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port1 (n.) purt: We called in a port - Hug shin stiagh ayns purt. DF idiom; towl, towl-uinnag; beealag

port2 (n.) (wine) feeyn Portugeasagh

Inexact matches:

coal port (n.) towl yn gheayil

Mill Port (n.) Purt y Wyllin

naval port (n.) purt lhuingys caggee

port arms (v.) (to) armyn y haishbyney

Port Askaig (n.) Purt Askagh

Port Ellen (n.) Purt yn Ellan

Port Erin (n.) Purt Chiarn, Purt Chasherick, Purt Erin, Purt Sheearan, Purt Yiarn

Port Jack (n.) Purt Coon

Port Mooar (n.) Purt Mooar

port side cheu chiare; cheu chlee; cheu hoshtal; lherrym

Port Soderick (n.) Purt Soderick

Port William (n.) Purt Illiam

river port (n.) purt awiney

Shining Port (n.) Purt Gial

Slate Port (n.) Purt y Slate

Grace Baptist Church Port Erin (n.) Keeill Vashtagh Grayse Yee Phurt Chiarn

of a port (gen.) purtey

Port Jack Glen (n.) Glion Phurt Coon

Port of the Corner (n.) Purt ny Cooilley

Port of the Little Fort (n.) Purt yn Doonan

Port of the River (n.) Purt ny Hawin

Port Soderick Glen (n.) Glion Phurt Soderick

Port St. Mary (n.) Purt le Moirrey, Purt Le Moirrey

Saint Mary's Port (n.) Purt le Moirrey

port y veill mouth music

Purt le Moirrey (f.) Port St. Mary, Saint Mary's Port: Yn raad ass Balley Chashtal gys Purt le Moirrey. DF

feeyn Portugeasagh (wine) port

lherrym port side

Purt Askagh (f.) Port Askaig

purt awiney (f.) river port

Purt Chasherick (f.) Port Erin

Purt Coon Port Jack

Purt Erin (f.) Port Erin

Purt Gial Shining Port

Purt Illiam (f.) Port William

Purt Sheearan (f.) Port Erin

Purt Yiarn (f.) Port Erin

towl-uinnag (f.) port

mouth music (n.) port y veill

Port-e-Chee (n.) Purt y Chee

steam-port (n.) towl gaal

beealag (f.) microphone, mouthpiece; embouchure; port

purt lhuingys caggee (f.) naval port

Purt y Chee (f.) Port-e-Chee

Purt y Slate Slate Port

Purt y Wyllin (f.) Mill Port

towl gaal steam-port

towl yn gheayil coal port

Waterford (n.) Purt Largey [Ir. Port Láirge]

armyn y haishbyney (to) port arms, present arms

Glion Phurt Coon Port Jack Glen

Glion Phurt Soderick Port Soderick Glen

Purt ny Cooilley Port of the Corner

Purt ny Hawin (f.) Portnahaven; Port of the River

Keeill Vashtagh Grayse Yee Phurt Chiarn Grace Baptist Church Port Erin

purtey (gen.) of a port: Ta beeal ny purtey lhean. DF

Purt yn Doonan (f.) Portadown, Port of the Little Fort

beached er y traie; traieit, trait; hraie: He beached the boat in Port Erin - Hraie eh y baatey ayns Purt Chiarn. DF idiom

lifeboat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys; baatey sauaillagh: Port St Mary lifeboat was out last night - Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr. DF idiom

summer (v.) ceau yn sourey: I shall spend the summer in Port Erin - Ceauym yn sourey ayns Purt Chiarn. JJK idiom; (n.) sourey: One swallow does not make a summer - Cha jean un gollan-geayee sourey. JJK idiom

cheu chiare (f.) 1 larboard, port side; 2 left hand, left side a: hie ad er nyn eiyrts gys Hoba er cheu chiare jeh Damascus Bible

cheu chlee (f.) leftwing, port side: Yn stiurey y chur gys y cheu chlee. DF

cheu hoshtal larboard, left side, near side, port side: Tannaghtyn er y cheu hoshtal. DF

purt (=Ir. port) (f.) pl. puirt, purtyn harbour, jig, port, seaport, station: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; creek; (in street) island

Purt Chiarn (f.) Port Erin: Hraie eh y baatey ayns Purt Chiarn. DF; Lord's Harbour

Purt Le Moirrey Port St. Mary: oh chaie, hooar Benainstyr Kodeyre baase ec e thie, "Glion Jiass," ayns Colby, ayns e kiare feedoo blein as daa yeig, son v'ee ruggit ec Glion Jiass, Purt le Moirrey, 'sy vlein 1860! Coraa

Purt Mooar Big Harbour: Ta purt mooar ec Purt ny hInshey. CJ; Port Mooar

Purt Soderick Port Soderick: Va Purt Soderick feer ennoil lesh ny turrysee tra va Ealish aeg, as ragh e lught-thie dy mennick dys shen. CL

Purt yn Ellan (f.) Port Ellen: Er ash ayns Purt Yn Ellan va ceilidh goll er cummal ayns Thie Oast Machrie. GK

towl 1 pl. tuill aperture, bore, boring, cavity, crater, eyehole, hole, hollow, leak, penetration, perforation, port, pothole, shaft, vent, vent-hole, water supply a: follee eh ayns shen ayns towl fo'n chreg Bible; 2 (of gun) bore; 3 (of fox) burrow, den, earth


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