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so cha: How can he be so cruel? - Kys oddys eh ve cha dewil? JJK idiom; cho; myr shen

so soh

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even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

so ever erbee

so far (adv.) choud cheddin; hug shoh

so furiously cha eulyssagh

so great cha earrooagh

so irascible cha elgyssagh

so light cha eddrym

so many whilleen

so much (n.) wheesh; wheesh cheddin

so quickly cha leah

clagh so-yiarrey (f.) freestone

feailley so-ghleashagh movable feast

so-chionnaghey stiagh importable

and so on (adv.) as myr shen

in any way so ever er chor erbee

it is so shen myr t'eh: I know it is so of a truth - Ta fys aym son firrinys dy nee shen myr te Bible

it was so myr shen ve: I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so - ta mee er choyrt dy-chooilley losserey glass son beaghey: as myr shen ve Bible; shen myr ve: let the dry land appear: and it was so - lhig dan thalloo chirrym cheet rish; as shen myr ve. Bible

made so much (v.) jeant wheesh

so be it myr shen dy row eh

So it is (intj) Solley ta

So it was (intj) Holley va; Solley va

so may it be myr shen dy row eh

so much more wheesh smoo

so would we have it Baillin: There, there, so would we have it - Shen, shen, shoh myr baïllin eh: Bible

You don't say so (intj) Dy ghra

so-chur ass lieh attributable

so-chur gys leih attributable

so-chur sheese da attributable

attributable (adj.) so-chur ass lieh; so-chur gys leih; so-chur sheese da

banks (npl.) brooinyn: What a fine river ! Its banks are so charming, its waters so limpid - Cre'n awin stoamey! Ta e brooinyn cha pishagagh, e hushtaghyn cha sullyr. JJK idiom

elastic (adj.) so-chaghlaa: I am very elastic - Ta mee so-chaghlaa. DF idiom; so-lhoobey; so-sheeyney

soh (n.) so

myr shen dy row eh amen, so be it, so may it be: Cordail rish ny goan eu hene myr shen dy row eh. Bible

-able (suf.) (pref.) so-, yn-

absorbable so-hoo; yn-sooit

accommodating2 (of morals) so-ghleashagh

achievable (adj.) cooilleenagh; so-chooilley

adaptability (n.) so-lhoobaght

adaptable (adj.) so-lhoobagh

adjustable (adj.) so-chiartaghey

also (adv.) myrchaagh; myrgeddin: I'm very fond of our orchard, its verdure is so beautiful, its shade so pleasant, its fruit is also excellent - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh, ta e eayney cha aalin, e scaa cha taitnyssagh, ta e vess myrgeddin feer vie. JJK idiom; neesht: Please send some also to my brother, who lives at the Union Mills - Cur paart gys my vraar neesht my sailt, t'eh baghey ec Mwyllin Doo-aah. JJK idiom; (emph.) neeshtagh; myr-chaagh

alterable (adj.) so-cheaghley

amendable (adj.) kiartoil, so-lhiasaghey

anfractuosity (n.) so-lhoobagh

anfractuous (adj.) so-lhoobagh

approachable2 (adj.) (place) so-roshtyn

arguable (adj.) so-arganeagh

assurable (adj.) raaneagh, so-urryssagh

attachable (adj.) so-lhiantyn

audibility (n.) clashtynaght; so-chlashtynys

audible clashtynagh; cluinagh; (adj.) so-chlashtyn

barterable so-choonrey

bendable (adj.) so-chammey; so-lhoobey

biddable (adj.) chebballagh, so-choyrlaghey, so-ghleayshagh

breakable (adj.) brishlagh; so-vrishey

brittle (adj.) brishlagh, brishtagh, so-vrishey

calculable (adj.) so-choontey; so-earrooagh

charming (adj.) druaightagh, obbee; pishagagh: It's a charming evening - She fastyr pishagagh t'ayn. JJK idiom; stoamey: What a fine river ! Its banks are so charming, its waters so limpid - Cre'n awin stoamey! Ta e brooinyn cha pishagagh, e hushtaghyn cha sullyr. JJK idiom; (n.) buitcheraght, druaightys, obbeeys

combustibility (n.) so-ghreeshaght, so-lostagh, yn-lostagh

complaisance (n.) so-veaysaght

complaisant (adj.) so-veashagh

comprehensible (adj.) so-hoiggal; toiggallagh; tushtagh

computable (adj.) so-choearroo, so-choontey

concealable (adj.) so-cheiltyn, so-follaghey

conceive (v.) gientyn; gennaghtyn; sheiltyn: I cannot conceive how he can choose so ugly a colour - Cha noddym sheiltyn kys vod eh reih cullyr cha graney. JJK idiom; toiggal: I can't conceive how you can sleep so long - Cha nod mee toiggal kys oddys shiu cadley choud. JJK idiom

condemnable (adj.) so-gheyrey; yn-gheyrey

condensable (adj.) so-choghlooghey, so-yiarrey

contaminable (adj.) so-hollaghey

contractibility (n.) so-chraplaght

contractible (adj.) gowaltagh, so-chraplagh, troggalagh

convertible (adj.) so-cheaghley; so-chyndaa

convincing (adj.) so-chredjal

correctable (adj.) so-chiartaghey; so-lhiasaghey; so-smaghtey

creasable so-chraplaghey

credible (adj.) so-chredjal

decipherable (adj.) so-lhaih, yn-lhaih

defendable (adj.) so-choadey

deniable (adj.) so-obbal

destructible (adj.) so-stroie

detachable (adj.) so-scarrey, yn-scarrey

ductile (adj.) so-ghleashagh, yn-sheeyney

ductility (n.) so-ghleashaght, yn-sheeyney

easily led so-choyrlaghey

easily settled so-reaghit

easy done so-yannoo

endurable (adj.) fuillaghtagh; so-ymmyrkey

evadable so-shaghney; yn-shaghney

excitable (adj.) greesaghtagh; so-ghreesaghey

excusable (adj.) so-leih; so-vaih

facility (n.) seyraad; so-lhoobaght

fathomable (adj.) so-feaysley; so-hoiggal; so-huntal

flexibility (n.) so-lhoobaght, so-vioraght

flexible (adj.) so-lhoobey

frangible (adj.) brishlagh, so-vrishey

freestone (n.) clagh so-yiarrey

fusibility (n.) so-lheiaght

governable (adj.) so-ghurneil, so-smaghtaghey

habit-forming so-chliaghtey

ignitable (adj.) so-lostey

importable (adj.) so-chionnaghey stiagh

impressionable (adj.) so-chleayney

intelligibility (n.) so-hoiggalys

intelligible (adj.) so-hoiggal

maintainable (adj.) so-hassoo; so-pholldey; so-veaghee

malleability (n.) keirdoilid, so-ghleashaght, so-lhoobaght

manageable (adj.) reiragh, so-stiurey

merchantable (adj.) so-chreck; so-hraghtal

miscibility (n.) so-vestaght

miscible (adj.) so-vestey

mixable (adj.) so-vestey

mobility (n.) raghidys, so-ghleashaght

negotiable (adj.) so-hroailt; yn-dellagh

plasticity (n.) plastaght, so-lhoobaght, soyallooaght

plausibility (n.) so-chredjallaght

plausible (adj.) so-chredjallagh

pliability (n.) lhoobaght, so-lhoobaght

practicable (adj.) cooilleeintagh, jannooagh, so-yannoo

quenchable (adj.) so-vooghey

readable (adj.) lhaihoil, so-lhaih

reckonable (adj.) coontoil, so-choontey

rhetoric (n.) retrick, so-loayrtaght

shade (v.) cur scaa da, cur scaa er, scaaghey; (n.) doorey; scaa: I'm very fond of our orchard; its verdure is so beautiful; its shade so pleasant - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh; ta e eayney cha aalin; e scaa cha taitnyssagh JJK idiom; scaalinney

smooth-running (adj.) so-ghleayshagh

smooth-spoken (adj.) so-loayrtagh

so-called (adj.) myr t'ad gra rish; myr t'eh enmyssit

so-so (adj., adv.) cossalagh; cossyllagh

temperamental (adj.) so-ghleashagh

tenderhearted (adj.) so-chreeagh

tractability (n.) so-hayrnaght, so-ghleashaght, so-obbraght

tractable (adj.) so-ghleashit, so-choyrlit, so-obbraghys

tractile (adj.) so-choyrlit, so-ghleashit, so-obbraghys

transmissible (adj.) so-chur

understandable (adj.) ry hoiggal, so-hoiggal

venality (n.) so-chionnaght, so-chreckys

venial (adj.) so-phardooney

veniality (n.) so-phardoonys

verdure (n.) eayney: I'm very fond of our orchard, its verdure is so beautiful, its shade so pleasant, its fruit is also excellent - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh, ta e eayney cha aalin, e scaa cha taitnyssagh, JJK idiom; geaynaght, geaynid, glasseraght, oorid

versatile1 (adj.) caghlee, lauee, so-hyndaa

vulnerability (n.) guinteeys, so-lhottaght

vulnerable (adj.) guintee, so-lhottey

washable (adj.) so-nieet; yn-nieet; yn-oonlit

weak morally (adj.) so-choyrlit

winnable (adj.) so-chosney

yielding meeley; so-lhoobey

Holley va (intj) So it was

so- (pref.) easy: Ta shen so-hoiggal DF; (suf.) -able

so-akin visible

so-arganeagh arguable

so-caghlaa exchangeable

so-chaghlaa elastic

so-chaghlaays elasticity

so-chammey bendable

so-cheaghley alterable, convertible

so-cheiltyn concealable

so-chiartaghey adjustable, correctable

so-chionnaght (f.) venality

so-chlashtyn audible

so-chlashtynys audibility

so-chleayney impressionable

so-chliaghtey habit-forming

so-choadey defendable

so-choearroo computable

so-choghlooghey condensable

so-chooilley achievable

so-choonrey barterable, exchangeable

so-choontey calculable, computable, reckonable

so-chosney winnable

so-choyrlaghey biddable, easily led

so-choyrlit tractable, tractile, weak morally

so-chraplagh contractible

so-chraplaghey creasable

so-chraplaght (f.) contractibility

so-chreck merchantable

so-chreckys venality

so-chredjal believable, convincing, credible

so-chredjallagh plausible

so-chredjallaght (f.) plausibility

so-chreeagh (=Ir. socair) tenderhearted

so-chummeydagh malleable

so-chur transmissible

so-chyndaa convertible

so-creck vendible

so-earrooagh calculable

so-eaysley liquid

so-feaysley fathomable

so-follaghey concealable

so-ghaalagh volatile

so-ghaalaght (f.) volatility

so-gheyrey condemnable

so-ghleashagh ductile, floating, temperamental; accommodating

so-ghleashaght (f.) ductility, malleability, mobility, tractability

so-ghleashit tractile, tractable

so-ghleayshagh biddable, malleable, smooth-running

so-ghreesaghey combustible, excitable, inflammable

so-ghreeshaght (f.) combustibility

so-ghurneil governable

so-hassoo maintainable

so-hayrnaght (f.) tractability


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