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target1 (n.) braaid, dean, targad; target: And king Solomon made two hundred targets of beaten gold - As ren ree Solomon daa cheead target dy airh hammarit Bible

victual (v.) cur bee da, geddyn bee, stoyral bee ayn; (n.) beaghey: And those officers provided victual for king Solomon - As chiare ny fir-oik shoh beaghey cour ree Solomon Bible

pattern jesheenaght; cosoyllaghey; sambyl: The pattern stands out against the cloth - Ta'n sambyl girree neese hood ass yn eaddagh. DF idiom; sampleyr: after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof - cordail rish sampleyr y chabbane-agglish, as sampleyr ooilley ny jeshaghtyn echey Bible; soylley; pattern: Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof - Eisht hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible

stall bwaane: and the calves out of the midst of the stall - as ny lheiyee ass ny bwaneyn Bible; manjoor: And Solomon had four thousand stalls for horses - As va ec Solomon kiare thousane manjoor son cabbil Bible; coayl bieauid, cur 'sy stholl, scuirr; stholl; sthollal

benrein (f.) queen: as ad shoh hug benrein Sheba da ree Solomon. Bible

cleunys (f.) affinity: As ren Solomon cleunys rish Pharaoh ree Egypt Bible

flod pl. floddyn fleet: As hooar Solomon aarloo flod lhuingys ayns Ezion-geber Bible

offishearyn officers: Ad shoh va ny ard offishearyn va harrish obbyr Solomon Bible

pulpit pulpit: Son va Solomon er n'yannoo pulpit prashey Bible

ard-oaseiryn chief officers: Cheu-mooie jeh ard-oaseiryn Solomon va harrish yn obbyr, three thousaneyn as three cheead, va reill harrish yn pobble va laboraghsyn obbyr Bible

baill (f.) luck, prosperity; tone; wish, desire, like: As hug ree Solomon da ben-reïn Sheba ooilleyn yeearree eck, cre-erbee baill ee shirrey Bible

biljyn-juys fir trees: Myr shen hug Hiram da Solomon biljyn-cedar as biljyn-juys, cordail rish ooilley e yeearree. Bible

erraghyn burdens: As va ec Solomon three-feed as jeih thousaneyn va gymmyrkey erraghyn, as kiare-feed thousane ry-hoi giarey fuygh ayns ny sleityn Bible

giootal2 (da) bestow, gift: cur-jee my-ner, yn ree Solomon, ceau yn chrown ren e voir giootal da er laa e phoosey, eer laa gennallys e chree. Bible

goaill lane yindys wondering: roie ooilley yn pobble dy cheilley gys y phorch ta enmyssit porch Solomon, goaill lane yindys. Bible

gyn towse out of measure, unfathomed, unmeasured, unplumbed: daag Solomon ooilley ny siyn gyn towse Bible

jalloo dwoaiagh abomination: Eisht hrog Solomon ynnyd ard son Chemosh, jalloo dwoaiagh Voab, ayns y chronk ta kiongoyrt rish Jerusalem; as son Molech, jalloo dwoaiagh cloan Ammon. Bible

lesh niau heavenwards: As hass Solomon kiongoyrt rish altar y Chiarn, ayns fenish ooilley chaglym Israel, as skeayl eh magh e laueyn lesh niau Bible

lhing (f.) pl. lhingaghyn age, generation, lifetime, period, reign, time: v'eh ny noid da Israel rish ooilley lhing Solomon Bible; river-pool; ling

pattern pattern: hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible

scape cruinn buckler, target, shield: ren ree Solomon daa cheead target dy airh hammarit Bible

snaie lieen linen thread, linen yarn: As va ec Solomon cabbil veih Egypt as snaie lieen Bible

target target: As ren ree Solomon daa cheead target dy airh hammarit: hie shey cheead shekel dy airh dy yannoo un target. Bible

toig (=Ir. tuig) know, understand: As uss Solomon, my vac, toig aigney Yee dty ayrey Bible

wondering fo yindys; goaill yindys: wondering in himself at that which was come to pass - goaill yindys ec ny va er daghyrt Bible; jannoo yindys; goaill lane yindys: all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's, greatly wondering - roie ooilley yn pobble dy cheilley gys y phorch ta enmyssit porch Solomon, goaill lane yindys Bible

jiooldey deny, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, exclude, negate, negative, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, traverse; loathe: Ta'n annym lane jiooldey rish yn eer kere-volley Bible; thrust out: Myr shoh ren Solomon jiooldey rish Abiathar nagh beagh eh saggyrt y Chiarn Bible; cast off: Neems Judah myrgeddin y scughey ass my hilley myr ta mee er scughey Israel, as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem Bible; abhor: Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; dismissal, negation, renouncement, rejection, repudiation


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