor hourly

'sy phoosey conjugally

'sy phost mailed

'sy phryssoon in limbo; in the prison: As ghow mainshtyr Yoseph eh, as hilg eh sy phryssoon eh, ynnyd raad va presoonee'n ree ayns geulaghyn: as shen y raad v'eh ny phryssoonagh. Bible

'sy phurt weather-bound, in the harbour

'sy scoarnagh gutturally

'sy speyr aloft, overhead, sky-high, skywards: er yn poyll dhoo dullyragh, er yn ushtey gial grianagh, er ny brooghyn breck rish blaaghyn, er ny eeanlee myr milley drilleeyn 'sy speyrh shoh . Coraa

'sy toshiaght foremost; in the beginning: As, Tou uss, Hiarn, ’sy toshiaght er hoiaghey undin y thallooin Bible

'sy tourey in summer: S'mie lhiam cheet er laghyn seyrey sy tourey marish y lught-thie aym Carn

'sy vadran cock crow: dirree Joshua dy mogheysy vadran, as ghow eh musteral y pobble Bible

'sy vagher afield: My ta Jee eisht myr shoh coamrey blaa ny magheragh, ta jiusy vagher, as mairagh ceaut ayns yn oghe: Bible

'sy vean halfway, in the midst: Son tan uill ecksy vean eck Bible

'sy vinnagh enteric, in the intestine

'sy vlein per annum: hed eh er cur magh un cheayrt sy vlein, ayns Toshiaght Arree. Carn

'sy voghrey in the forenoon, in the morning: goaill arrane derrey ny ooryn moghey 'sy voghrey. Carn

'sy yioyn from far, far off: t'ad er-chea foddey 'sy yioyn Bible

sy yioyn afar: t'ad er-chea foddey 'sy yioyn

'sy yughtee in a distant country: Foddey 'sy yoin 'sy yughtee. DF

'sy chenn agglish Casherick in the old Holy church

ayr 'sy leigh father-in-law: haink Jethro, ayr 'sy leigh Voses Bible

baiht 'sy jough sodden with drink

birrag sy vio thorn in the flesh

braar 'sy leigh brother-in-law

breb 'sy lurgey hack

breck 'sy ghrian (f.) freckle

breck 'sy nane freckle

breck 'sy vainney fly in the ointment

ceau 'sy aarkey jettison

ceaut 'sy jeeig ditched

ching 'sy chione fatheaded

ching 'sy chree sick of heart

chur 'sy whing (dy); (to) span in

creckeyder 'sy traid street trader

creckeyder sy traid street-trader

cuirr 'sy thalloo implant

cullee sy cheayn (f.) (offshore) installations

cur argid 'sy chymbyl mobilize

cur bluckan 'sy phoagey pot

cur breck 'sy ghrian er freckle

cur lhong 'sy loghan dock

currit 'sy cheayn ditched

currit 'sy gheay (as clothes) aired

currit 'sy thalloo layered; put in the ground

cur stiagh 'sy gharreish garage

cur 'sy cheayn ditch

cur 'sy chenn ynnyd reinstall

cur 'sy cho-earroo count in

cur 'sy claare argidoil budget

cur 'sy gheay air

cur 'sy lioar doo blacklist

cur 'sy phaal pen

cur 'sy phoggaid pocket

cur 'sy phost mail, post

cur 'sy phundail pound

cur 'sy stholl stall

cur 'sy thalloo layer

cur 'sy thie lheihys hospitalise, hospitalize

cur 'sy toieag enthrone

cur 'sy vanc banking

cur yn fockle 'sy veeal prompt

daa cheayrt 'sy chiaghtin bi-weekly

daahit 'sy ghrian (by sun) tanned

delleyder 'sy vergey doo black marketeer

doal 'sy laa day-blind

dreamal 'sy laa daydream

dy ve 'sy loghan lie up

eddrym 'sy chione (of person) crack

eddrym 'sy chree light-hearted

Eoineen 'sy chishtey Jack-in-the-box

fer 'sy chenn lambaanid dotard

fest 'sy rio icebound

fockle 'sy chooyrt backstair influence

foddey 'sy yoin far in the remoteness of: Foddey 'sy yoin 'sy yughtee. DF

gaase 'sy oie mushroom growth

Gaelgaghys 'sy Vaarle Hibernianism

gamylt 'sy joan dust

glen 'sy veeal clean-mouthed

goit 'sy chay fogbound

goll 'sy loghan dock

greim 'sy lhiattee stitch

gyn craue beg 'sy chleeau unscrupulous

jeant 'sy thie homemade

jeeigit 'sy ghreeym saddle-backed

keayrt 'sy chegeesh bi-monthly, fortnightly

keayrt 'sy daa vee bi-monthly

keck 'sy phurt non-starter, stick in the mud

keead 'sy cheead hundred percent

keim 'sy theihll (f.) estate

kianglt 'sy cheh hidebound

kiare 'sy un' chennar quadruplets

leighder sy whaiyl agglish procurator

lesh y red 'sy chuinney flagrante delicto, caught in the act, in blazing offence

lhean 'sy toshiaght bluff

lhiastynys sy trass heihll third world debt

lhie 'sy lhiabbee lie to: As ny s'anmey, tra ve mee my lhie 'sy lhiabbee smooinaghtyn er, strooys hene dy vel yn shenn ghooinney baghey ayns seihll elley Coraa

lhune 'sy toandey draught ale

lugh 'sy chreeagh pregnant

moal 'sy chione brainsick, feeble-minded

moir 'sy leigh (f.) mother-in-law

'neen 'sy leigh (f.) daughter-in-law: son dty inneen-'sy-leigh ta graihagh ort, as ish ny share dhyt na shiaght mec Bible

oanluckey 'sy thalloo inhume

obbyr 'sy vagher (f.) fieldwork

poleeney lesh veg sy lowaltys zero tolerance policing

red 'sy speyr UFO

roie folley 'sy chlash bleeding piles

scaa 'sy ghoarlish makeshift

screeu 'sy lioar sign on

seyr 'sy phost post free

shooyl 'sy cheayn (in sea) wade

shuyr 'sy leigh (f.) sister-in-law

snaie 'sy choigee abb

sollit 'sy chapp shop-soiled

sy çharrym giare in the short term

sy çharrym meanagh in the mid term

'sy chenn earish in olden days, yore: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal, vasy chenn earish, ard-hranlaasee Bible

'sy chesh vean plumb in the centre

'sy chied cheayrt in the first place

'sy chied ynnyd firstly, in the first place: As ta gialdyn Chreest ain my hirrys-mayd ny reddyn shoh ayns y chied ynnyd, nee Jee ooilley nyn veme y yannoo magh CS

'sy chooish shen in that respect: As hug y stiurt e laue fo slheeayst Abraham e vainshtyr, as ren eh breearrey da, mychione y chooish shen. Bible

'sy chooish shoh herein: ta shiu ooilley cloan Israel, cur-jee nyn goyrlesy chooish shoh. Bible

'sy jeih as kiare feed nonagenarian

'sy jeih as tree feed septuagenarian

'sy lioar shoh herein: nee ooilley ny mollaghtyn, ta scruitsy lioar shoh, lhie er Bible

'sy nah ynnyd next, secondly

'sy screeuin shoh herein

'sy theihll ry heet beyond the veil, in the world to come: agh quoi erbee loayrys noi yn Spyrryd Noo, cha bee eh er ny leih da, edyr 'sy theihll shoh, ny 'sy theihll ta ry-heet. Bible

'sy thie coon interred

'sy traa cheddin simultaneously: yn reesy traa cheddin ny hoie ayns giat Venjamin Bible

'sy traa ry-heet hereafter: Myr shen nee my ynrickys gansoor er my honsy traa ry heet Bible

'sy traa ta ry-heet in the future: Dooyrt shin er-y-fa shen, tra jir ad myr shoh rooin, ny rish nyn sluight, 'sy traa ta ry-heet, dy vod mayd gansoor Bible

'sy traa t'ayn nowadays: tad er my imman maghsy traa tayn veih cummal ayns eiraght y Chiarn Bible

sy traa t'ayn meantime; present time: Nagh vow ymmodee fillee smoo 'sy traa t'ayn nish, as ayns y theihll ta ry-heet yn vea dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

'sy trass ynnyd thirdly: hoshiaght ostyllyn, ’sy nah ynnyd phadeyryn, ’sy trass ynnyd fir-ynsee Bible

'sy troa elley in the opposite direction

tannee 'sy lhiabbee lie up

tayrtyn 'sy lieen net-backing

thie 'sy valley town residence

tree laghyn 'sy chiaghtyn tri-weekly

tree 'sy nane triune

Aundyr Zayed son Bree sy Traa Ry-heet Zayed Future Energy Prize

Feailley Valley Chashtal Lhongey Mooie sy Phairk Castletown Festival Picnic in the Park

ditched ceaut ersooyl; ceaut 'sy jeeig: He ditched the car - Hug eh y gleashtan 'sy jeeig. DF idiom; currit 'sy cheayn: He ditched the 'plane - Hug eh yn etlan 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; faagit; jeeigagh; jeeigit; treigit

freckle (n.) breck greiney; breck 'sy ghrian; breck 'sy nane; (v.) breckey; cur breck 'sy ghrian er

garage (v.) cur stiagh 'sy gharreish; (n.) garreish; gareish: The car backed into the garage - Hie yn gleashtan ergooyl stiagh 'sy ghareish. DF idiom; garaashtey: Run the car into the garage - Cur y gleashtan 'sy gharaashtey. DF idiom

herein (adv.) ayns shoh, 'sy chooish shoh, 'sy lioar shoh, 'sy screeuin shoh; sthie: The letter enclosed herein - Y screeuyn ta sthie lesh shoh. DF idiom

in a distant country 'sy yughtee: Far in the remoteness of time and in a distant country - Foddey 'sy yoin 'sy yughtee DF idiom

in the 'sy, 'syn, sy

haree commanded: Haree Ian Mac Phaidin ny sidooryn Goaldagh sy Hiar Meanagh dy jeeragh lurg y chaggey sy ghulf sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as nane-jeig. BS

in the first place 'sy chied cheayrt; 'sy chied ynnyd

lie up (v.) dy ve 'sy loghan; tannee 'sy lhiabbee

preeu- prime: dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh Carn Agh, ec chaglym ayns Mannin er y gherrid, dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh ta Mnr Christensen ny ghooinney mooar sy Voggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh (Tax Reform Newtwork). Carn2

braddan salmon: Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey DF

'sy in the: va lheiy beiyht ec y ven 'sy thie Bible

bi-monthly gagh cor vee, gagh nah vee, keayrt 'sy chegeesh, keayrt 'sy daa vee

blacklist (v.) crossey; cur 'sy lioar doo: Blacklist someone - Peiagh ennagh y chur 'sy lioar ghoo. DF idiom

dock cabbag; crannag; cur da'n cheiy; cur lhong 'sy loghan; goll 'sy loghan; loghan

per cent (n.) 'sy cheead: Twelve and a half per cent - Daa-yeig dy lieh 'sy cheead DF idiom

percentage (n.) 'sy cheead: What percentage is it? - Quoid 'sy cheead t'eh? DF idiom

cughtee cussed: Ta gaue dy liooar sy stoo cughtee ta lught Sellafield ceau stiagh sy cheayn gagh laa Carn

freaylleyder preservative, preserver: Va farrar 'sy thie oast 'Albert' er-e-hon (yn naim aym) as farrar elley 'sy 'Vaie' son Tommy Georgesson (freaylleyder thie sollysh veih'n Cheltyn). Dhoor

keead filley hundredfold: Eisht chuirr Isaacsy cheer shen, as vuinn ehsy vleïn cheddin keead filley

Rank (=Ir. Frainc) (Yn) France: Sy Rank neesht, ta'n reiltys dy bollagh ayns foayr jeh mooadaghey ny stashoonyn chesh-veanagh sy cheer. Carn

skeayt spewed, vomited: Ta Gailck dy liooar sy liooar skeayt mastey y Yernish sy lioar. Carn

sy chenn traa in old time: Son cha daink phadeyryssy chenn traa liorish aigney dooinney Bible

toiggalys (of mind) acuteness; understanding: Veagh toiggalys oc er feyshtyn sy Ghaelg, agh yinnagh ad ansoor sy Vaarle. Carn; intelligence

abb (n.) snaie 'sy choigee

abed (adv.) er y lhiabbee, 'sy lhiabbee: They are late abed - Hannee ad 'sy lhiabbee. DF idiom; ny lhie: They are still abed - T'ad foast nyn lhie. DF idiom

afield (adv.) 'sy vagher

aired3 (v.) (as clothes) currit 'sy gheay

amble (n.) keim: If there is an amble in the mare it will be in the colt - My ta keim sy laair bee keim sy lhiy. JJK idiom; (v.) keimeragh; mynneragh

bird (n.) ushag: A bird in the hand is as good as two in he bush - Ta ushag 'sy laue chammah as jees 'sy tammag. JJK idiom

brainsick (adj.) moal 'sy chione

budget bushaid, poageen; claare argidoil: We will have to budget for this - Shegin dooin cur shoh 'sy chlaare argidoil. DF idiom; (v.) cur 'sy claare argidoil

by day 'sy laa: the pillar of the cloud departed not from them by day - cha ren pillar y vodjal troggal vouesy laa Bible

clean-mouthed glen 'sy veeal

colt (n.) lhiy: If there is an amble in the mare it will be in the colt - My ta keim sy laair bee keim sy lhiy. JJK idiom

day-blind doal 'sy laa

endocardiac 'sy chree

enteric (adj.) minnaghoil, 'sy vinnagh

far off 'sy yioyn

fatheaded (adj.) ching 'sy chione


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