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Stream (n.) Glass

stream (v.) ceau magh aker, deayrtey; (n.) glass, glish; stroo, struan; thooilley: In one continuous stream - Ayns thooilley gyn scuirr. DF idiom; strooan: The stream ran dry - Hirmee y strooan. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

Birds' Stream (n.) Strooan ny n'Eean

Church Stream (n.) Strooan y Kirkey

Corlett's Stream (n.) Strooan Curleod

Gulf Stream (n.) Stroo yn Eearvooir

jet stream (n.) skioot-stroo

mountain stream (n.) alt: The mountain stream is in spate - Ta'n alt lheim. DF idiom

Narrow Stream (n.) Strenebeck

Nut Stream (n.) Stroan ny Gro

Silver Stream (n.) Awin Argid

Stream End (n.) Cass Strooan

stream forth (v.) stroo magh

Stream Glen (n.) Glion Trooan

stream in (v.) stroo stiagh

Stream Land (n.) Thalloo yn Trooan

stream out (v.) stroo magh

Stream Path (n.) Cassan Struggan

Teare's Stream (n.) Strooan Teare

Trout Stream (n.) Strooan ny Mrack

Wood Stream (n.) Strooan ny Keylley

against the stream noi'n troa

Farm of the Stream (n.) Balley yn Eddan, Balley Glass

Foot of the Stream (n.) Cass Strooan

Glen Stream Meadow (n.) Lheannee Ghlion Truan

Glen Stream Road (n.) Bayr Ghlion Truan

Hill of the Stream (n.) Cronk Burn

margin of the stream (n.) marrooan, oirr y trooan

Mill Stream Dale Marsh (n.) Curragh Carnodal

Mill Stream Farm (n.) Balley Cardle

Mill Stream Meadow (n.) Lheannee ny Corony

Mill Stream Valley (n.) Carnodal

Mountain Road Stream (n.) Strooan Bayr Lieau

Mouth of the Stream (n.) Beeal y Trooan

Place of the Stream (n.) Boayl y Trooan

Stream Glen Flat (n.) Faaie Glion Trooan

Ward Mountain Stream (n.) Strooan Barrool

Washing Stream Ford (n.) Strooan ny h'Aah Niee

Water Goblin Stream (n.) Nikkesen

Cass Strooan Foot of the Stream, Stream End

stroo magh (n.) effluent; (v.) stream forth, stream out

Cassan Struggan Stream Path

ceau magh aker stream

Glass (Yn); (The) River Glass, Stream

Glion Trooan Stream Glen

skioot-stroo jet stream

Strenebeck Narrow Stream [Scand]

Strooan Curleod Corlett's Stream

Strooan Teare Teare's Stream

stroo stiagh stream in

air-stream (n.) aer-streeu

up-stream noi'n stroo, noi'n troa, seose yn awin

aer-streeu (f.) air-stream

Balley Cardle Mill Stream Farm

Carnodal Mill Stream Valley [Scand]

marrooan margin of the stream

noi'n stroo up-stream; upstream

Stroan ny Gro Nut Stream

Strooan Barrool Ward Mountain Stream

Strooan ny Mrack Trout Stream

Strooan ny n'Eean Birds' Stream

Strooan y Kirkey Church Stream

Stroo yn Eearvooir Gulf Stream

Thalloo yn Trooan Stream Land

Balley Glass Farm of the Stream; River Farm

Balley yn Eddan Farm of the Stream

Bayr Ghlion Truan Glen Stream Road

Beeal y Trooan Mouth of the Stream

Boayl y Trooan Place of the Stream

Cronk Burn Hill of the Stream

Curragh Carnodal Mill Stream Dale Marsh

Faaie Glion Trooan Stream Glen Flat

Lheannee Ghlion Truan Glen Stream Meadow

Lheannee ny Corony Mill Stream Meadow

Nikkesen water demon, Water Goblin Stream

noi'n troa against the stream, perverse, up-stream; upstream

oirr y trooan margin of the stream

Strooan Bayr Lieau Mountain Road Stream

Strooan ny h'Aah Niee Washing Stream Ford

Strooan ny Keylley Woodbourne, Wood Stream

struan See strooan stream [Sanskrit, sru]

alt (f.) altitude, alto; glen in mountains, high place; mountain stream [L. altus]

boundary (n.) charrey; cree; creeagh; joarey; linney chree; caghliagh: Stream that marks the boundary - Strooan ta jannoo y cagliagh. DF idiom

winding cassee: Winding stream - Strooan cassee. DF idiom; lhoobagh; lhoobey; togherys; toghrane; cammey: Winding streets - Straaidyn cammey. DF idiom

deayrtey (of tea) brew; efflux, effusion, pour, pour out, shed, shower, spill, spillage, stream: va deayrtey mooar fliaghee ayn Bible; teeming

glish (f.) stream; (npl.) locks: Haink paart jeu er mooin cabbyl gymmyrkey nyn shenn gunnyn glish aileagh. Carn

seose yn awin up-river, up-stream: Mooirchooraghyn currit lesh seose yn awin ec y tidey. DF; upriver; upstream

stroo pl. strooghyn, strooyn current, race, stream, tidal flow, tide-race, watercourse: as veih e hooillyn graih myr stroo ren roie PC

strooan (=Ir. sruthán) (f.) pl. strooanyn brook, burn, creek, river, rivulet, stream, waterway: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible

thooilley (f.) pl. thooillaghyn cloudburst, deluge, downfall, downpour, effusion, flood, flow, inundation, onrush, spate, stream, torrent, waterspout: nee yn slatt goll trooid y cheer myr thooilley [L. diluvium]

glass (=Ir. glas) pl. glassey (adj.) pale, verdant: ta'n vee-chrauee glass myr y faiyr Bible; unfledged, raw; (of youth) callow; pasty, sappy, soft; (colour) ashen; (of nature) green; (of animal) grey; (f.) stream; (n.) pl. glish pl. glassyn bond, iron, lock, trigger: Hug my ghraih e laue stiagh er glass y dorrys Bible; grisled [O.Ir. glas]


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