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Private (n.) (notice) Entreilys Lhiettit

private (adj.) cleagh, persoonagh, preevaadjagh; follit: Private place - Boayl follit. DF idiom; (n.) sidoor: Private soldier - Sidoor shingoil. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

in private (adv.) fo chlea

private dance (n.) daunse cuirrit

private education (n.) edjaghys persoonagh

private entrance (n.) dorrys cleagh

private hotel (n.) thie goaldee

private house (n.) thie er lheh, thie lesh fer hene

private life (n.) bea phreevaadjagh

private parts (npl.) comyssyn

private person (n.) persoon er lheh

private persons (npl.) sleih gyn oik

private place (n.) boayl er lheh, boayl follit

private property (n.) cooid phersoonagh

private room (n.) shamyr er lheh

private school (n.) scoill er lheh, scoill phersoonagh

private sector (n.) kerroo preevaadjagh

private soldier (n.) sidoor shingoil

private study (n.) studeyrys er lheh

public-private partnerships (npl.) boodeeyssyn theayagh-preevaadjagh

private and confidential cleagh as er lheh; er lheh; follit

private car park (n.) pairk-ghleashtan er lheh

Private Member's Bill (n.) Billey Oltey Preevaadjagh

private parliamentary secretary (n.) scrudeyr ardwhaiyllagh preevaadjagh

bea phreevaadjagh (f.) private life

comyssyn genitals, private parts

daunse cuirrit private dance

dorrys cleagh private entrance

edjaghys persoonagh private education

Entreilys Lhiettit (notice) Private

follit (=Ir. folaithe) (of turning) blind; bottled up, clandestine, classified, concealed, covert, cryptic, hidden, hush-hush, latent, private, private and confidential, secret, secreted, underground, veiled: ny gow uss ayrn 'sy choyrle follit oc Bible; untold

kerroo preevaadjagh private sector

scoill phersoonagh (f.) private school

sidoor shingoil private soldier

boodeeyssyn theayagh-preevaadjagh public-private partnerships

cleagh private: Dorrys cleagh. DF

persoon er lheh private person

scoill er lheh (f.) private school

sleih gyn oik private persons

studeyrys er lheh private study

thie er lheh private house

Billey Oltey Preevaadjagh Private Member's Bill

cleagh as er lheh private and confidential

cooid phersoonagh (f.) personal estate, private property

pairk-ghleashtan er lheh private car park

scrudeyr ardwhaiyllagh preevaadjagh private parliamentary secretary

shamyr er lheh (f.) closet, private room, sanctum

thie lesh fer hene private house

income (n.) cheet stiagh: He has a private income - Ta cheet-stiagh da hene echey. DF idiom

boayl er lheh private place, reservation: Çheet fy yerrey hoal wass dys Sellafield, dy firrinagh she boayl er lheh t'ayn nagh vel yn un red as Windscale. Dhoor

boayl follit private place: dirree Abimelech, as y pobble va marish, veihn boayl follit Bible

er lheh (=Ir. ar leith) aloof, aside, by itself, certain, distinctive, distinctly, fancy, individual, isolated, patented, private and confidential, privately, proper, respective, separate, separately, special, specially, specific, unique: shiaght eayin woirryn shoh, tou er hoiaghey er lheh Bible; especially

fo chlea indoors, in private, privately; undercover: As haink Saul gys ard-valley Amalek, as lhie eh fo chlea 'sy choan. Bible

persoonagh (=Ir. pearsanta) personal, private: Va 72% jeh ny ynseydee gynsaghey Albinish kyndagh rish anaase persoonagh sy chengey Carn

preevaadjagh (=Ir. príobháideach) private: Neayrs baase Franco, ta ny scoillyn preevaadjagh shoh er naase dy mooar as nish ta scoillyn ardey ayn. Carn

sidoor pl. sidooryn campaigner, pawn, private, soldier, soldier man: gymmyrkey oo-hene myr sidoor mie Bible [M.E. sondiour]

thie goaldee guesthouse, hotel, private hotel: Tra va mee ayns La Palma, hannee mee ayns thie goaldee feer vie. Dhoor


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