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shen (=Ir. sin) that: Maghey shen, cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght Bible [O.Ir. in ... sin, in ... tall]

Inexact matches:

ad shen those: Quoi ad shen mayrt? Bible

ass shen thereout; out of it: son ass shen vou er dty ghoaill; out thence

ayns shen there, therein, whereinto: Ayns shen doanluck ad Abraham, as Sarah e ven

choud's shen till then, whereunto

cour shen to that intent: T'eh er screeu gys y Rheynn Arraghey shirrey er studeyrys cour shen. BS

da shen thereunto: jeeagh uss da shen. Bible

derrey shen meantime, thither: As hug eh lesh mee derrey shen Bible

dooinney shen-ennee very man

dys shen thither: Cre'n aght hem dys shen? DF

er-dyn shen from that time

er shen thereon, thereupon: Er shen ghooisht mee. Bible

erskyn shen additionally: Shegin dou cur my wooise da'n ving son ooilley yn obbyr vie jeant oc, agh erskyn shen as ooilley lhig dooin cur nyn mwooise da Audrey ta cur seose obbyr y Scrudeyr lurg mysh queig bleeaney as feed. Dhoor

Gial shen (impv) Promise that

gliggey shen (y); (the) thingummy

gour shen thither

gow shen (impv) take that

gys shen thereto, thither: haink ad gys shen, as hie nyn dappey voue. Bible

harrish shen furthermore, moreover; over that: cur harrish shen coodagh dy chraitnyn broc Bible; beyond that: Harrish shen ny va lowal da DF

huggey shen thither

jeh shen thereof: As jeh shen nee eh chebbal yn oural echey Bible

lesh shen 1 thereat, thereto, thereupon, therewith, therewithal, whereupon; 2 wherein a: lesh shen tan Chiarn dty Yee er dty vannaghey Bible

lheid shen (y) suchlike: son cre-erbee ta dooinney dy chuirr, lheid shen nee eh 'vuinn. Bible

liorish shen thereby: lhig ish ve yn ven, t'ou er phointeil da dty harvaant Isaac; as liorish shen bee fys aym, dy vel oo er hoilshaghey kenjallys da my vainshtyr. Bible

lurg shen (ny) thereafter: Ayns ny shiaghteeyn lurg shen, va tooilley aileyn ayn Carn

maghey shen besides; from that time; thenceforth: Maghey shen, cha daink ad arragh er y doonaght. Bible

marish shen moreover, therewith: Marish shen, doardee eh genney er y cheer Bible; apart from that, besides

myr shen in that manner, so, therefore, thus: Myr shen hooar eh baase Bible; accordingly

noi shen contrariwise, conversely; against that: Va kuse dy Vritaanee ayns foayr jeh co-obbragh marish ny Germaanee, va kuse elley slane noi shen as va kuse elley foast eddyr oc. Bible

Reajagh shen (intj) Tis too much

reer shen at that rate

reir shen accordingly

rere shen accordingly, consequently, judging by that

roish shen before then, prior to that: bee ny laghyn roish shen dy choayl da Bible

S'bastagh shen (intj) That's a pity: S'bastagh shen-ta shen ram Baarle! Dhoor

Sbastagh shen Thats a pity

S'braew shen (intj) That's famous

Scam shen Thats crooked

S'creoi shen (intj) That's tough

Scummey shen That doesnt matter

S'doogh shen (intj) What a pity

S'feer shen (intj) True: Dansoor ad, as dooyrt ad rish y ree, Sfeer shen, O ree. Bible

s'feer shen that's true, true, it's true

Sgoan shen Thats scarce

shen ayds well now

Shen eh (intj) Quite, That's right, That's it: Shimmey fer va ruggit ayns Mannin, as shen eh - cha nel ee goaill tastey jeh currym elley, ga dy vel ee gra dy vel ee moyrnagh. Carn

Shen nish (intj) Now then, There now

she shen 1 namely, viz; 2 that is a: As dooyrt Yeesey, She shen mee Bible

Sliooar shen Thats enough

S'mie shen (intj) Smashing; Well: Smie shen Vainshter, tou er loayrt yn irriney Bible; That's good

Smie shen Thats good

Stiark shen That's rare

Streih shen Thats miserable

trooid shen owing to that

veih shen from there, lo, thence, therefrom: Veih shen scugh ad Bible

voish shen 1 consequently; 2 whence a: voish shen myrgeddin hooar eh eh ayns caslys. Bible

wheesh shen as large as that, as much as that: Cre raad yiow mayd wheesh shen dy arran 'syn aasagh Bible

yei shen 1 (ny) consequently, subsequently, thereafter a: Cha vaik mee eh rieau ny yei shen. DF; 2 nevertheless, notwithstanding: Cha nel ee ny drogh ven ny yei shen. DF

Abbyr shen reesht (impv) Say again

as ayns shen and there: As ayns shen hrog eh e hiamble dy ard: as hoie eh yn undin echey, myr y thalloo t'eh er n'yannoo son eashyn. Bible; whereafter

as myr shen and so on, well then

as myr shen magh et cetera

as ny yei shen1 whereafter: As ny yei shen, erreish da v'er n'ghoaill e phadjeryn, hie Ninian as ny caarjyn echey dy chadley. Dhoor

as ny yei shen2 (interrog.) what then

cha nee shen myr t'eh that's not how it is

Cre ta shen (interrog.) What's that: As dooyrt adsyn, Cre ta shen dooinyn? Bible

er coontey shen on that score: Ec y traa va mee cloie bluggan cass rish sheshaght 'Ny shen ghuillyn' ec keayrtyn er fastyr Jerdein (va shen y lieh laa feailley 'sy chiaghtyn) as er coontey shen cha row mish seyr dy hroailt dys Cregneash dy chooilley fastyr Jerdein. MB

er e hon shen on that score: Er e hon shen t'eh shirrey er y Turneyr Theayagh y chooish shoh y hoilshaghey, as feddyn magh beagh jeeyl jeant da coarys ny kiedyn-obbyr. BS

er son shen notwithstanding: Cha row mee rieau er my vaihaghey er son shen. DF

er y cheu shen in respect of that; on that side: As haink gloyr y Chiarn stiagh 'sy thie, er y cheu shen ta jeeaghyn lesh y niar. Bible

er y chor shen in that event

er y fa shen COMPARE shen y fa consequently, therefore: Ny gow-jee aggle er-y-fa shen Bible

er y hon shen hene for this very reason: Er y hon shen hene shegin daue cosney argid. Dhoor

er y laa shen on that day: Er y laa shen lhaih ad ayns lioar Voses, ayns clashtyn y pobble Bible

faggys da shen thereabouts: Miranda Fozard, ta cummal faggys da shen ayns Thie Steoin, t'ee gra dy vel ee cho boirit as dy reagh ee yn aghin. BS

harrish as erskyn shen over and above that, therewithal

kione harrish shen notwithstanding

kyndagh rish shen owing to that: Kyndagh rish shen, ta thousaneyn dy Yernee aegey er naagail Nerin dy hirrey obbyr ayns America as ayns Sostyn. Carn

laghyn ny yei shen after-days: Ny tree laghyn ny yei shen. DF

magh ass shen out of it: Nagh jig oo magh ass shen, derrey tou er neeck yn farling sjerree Bible

marish shen as ooilley moreover, therewithal

moghrey roish shen morning before

mychione y chooish shen concerning that matter: As hug y stiurt e laue fo slheeayst Abraham e vainshtyr, as ren eh breearrey da, mychione y chooish shen. Bible

myr shen dy row eh amen, so be it, so may it be: Cordail rish ny goan eu hene myr shen dy row eh. Bible

myr shen hene all the same, even so: as ny-yeih myr shen hene huitt ad giare. Bible

myr shen ve it was so: ta mee er choyrt dy-chooilley losserey glass son beaghey: as myr shen ve Bible

My she shen if it be, if that should: Eisht my she shen, dy vel nhee erbee er ve jeant trooid mee-hushtey, as eh gyn yss dan pobble ec y traa Bible

raad noi shen in the opposite direction

red dy slane noi shen vice versa

red shen elley thingummy

rieau neayr's shen ever since then

shen myr t'eh it is so, that's how it is: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea, as gee yn arran dy imnea: son shen myr t'eh coyrt cadley dauesyn shinney lesh. Bible

shen myr ve it was so: As shen myr ve: son dirree eh dy moghey laa-ny-vairagh Bible

shen y fa hence; therefore: Shen y fa ta mish gra riuish Bible; that is why; wherefore

shoh ny shen this or that: 'Sy voghrey cuirr dty rass, as ec yn astyr ny lhaggee dty laue: son cha vel fys ayd quoi jeu nee bishaghey, edyr shoh ny shen ; er-nonney bee ad ny-neesht co-laik mie. Bible

sodjey na shen (ny) further, moreover: as ny sodjey na shen, t'eh er chur lesh Ashoonee stiagh ayns y chiamble, as er vee-ooashlaghey yn ynnyd casherick shoh. Bible

son shen as ooilley all the same: Son shen as ooilley va shin imneagh dy roshtyn dy valley Myr shen va'n skimmee gaase red beg neufeagh. GK

'sy chooish shen in that respect: As hug y stiurt e laue fo slheeayst Abraham e vainshtyr, as ren eh breearrey da, mychione y chooish shen. Bible

ta shen dy ghra namely, videlicet, viz, wit: lhiennoo eh adsyn Boanerges, ta shen dy ghra, Cloan ny taarnee Bible

veih'n laa shen magh from that day forward: As va drogh hooill ec Saul er David veih'n laa shen magh. Bible

veih'n traa shen thence: cha ren oo clashtyn, chamoo ren oo toiggal; er veihn traa shen cha row dty chleaysh foshlit Bible; from that time; from thenceforth

veih'n traa shen magh from that day forward, thenceforth: As veihn traa shen magh, ren eh shoh son slattys as oardagh ayns Israel, gys y laa tayn jiu. Bible

veih shen magh 1 thenceforth a: As veih shen magh va Pilate shirrey dy eaysley eh Bible; 2 thereafter

wheesh shen smoo all the more: shen-y-fa wheesh shen smoo ta yn ghraih eck Bible

yei shen as ooilley (ny) nevertheless, still: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

eddyr nish as y traa shen between now and then

thither1 (adv.) derrey shen, dys shen, dys shid, gour shen, gour shid, gys shen, gys shid, huggey shen, huggey shid

moreover (adv.) agh foast, as red elley, erskyn ooilley, foast, foastagh, harrish shen, lurg ooilley, marish shen as ooilley, myrchaagh, red elley jeh, tooilley elley, tooilley foast; ny-sodjey; sodjey; sodjey na shen; (ny) sodjey; (ny) sodjey na shen; marish shen

consequently (adv.) er y fa shen, rere shen, voish shen; (ny) yei shen

from that time veih'n traa shen; maghey shen: And it came to pass from that time forth - As haink eh gy-kione, maghey shen Bible; er-dyn shen: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? - nagh vel mee er n'insh dhyt er -dyn traa shen, as er n'ockley magh eh? Bible

accordingly (adv.) 'naght, reir shen, rere shen; myrgeddin; myr shen: Accordingly I wrote to him - Myr shen screeu mee rish. DF idiom

notwithstanding (adv., prep.) agh son shen as ooilley, agh son shoh as ooilley, er son shen, foast, kione harrish shen, lurg ooilley, ny-yeih; (ny) yei shen; ga ta

it was so myr shen ve: I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so - ta mee er choyrt dy-chooilley losserey glass son beaghey: as myr shen ve Bible; shen myr ve: let the dry land appear: and it was so - lhig dan thalloo chirrym cheet rish; as shen myr ve. Bible

thenceforth (adv.) maghey shen, veih shen magh, veih'n traa shen magh

thereafter (adv.) (ny) lurg shen; (ny) yei shen; veih shen magh

therefore (adv., conj.) er y fa shen; myr shen; shen y fa: I don't like that child, therefore I shall not allow him to play with my son - Cha laik lhiam y lhiannoo shid, shen y fa cha lhigym da cloie rish my vac. JJK idiom

therewithal (adv.) chelleeragh ny yei, harrish as erskyn shen, lesh shen, marish shen as ooilley

that is she shen; ta shen: That is where you are mistaken - Ta shen raad t'ou jannoo marran. JJK idiom

thence (adv.) veih shid, veih'n traa shen; veih shen: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible

from thenceforth veih'n traa shen; veih shen magh: And from thenceforth Pilate sought to release him - As veih shen magh va Pilate shirrey dy eaysley eh Bible

out of it ass shen, magh ass shen

owing to that kyndagh rish shen; trooid shen

thereto (adv.) gys shen; lesh shen

thereupon (adv.) er shen; lesh shen

therewith (adv.) lesh shen; marish shen

thingummy (n.) (the); (y) gliggey shen; red shen elley

whereafter (conj.) as ayns shen; as ny yei shen

all the same myr shen hene; son shen as ooilley

even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

namely (adv.) er ennym, she shen, ta shen dy ghra

on that score er coontey shen; er e hon shen

smallest (adj.) by loo: That was the smallest nation - Va shen yn ashoon by loo. DF idiom; sloo: This book is small, that is smaller, and that is the smallest of all - Ta'n lioar shoh beg, t'ee shen ny sloo, as t'ee shen y nane sloo jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

that (pron) shen: That's a good one - Ta shen fer mie. JJK idiom; shid: I don't like that child; therefore I shall not allow him to play with my son - Cha laik lhiam y lhiannoo shid; shen y fa cha lhigym da cloie rish my vac. JJK idiom; dy: I quite admit that he is cleverer than I am - Ta mee dy-slane goaill-rish dy vel eh ny s'aghtaley na mish. JJK idiom

viz (adv.) er ennym, she shen, ta shen dy ghra

from that day forward veih'n laa shen magh, veih'n traa shen magh

ayndooin in us: Agh cha jinnagh shen marroo y jouyl shen t'ayndooin. Carn

before then roish shen: The day before then - Yn laa roish shen. DF idiom

therein (adv.) ayns shen: Therein lies the anger - Ayns shen ta'n contoyrt. DF idiom

assaig ferry: Cha row baatey ny assaig ry-gheddyn yn moghrey shen, myr shen hooar Richard Young etlan cassee. GK

coardailyn agreements: my symmyrçhagh shen, dy hirrey dy bee lheid ny coardailyn shen jeant dy bollagh Charter

cur y vreag er belie, confute, contradict: Ta shen cur y vreag er shen ny dooyrt mee. DF

kuse vooar (f.) much: As ren kuse vooar jeh ny milliunyn shen votal son ny polaseeyn shen! Carn

roshys arrive, reach: tra roshys oo gys shen, fow magh ayns shen Jehu Bible

smooinagh think: Cha nel mish hene smooinagh dy jean shen taghyn er aght cho glen as shen. Carn [O.Ir. smúainid]

additionally (adv.) erskyn shen

against that noi shen

at that time eisht; ec y traa shen: Money was tight at that time - By jiark yn argid ec y traa shen. DF idiom

besides cheumooie jeh; erskyn ooilley; foast; fy-yeih; gyn eie, gyn eie er; gyn oai; maghey shen; marish shen; neesht: Besides, it is my fault for being so late - Ta mee guee erriu ny imraa eh. JJK idiom

beyond that harrish shen

from there veih shen

goodly mountain (n.) Slieau Aalin: and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain - as shilleygheddyn jehn cheer mie shen ta cheu elley dy Yordan, yn slieau aalin shen Bible

hence (adv.) hoal, noal, noon, veih shoh, veih shoh magh, veih'n traa shoh; shen y fa: Hence his anger - Shen y fa e chorree. DF idiom

ilk (n.) clein: Of that ilk - Jeh'n chlein shen. DF idiom; keint: Others of that ilk - Sleih elley jeh'n cheint shen. DF idiom

it is so shen myr t'eh: I know it is so of a truth - Ta fys aym son firrinys dy nee shen myr te Bible

it's true s'feer shen

nevertheless (adv., conj.) son ooilley; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; (ny) yei shen; agh son shoh as ooilley; ny-yeih; er e hon shoh ooilley; son shoh as ooilley; ga ta

of a field (gen.) magheragh: As keepers of a field, are they against her round about - Myr arreyderyn magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck magheragh, shen myr tadsyn noi eck Bible

on that day er y laa shid; er y laa shen: For on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you - Son er y laa shen, bee lhiasaghey jeant er nyn son Bible

out thence ass shen

over that harrish shen

Promise that (impv) Gial shen

proved fidrit; fondit; prowit; phrow: there he made for them a statute and an ordinance, and there he proved them - shen y raad ren eh daue slattys as oardagh, as ayns shen phrow eh ad Bible

smaller (adj.) (ny) sloo: This book is small, that is smaller, and that is the smallest of all - Ta'n lioar shoh beg, t'ee shen ny sloo, as t'ee shen y nane sloo jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

Smashing (intj) S'mie shen

so would we have it Baillin: There, there, so would we have it - Shen, shen, shoh myr baïllin eh: Bible

subdued currit fo chosh: So Moab was subdued that day - Myr shen va Moab er ny choyrt fo chosh er y laa shen Bible; injil; jargit er; smaghtit

subsequently (adv.) (ny) yei shen

take that (v.) gow shen

Thats crooked (intj) Scam shen

Thats enough (intj) Sliooar shen

That's famous (intj) S'braew shen

That's good (intj) S'mie shen

That's it (intj) Shen eh

Thats miserable (intj) Streih shen

That's rare (conj.) Stiark shen

That's right (intj) Shen eh

Thats scarce (intj) Sgoan shen

That's tough (intj) S'creoi shen

that's true s'feer shen

thereabouts (adv.) faggys da shen

thereat (adv.) lesh shen

thereby (adv.) liorish shen

therefrom (adv.) veih shen

There now (intj) Shen nish

thereof (adj.) jeh shen

thereout (adv.) ass shen

thereunto (adv.) da shen

those (pron) ad shen: Those are the errors to which men are most prone - Ad shen ny marranyn hug ta deiney smoo croymmey. JJK idiom; ad shid

till then choud's shen

True (intj) S'feer shen

very man1 (n.) dooinney shen-ennee: That is the very man! - Ta shen yn dooinney shen-ennee! DF idiom

we (pron) shin: We were not there - Cha row shin ayns shen. JJK idiom We'll carry that ourselves - Ymmyrkmayd shen shin-hene. JJK idiom; (emph.) shinyn; mainyn; mayd, mayds; (emph.) maydjyn

Well S'mie shen

well now shen ayds

whereunto (adv.) choud's shen

ard-ooasle majestic, excellent: Dooyrt yn Ree, "Va shen jeant dy ard-ooasle, as shen cha beign's er chur dhyt; veign's er smooinaghtyn dy row mee seyr dy feeaghyn dy derrin lhong dhyt. Coraa

ard-ree emperor, monarch, sovereign: Ny liorish y thalloo, son shen stoyl e choshey: ny liorish Jerusalem, son shen ard-valley yn Ard-ree.

arjid highness: As yn oie shen ren ad towse arjid boalley yn ardvalley as lurg shen jannoo ymmodee aaraghyn cooie cour goll seose y voalley ass feygh ass y cheyll v'er gerrey da. GB

b'ione mie dooys I knew well: Va mish 'sy chamyr shen bleeantyn er dy henney as hooar mee ayns shen ayns culleig 'sy corneil greeishyn follit! JG

bleïn year: dy bragh lesh ny ourallyn shen ren ad chebbal kinjagh bleïn lurg bleïn, adsyn ta cheet huc y chasherickey Son eisht veagh jerrey er chebbal ny ourallyn shen PB1765


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