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robin (n.) cleeau yiarg, spittag yiarg, ushag veg ruy

Inexact matches:

ragged robin (n.) lus ny cooag

Robin Lane (n.) Lhoan y Spittag Yiarg

round robin (n.) aghin chiarklagh

white-throated robin (n.) spittag scoarnagh-vane

Balley Robin Robin's Farm

Creg Robin Robin's Rock

Croit Robin Robin's Croft

Robin Cobbler's Croft Croit Robin y Greasee

Croit Robin y Greasee Robin Cobbler's Croft

Giat Willy Robin Will Robin's Road

Robin's Croft (n.) Croit Robin

Robin's Farm (n.) Balley Robin

Robin's Rock (n.) Creg Robin

aghin chiarklagh (f.) round robin

cleeau yiarg (f.) robin

Feniagh Fenian: Eisht dinsh Hommy dou ooilley mychione e ayr, Robin Gorry, as b'leayr dou dy dug eh ooashley rish cooinaghtyn e ayr; va Robin yn feniagh trean echey, as yindyssagh er-bastal. Dhoor

spittag scoarnagh-vane (f.) white-throated robin

spittag yiarg (f.) robin

ushag veg ruy (f.) robin

lus ny cooag (f.) ragged robin

Will Robin's Road (n.) Giat Willy Robin

Lhoan y Spittag Yiarg Robin Lane

ben varrey (f.) mermaid: Va Robin er lhong enmyssit y 'Ben Varrey' as v'ee cheet thie veih'n slyst airhey ayns Africa Sheear Dhoor

gaueyn dangers: dy ve captan jeh lhong mooar as shiaulley mygeayrt y cruinney, agh va Robin as Eleanor nyn 'oi; bione daue gaueyn ny marrey! Dhoor

tost muteness, speechless: Vrie mee j'ee mychione y dooinney eck, as dy beagh paitchyn elley marish Hommy Beg; v'ee ny tost rish tammylt beg, eisht yeeagh ee orrym dy hrimsagh gra dy row Robin Gorry e dooinney-heshey, ny hiaulteyr er lhong- hiaullee vooar Dhoor; mute; silent


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