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soilshit enlightened, manifested, published, shown: quoi gys ta roih yn Chiarn er ve soilshit? Bible

Inexact matches:

fogrey soilshit illuminated sign

soilshit magh (as knowledge) aired: Nane jeh ny cooishyn scammyltagh va soilshit magh ec Wallace, ta shen y chooish jeh thie ny guillyn (Kincora) ayns Beeal Feirshtey. Carn

aired2 (v.) (as knowledge) soilshit magh

enlightened soilshit; toiggalagh

illuminated sign (n.) fogrey soilshit

manifested soilshit

shown jeeaghit; soilshit

published currit magh: This book ought never to have been published - Cha lhisagh yn lioar shoh rieau er ve currit magh. JJK idiom; er ny chur magh; soilshit

cronnalys distinctness, notability, obviousness, publicity: Ta'n rollagyn trooid yn aer lunjean, Fee'n eggey lhean, neuyerrinagh, jeh'n oie, As cronnalys ny Aalid ayns nyn vean Soilshit tra madran cur da'n sollys bree. Coraa

drogh aghtalys (f.) misbehaviour, misconduct: Lurg bunnys queig laa dy eanish, hoshiaght, jir y ving ny ta soilshit dy ve firrinagh sy chooish as nee drogh aghtalys va jeant. BS

drogh-yantagh bad lot, wrongdoer: Lhig da foayr ve soilshit da'n drogh-yantagh Bible; culprit; offender; sinner

irree reesht re-ascend, reascend: V'eh myr shoh, ta shen, liorish irree reesht veih ny merriu, soilshit dy ve Mac Yee, ta'n Noo Paul gra. CS; Resurrection

jannooyn activities: Ta shoh soilshit dy ve breag vooar tra ta shin aayeeaghyn ec ny jannooyn bunneydagh va ry-gheddyn dy aashagh ec yn chenn agglish veih traa Augustine. Dhoor

obbyr ghiastyllagh (f.) charitable work: soilshit liorish e Vac Yeesey Creest; as gyn dooyteil agh dy vel eh dy foayroil lowal jeh shoh nyn obbyr ghiastyllagh, ayns coyrt lhien yn Oikan shoh gys e Vashtey casherick PB1765


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