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St. Andrew's (n.) Keeill Andreays

St. German's (n.) Keeill Charmane

St. Helena (n.) (Isle of) Ellan Helena Noo

St Johns (n.) Balley Keeill Eoin

St. Kilda (n.) Heertch

St Kitts (n.) Noo Kitts

St. Mark's (n.) Balley Keeill Varkysh

St. Trinian's (n.) Keeill Hrinian; Keeill Vrisht

St Vincent (n.) Noo Winsen

bog St. John's wort (n.) mess muigey

Port St. Mary (n.) Purt le Moirrey, Purt Le Moirrey

Revelation of St. John (n.) Ashlish Noo Ean

St Barnabas Hill (n.) Cronk Noo Barnabas

St. Bartholomew's Day (n.) Laa'l Parlane

St Catherine's Drive (n.) Imman Noo Catreeney

St Cathrine's Well (n.) Chibbyrt Catreeney

St Ciaran's Mountain (n.) Slieau Karrin

St. George's Channel (n.) Mooir Vretyn

St George's Walk (n.) Cassan Keeill Horys

St. John's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Eoin

St Johns Manx School (n.) Scoill Ghaelgagh Valley Keeill Eoin

St Johns School (n.) Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin

St. John's Wort (n.) lus y chiolg

St Judes Road (n.) Bayr Yude Noo

St. Luke's Church (n.) Keeill Abban

St. Mary's Church1 (n.) Keeill Voirrey

St. Mary's Church2 (n.) Keeill Woirrey

St. Matthew's Church (n.) Keeill Vian

St. Michael's Island (n.) Innys Vaayl

St. Michael's Isle (n.) Ellan Vaayl

St Ninians Lower School (n.) Scoill Sinshley Noo Ninian

St. Patrick's Close (n.) Close Noo Perick

St. Patrick's Isle (n.) Ellan Noo Perick, Ynnys Pherick, Ellan Noo Pherick, Ynnys Pherick,

St. Peter's Pence (n.) Argid Pheddyr; Jeirk Pheddyr

St Runius' Way (n.) Cassan Marooney

St. Swithin's Day (n.) Laa'l Sushin

St. Valentine's Day (n.) Laa'l Valentine

writings of St. Paul (npl.) Screeunyn Phaayl Noo

Manx Centre at St Johns School (n.) Laare Gaelgagh Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin

St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School (n.) Bunscoill Chatoleagh Voirrey

Balley Keeill Eoin See Keeill Eoin St Johns, St. John's Church Farm: Oardagh yn 'ockley magh ec Balley Keeill Eoin. DF

Heertch St. Kilda

Keeill Andreays (f.) St. Andrew's

Keeill Charmane (f.) St. German's

Keeill Hrinian (f.) St. Trinian's

Keeill Vrisht (f.) St. Trinian's

Noo Kitts St Kitts

Noo Winsen St Vincent

Argid Pheddyr St. Peter's Pence

Cassan Marooney St Runius' Way

Chibbyrt Catreeney St Cathrine's Well

Ellan Vaayl St. Michael's Isle

Innys Vaayl (f.) St. Michael's Island

Jeirk Pheddyr St. Peter's Pence

Laa'l Sushin St. Swithin's Day

Laa'l Valentine St. Valentine's Day

Mooir Vretyn (f.) St. George's Channel

Slieau Karrin St Ciaran's Mountain

Ynnys Pherick (f.) St. Patrick's Isle

Ashlish Noo Ean (f.) Revelation of St. John

Bayr Yude Noo St Judes Road

Cassan Keeill Horys St George's Walk

Close Noo Perick St. Patrick's Close

Cronk Noo Barnabas St Barnabas Hill

Ellan Helena Noo (f.) (Isle of) St. Helena; Saint Helena

Ellan Noo Perick (f.) St. Patrick's Isle

Ellan Noo Pherick St. Patrick's Isle

Imman Noo Catreeney St Catherine's Drive

Keeill Woirrey St. Mary's church; Mary's Church

lus y chiolg (f.) St. John's Wort

mess muigey bog St. John's wort

Scoill Sinshley Noo Ninian (f.) St Ninians Lower School

Screeunyn Phaayl Noo writings of St. Paul

Valentine (n.) kaart Laa'l Valentine; Valentine: St Valentine's Day - Laa'l Valentine. DF idiom

Bunscoill Chatoleagh Voirrey (f.) St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School

Laa'l Parlane St. Bartholomew's Day: Laa'l Parlane, daa honn goll sy nane BS

Laare Gaelgagh Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin (f.) Manx Centre at St Johns School

Scoill Ghaelgagh Valley Keeill Eoin (f.) St Johns Manx School

eve (n.) oie: New Year's Eve - Oie ny Bleeaney Noa. DF idiom; oie'll: St John's Eve - Oie'll Eoin. DF idiom

lifeboat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys; baatey sauaillagh: Port St Mary lifeboat was out last night - Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr. DF idiom

Paul (n.) Paal, Phaiyl; Paul; Paayl: The writings of St Paul - Screeunyn Phaayl Noo. DF idiom

Cleragh Tinvaal Clerk of Tynwald: , choard yn Kiare as Feed dy lhisagh Bing Reirey Tinvaal loayrt rish yn Olloo St John Bates reesht dy phrowal dy chleayney eshyn dy hannaghtyn myr Cleragh Tinvaal. BS

Keeill Abban (=Ir. Cill Ab) (f.) St. Luke's Church: Tra ren mee roshtyn Keeill Abban, va my chooat as my ghansee ayns my phoagey as va mee er n'ee ooilley ny 'berreenyn Jaffa'. Dhoor

Keeill Vian St. Matthew's Church: Arrymagh Illiam Wood M.A., keayrt dy row saggyrt jeh Keeill Vian, Doolish. Coraa

Ookraane (f.) (Yn) Ukraine: Yn eear-Chleragh Tinvaal, yn Olloo St John Bates, nee eh getlagh gys Kiev mairagh dy chur coyrle da'n ‚hirveishaght Cairys syn Ookraane mychione dreaghtey slattyssyn. BS

Purt Le Moirrey Port St. Mary: oh chaie, hooar Benainstyr Kodeyre baase ec e thie, "Glion Jiass," ayns Colby, ayns e kiare feedoo blein as daa yeig, son v'ee ruggit ec Glion Jiass, Purt le Moirrey, 'sy vlein 1860! Coraa

Purt le Moirrey (f.) Port St. Mary, Saint Mary's Port: Yn raad ass Balley Chashtal gys Purt le Moirrey. DF

Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin (f.) St Johns School: Ta paart dy phaarantyn er reih dy lhiggey da nyn baitchyn goll gys y vrastyl lane-Ghaelgagh ayns Scoill Valley Keeill Eoin. Dhoor

Keeill Voirrey (f.) COMPARE Keeill Woirrey St. Mary's Church: Sy wheiggoo blein jeh'n aspickys echey, ren yn Ayr Arrymagh Rigard, Aspick ny hEllanyn, casherickey keeill Voirrey ec Rushen, ayns fenish Vagnus Ree Vannin as ny hEllanyn ayns y wheiggoo blein jeh'n lhing echey Chron


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