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Quoid (=Ir. mhéad) (interrog.) How many, How much: Quoid er y chlag t'eh? DF

quoid quoit

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How many (interrog.) Cre whilleen; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid: How many degrees of frost? - Quoid keim dy rio? JJK idiom

quoit (n.) crou chloie, quoid

C'wooad (interrog.) See Quoid How many, How much: C'wooad er y chlag t'eh? DF

How much (interrog.) Cre-woad: How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! - Cre-woad share te dy chosney creenaght na airh? Bible; Cre wooad; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid

percentage (n.) 'sy cheead: What percentage is it? - Quoid 'sy cheead t'eh? DF idiom

weigh (v.) meihaghey: How much does this weigh? - Quoid ta shoh meihaghey? DF idiom; towse; towsh

cailt forlorn: Yeeagh ee dy ve follym as cailt agh va ymmyrkey dramadagh eck neesht. Dhoor; lost: Quoid d'argid ta cailt eu? JJK; missing: Un cheayrt te caillit ta cailt son dy bragh. Dhoor

shlearaghey delay, postpone, procrastinate; postponement, procrastination: Dooyrt Mainshtyr Corlett dy row yn chooish fo vriwnys as cha dod eh gra quoid va'n shlearaghey costal. BS

Ventyr Baghtallys Transparency Initiative: ta'n reiltys Goaldagh cur magh 'Ventyr Baghtallys' ry hoi greinnaghey colughtyn ooill, gass as meaineraght dy insh quoid argid t'ad geeck da reiltyssyn as lughtyn-reill as BS

dumb1 (adj.) amloayrtagh; balloo: How many people would remain dumb if they were forbidden to speak well of themselves and ill of others - Quoid sleih hannagh balloo dy beagh ad obbit dy loayrt dy-mie jeu hene as dy-h JJK idiom; bolvane


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