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staartey assignment, billet, situation: She'n dooinney kiart da'n staartey . DF; occupation

Inexact matches:

staartey bog child's play: Cha nel shen agh staartey bog. DF

staartey cleree clerkship

staartey follym vacancy

ceaut ass staartey sacked

cur staartey da sign on

goll da'n staartey turn to

jannoo daa staartey moonlight

assignment (n.) currym, livreys, staartey

child's play (n.) staartey bog

occupation (n.) aght baghee, aght-beaghee, keird; cummaltys: Army of occupation - Armee cummaltys. DF idiom; staartey: Blind alley occupation - Staartey nagh vel bishagh ayn. DF idiom

situation (n.) soiaghey, staartey, stayd

turn to (v.) goll da'n staartey

billet billad; oardagh billad; obbyr; staartey; ynnyd baghee

clerkship (n.) cleraghys, obbyr chleeree, staartey cleree

sacked ceaut ass obbyr; ceaut ass staartey; craghit

sign on (v.) cur staartey da; screeu 'sy lioar

vacancy (n.) barney, folmid, folmidys, post follym, staartey follym

slane currit da devoted: Slane currit da'n staartey echey. DF

devoted casherickit da: Devoted to the Virgin Mary - Casherickit da'n Voidyn Moirrey. DF idiom; jeelys; slane currit da: Devoted to his job - Slane currit da'n staartey echey. DF idiom

moonlight (v.) jannoo daa staartey; (n.) rehollys: It's moonlight - Ta rehollys ayn. JJK idiom; soilshey ny heayst

predecessor (n.) fer roish: My predecessor in the job - Yn fer roym 'sy staartey. DF idiom; roie-immeeaght

terrible (adj.) agglagh: We are in terrible difficulties with this job - Ta shin ayns hobbyl agglagh lesh y staartey shoh. DF idiom; atchimagh: Terrible will that day be - S'atchimagh vees yn laa shen. DF idiom; dewiley, dewilley

workman (n.) fer obbree; obbree: Take on a workman - Obbree y chur staartey da. DF idiom

hobbyl difficulty, hobble, predicament: Ta shin ayns hobbyl agglagh lesh y staartey shoh DF


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