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strooan (=Ir. sruthán) (f.) pl. strooanyn brook, burn, creek, river, rivulet, stream, waterway: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Strooan Strooan's Farm

Cass Strooan Foot of the Stream, Stream End

Strooan Barrool Ward Mountain Stream

strooan beg brooklet

Strooan Curleod Corlett's Stream

strooan foalley river of blood

strooan slieau beck

Strooan Teare Teare's Stream

Astyl Strooan Unjin Ashbourne Avenue

Garaghyn Strooan y Lheeannee Meadowbrook Gardens

Imman Strooan Heear Westbourne Drive

Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley Woodburn Square

Keyll Strooan Unjin Ashbourne Grove

Lhoan Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne Lane

Raad Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne Road

Raad Strooan y Chrink Cronkbourne Road

Strooan Bayr Lieau Mountain Road Stream

Strooan ny h'Aah Niee Washing Stream Ford

Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne, Wood Stream

Strooan ny Mrack Trout Stream

Strooan ny n'Eean Birds' Stream

Strooan y Kirkey Church Stream

Strooan y Wyllin Millstream

brook (n.) bett; strooan

brooklet (n.) strooan beg

Corlett's Stream (n.) Strooan Curleod

Melbourne (n.) Strooan y Wyllin

rivulet (n.) glasheen; jeeigane; strooan

stream (v.) ceau magh aker, deayrtey; (n.) glass, glish; stroo, struan; thooilley: In one continuous stream - Ayns thooilley gyn scuirr. DF idiom; strooan: The stream ran dry - Hirmee y strooan. DF idiom

Stream End (n.) Cass Strooan

Strooan's Farm (n.) Balley Strooan

Teare's Stream (n.) Strooan Teare

Woodbourne (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

Ashbourne Avenue (n.) Astyl Strooan Unjin

Ashbourne Grove (n.) Keyll Strooan Unjin

Birds' Stream (n.) Strooan ny n'Eean

Church Stream (n.) Strooan y Kirkey

Millstream (n.) Strooan y Wyllin; (Yn) Aarey

river of blood (n.) strooan foalley

Trout Stream (n.) Strooan ny Mrack

Ward Mountain Stream (n.) Strooan Barrool

Westbourne Drive (n.) Imman Strooan Heear

Wood Stream (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

co-strooan (f.) confluence

strooan-chassee meander

beck (n.) beck; bett; smeidey; strooan slieau

confluence (n.) cheet ry-cheilley, co-strooan, cohionnal

Cronkbourne Road (n.) Raad Strooan y Chrink

Foot of the Stream (n.) Cass Strooan

Meadowbrook Gardens (npl.) Garaghyn Strooan y Lheeannee

Mountain Road Stream (n.) Strooan Bayr Lieau

Washing Stream Ford (n.) Strooan ny h'Aah Niee

Woodbourne Lane (n.) Lhoan Strooan ny Keylley

Woodbourne Road (n.) Raad Strooan ny Keylley

Woodburn Square (n.) Kerrin Strooan ny Keylley

struan See strooan stream [Sanskrit, sru]

meander (n.) cass, lhoob; ammyr-chassee, strooan-chassee; (v.) lhoobey, cassey

waterway (n.) bollagh ushtey, coorse ushtey, jeeig, raad ushtey, strooan

cheau cast: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible; flung

boundary (n.) charrey; cree; creeagh; joarey; linney chree; caghliagh: Stream that marks the boundary - Strooan ta jannoo y cagliagh. DF idiom

burn1 (v.) cur aile da, foaddey, goaill aile, lossey; lostey: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; (n.) strooan

creek (n.) branlaig, giau, glion, gullad, strooan; injeig; guag, giuag; purt; ooig: but they discovered a certain creek with a shore - agh chronnee ad ooig dy row lesh traie Bible

river (n.) awin: That river is twenty feet deep - Ta'n awin feed trie er diunid. JJK idiom; strooan

winding cassee: Winding stream - Strooan cassee. DF idiom; lhoobagh; lhoobey; togherys; toghrane; cammey: Winding streets - Straaidyn cammey. DF idiom

ammyr (=Ir. umar) (f.) (river) bed; pl. ammyryn canal, channel, trough: veih ammyr ny hawin gys strooan Egypt Bible

cur enn er pick out: Oddins cur enn er yn vrack shen veih dagh ooilley vrack va rieau goit ayns poyll jeh strooan Coraa; recognise, recognize

pumpal pump, pumping: Ta'n gas goll er pumpal feer lajer dy jarroo - cho lajer as dy vel eh jannoo assee da ny slattyn-conney, ta craa mygeayrt sy strooan niartal. Carn


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