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Rollage y Voddee (f.) (The) Dog Star; Sirius

rollage (=Ir. réaltóg, Sc.G. reultag) (f.) See roltag, roltage 1 pl. rollageyn star a: honnick shin y rollage echey ayns y shiar Bible; 2 pip [O.Ir. rétglu + -óg]

Inexact matches:

fegooish rollage starless

gyn rollage starless

rollage arbyllagh (f.) comet

rollage chyndaaee (f.) binary star

rollage hassoo (f.) fixed star

rollage hroailt (f.) planet

rollage loshtee (f.) nova

rollage naeearaneagh (f.) neutron star

rollage noa (f.) nova

rollage oayllys (f.) guiding star

rollage roie (f.) shooting star

rollage scannane (f.) cinema star

rollage scughee (f.) planet

rollage stiurey (f.) guiding star

rollage veekyragh (f.) twinkling star

rollage vuillagh (f.) pulsar

rollage wheig-vaaragh (f.) pentagram

cur rollage rish star

rollage crivassanagh bane (f.) white dwarf

rollage foawragh jiarg (f.) red giant

rollage ny h-ooirey (f.) earth star

rollage ny madjin (f.) morning star

Rollage ny Marrey (f.) Stella Maris, Star of the Sea

Rollage ny Twoaie (f.) North Star, Polaris, Pole Star

rollage ny twoaie (f.) lodestar

Rollage y Jouyll (f.) Algol

Rollage yn Astyr (f.) (The) Evening Star; Hesperus

rollage y vadran (f.) daystar

guiding star (n.) rollage oayllys, rollage stiurey

nova (n.) rollage loshtee, rollage noa

star (v.) cowraghey lesh rollageyn, cur rollage rish; rollage: I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth - honnick mee rollage tuittym veih niau gys y thalloo Bible; (n.) rolt, roltag, roltage, rolteen, rontage; skead

starless (adj.) fegooish rollage; gyn rollage

planet (n.) mac greiney, planaid, rollage hroailt, rollage scughee; planet

Algol (n.) Rollage y Jouyll

binary star (n.) rollage chyndaaee

cinema star (n.) rollage scannane

comet (n.) comaid, rollage arbyllagh

daystar (n.) rollage y vadran

fixed star (n.) rollage hassoo

Hesperus (n.) Rollage yn Astyr

lodestar (n.) rollage ny twoaie

neutron star (n.) rollage naeearaneagh

pentagram (n.) rollage wheig-vaaragh

Polaris (n.) Rollage ny Twoaie

pulsar (n.) rollage vuillagh

shooting star (n.) rollage roie

Sirius (n.) Rollage y Voddee

twinkling star (n.) rollage veekyragh

Dog Star (n.) (The) Rollage y Voddee

earth star (n.) rollage ny h-ooirey

Evening Star (n.) (The) Rollage yn Astyr

interstellar travel (n.) rollage-hroailtys

North Star (n.) Rollage ny Twoaie

red giant (n.) rollage foawragh jiarg

Stella Maris (n.) Rollage ny Marrey

white dwarf (n.) rollage crivassanagh bane

rollage-hroailtys interstellar travel

morning star (n.) maddinagh; rollage ny madjin

pip geeg; rollage; sheel; smorig; spinniag; spinnycan

Pole Star1 (n.) Rollage ny Twoaie, Gahlin, Rontage Hwoaie

Star of the Sea (n.) Rollage ny Marrey

gyn jerkalys desperate, unexpected, unforeseen, unhoped: Skimmee Sheshaght Cloieyn-kiaullee Vannin, hug rollage Hollywood Patrick Swayze shilley orroo gyn jerkalys oie Jesarn. BS

leeideilys direction finding, guidance, leadership: O YEE, ren liorish leeideilys rollage soilshaghey dty ynrycan er-ny-gheddyn Vac da ny Ashoonyn-quaagh PB1765


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