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Saul (n.) Saayl

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messenger (n.) chaghter: But there came a messenger unto Saul - Agh haink chaghter gys Saul Bible; chyrrysagh; eilkinagh

as for er son: as for the wickedness of the wicked - er son mee-chraueeaght y vee-chrauee Bible; agh son: As for Saul, he was yet in Gilgal - Agh son Saul veh foast ayns Gilgal Bible

bloody (adj.) fuilltagh; folley: It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites - Te kyndagh rish Saul, as kyndagh rish e hie folley, er-yn-oyr dy dug eh gy-baase ny Gibeoniteyn. Bible

Well said (intj) Abbyr eh; Feer vie: Then said Saul to his servant, Well said; come, let us go - Eisht dooyrt Saul rish e harvaant, Feer vie; tar, lhig dooin goll Bible

will fall tuittee: He will fall to his master Saul to the jeopardy of our heads - Tuittee eh gys e vainshtyr Saul, gys gaue y vioys ainyn Bible

lane taitnys charmed, enchanted: Agh v'ec Jonathan mac Saul lane taitnys ayns David: as dinsh Jonathan da David gra, Ta Saul m'ayr shirrey dy dty varroo. Bible

Saayl Saul

pleased booiagh: We shall be pleased - Beemayd booiagh. JJK idiom; my-haittin, my-haittyn: they told Saul, and the thing pleased him. - dinsh ad shoh da Saul, as byhaittin Bible And the thing pleased the king - As myhaittin lesh y ree, Bible; by-haittin: His advice pleased the king, the ministers, and parliament - By haittin lesh yn ree, ny hirveishee as yn ardwhaiyl, yn choyrle echey. JJK idiom

armyder (pl -yn) armour-bearer: Eisht dooyrt Saul rish e armyder, Tayrn dty chliwe Bible

beealloo before: hug ee eh er beealloo Saul as e harvaantyn Bible

helg1 sought: as helg Saul eh dy chooilley laa Bible

keayrt ennagh sometime: Neems foast keayrt ny keayrt ennagh tuittym liorish laue Saul

oanlucky buried: Dy nee deiney Yabesh-gilead ren Saul y oanlucky Bible

rumbyl pl. rumbyllyn skirt: ghow Saul greme er rumbyl e chloagey Bible

sheshaghtyn-caggee armies: As v'ec mac Saul daa ghooinney va captanyn er sheshaghtyn-caggee Bible

skyrt (pl -yn) skirt: yiare eh jeh skyrt coamrey Saul gyn-yss da Bible

sumnit called: va'n pobble sumnit dy cheilley lurg Saul gys Gilgal. Bible

agh son barring; as for: Agh son Saul veh foast ayns Gilgal Bible; but for: agh son mee-chraueeaght ny ashoonyn shoh Bible; but as: Agh son ny ard-valjyn shen va foast faagit shassoo ayns nyn niart Bible

ard-leeideilagh captain, governing principle: Myrgeddin roish nish, tra va Saul ny ree harrin, uss va ard-leeideilagh Israel Bible

armee (f.) pl. armeeyn army: tra honnick Saul armee ny Philistinee huitt aggle er Bible

baggyrtyn threatenings, threats: As Saul foast fockley-magh baggyrtyn as baase noi credjuee yn Chiarn, jimmee eh gys yn ard-saggyrt, Bible

boteil feeyney (f.) 1 wine bottle; 2 bottle of wine a: As ghow Jesse lught assyl dy arran, as boteil feeyney as mannan, as hug eh ad lesh David e vac gys Saul. Bible

brialtee spies: Hug David er-y-fa shen brialtee magh, as hooar eh fys son shickyrys dy row Saul er y raad. Bible

brisheyn laa spring of the day: As dirree ad dy moghey: as haink eh gy-kione mysh brisheyn laa, dy deïe Samuel er Saul gys yn ard-shamyr Bible

cheet noi come at: ta dty harvaant son shickyrys er chlashtyn dy vel Saul shirrey cheet noi Keilah Bible

chosney ersooyl (dy); (to) flee: ren David siyr dy chosney ersooyl ayns aggle roish Saul Bible

cloie lesh toying with, play with: as ren David cloie lesh e laue, myr bollagh eh: as va shleiy ayns laue Saul. Bible

coraa (=Ir. comhrá) (f.) pl. coraaghyn communication, suffrage, voice, vox: As hug Saul enney er coraa Ghavid Bible; utterance

couyr (f.) pl. couyryn assistance, cure, help, relief, remedy: myr shen va Saul er ny ooraghey, as hooar eh couyr, as va fea echey Bible; redress, resort, resource

dy dewil brutally, cruelly, viciously, violently, sadistically: As hien caggey dy dewil noi Saul Bible

fo chlea indoors, in private, privately; undercover: As haink Saul gys ard-valley Amalek, as lhie eh fo chlea 'sy choan. Bible

gholl gys 1 (dy); (to) take to; 2 (dy); (to) go to a: As dreggyr Jonathan Saul, Ren David dy jeean kied y hirrey orrym dy gholl gys Bethlehem Bible

gresh dy laghyn certain days: eish va Saul gress dy laghyn marish ny haustylyn va ag Damasco. PB1610

Israeliteyn Israelites: As ny Hebrewnee va marish ny Philistinee roish y traa shen, hie seose mâroo gys y champ, hyndaa adsyn myrgeddin dy ve er cheu ny Israeliteyn va marish Saul as Jonathan. Bible

kys dhyt How do you know: As dooyrt David rish y dooinney aeg dinsh da, Kys dhyt's dy vel Saul as Jonathan e vac marroo ? Bible

lhie cooyl-chlea ambush: Agh hooar Saul fys dy row ad lhie cooyl-chlea er e hon, as freayll arrey ec ny giattyn oie as laa dy varroo eh. Bible

lhie fo chlea ambush, belay, lie in wait: As haink Saul gys ard-valley Amalek, as lhie eh fo chleasy choan Bible

muirht fatlings: ren Saul as y pobble sparail Agag as y chooid share jeh ny kirree, jeh ny dew, jeh ny muirht, as ny heayin Bible

naightyn tidings: Eisht haink ny chaghteryn gys Gibeah Saul, as dinsh ad ny naightyn ayns clashtyn y pobble Bible

Paul Paul: Agh Saul (ta myrgeddin enmyssit Paul) lhieent lesh y Spyrryd Noo, hoie eh e hooillyn er dy gyere, Bible

reih dooinney aeg choice young man: As va mac echey va'n ennym echey Saul, reih dooinney aeg as aalin; as cha row mastey cloan Israel persoon ny stoamey na eh Bible

reiht chosen, elect, elected, élite, select, selected: ghow Saul three thousaneyn dy gheiney reiht Israel Bible

shenn-raa adage, aphorism, cliché, maxim, proverb: Shen-y-fa haink eh dy ve shenn-raa, Vel Saul myrgeddin mastey ny phadeyryn? Bible

snap nap, short sleep, snooze: hie Saul stiagh dy ghoaill snap dy chadley: Bible

toyrtyssyn delights: Shiuish inneenyn Israel, keayn-jee son Saul, ren nyn goamrey dy aalin lesh scarleod, marish toyrtyssyn elley Bible; presents; bounties

veih'n laa shen magh from that day forward: As va drogh hooill ec Saul er David veih'n laa shen magh. Bible

whueig jeig See queig jeig (e); (his) fifteen: As va thousane dy gheiney Venjamin mârish, as Ziba sharvaant dy hie Saul, as e whueig mec jeig Bible

oolit amerced, fined: bee eh oolit ayns keead shekel dy argid Bible; estimated, determined; anointed: shen y raad va scape y dooinney niartal, eer scape Saul, dy naareydagh er ny hilgey ersooyl, myr nagh beagh eh er ny ve yn ree oolit. Bible

reiltys (=Ir. rialtas) (f.) pl. reiltyssyn governance, rule: va'n reiltys er ny ghoaill voue Bible; kingdom: Myr shen ghow Saul yn reiltys harrish Israel Bible; dominion: Son va reiltys echey harrish ooilleyn cheer er cheu shoh jehn awin Bible; government: Son dooinyn ta lhiannoo er ny ruggey, dooinyn ta mac er ny choyrt, as bee yn reiltys er e gheaylin Bible


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