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Point (n.) Cramman

point1 (v.) (of the finger) sheeyney meir

point2 (n.) baare: The point of the sword - Baare y chliwe. DF idiom; birr, byr; bod; gob: Seal Point - Gob ny Rauney. DF idiom; kione: The Point of Ayre light - Thie Soilshey Kione ny Hayrey. DF idiom; point: Fourteen degrees below freezing point - Kiare keimyn jeig fo point rio. JJK idiom; poynt: You can give her a point or two to leeward John - Foddee oo poynt ny ghaa y lhiggey lhee Yuan. DF idiom; (v.) jeeraghey

point3 (v.) (of hound) sheeyney hug

point4 (n.) (of a weapon) rinn

point5 (v.) cur corrag hug, pointal rish

point lace; leather-lace; thong; point: point jees sy cheead BS

Inexact matches:

Bare Point (n.) Gob ny Meayl

Black Point (n.) Gob Doo

Blue Point (n.) Gob Gorrym

Boiling Point (n.) Gob Broie

boiling point (n.) point-broie

Boundary Point (n.) Gob ny Gree

Callin's Point (n.) Gob ny Callin

Callow Point (n.) Gob ny Caillee

Charry's Point (n.) Gob Charry

check point (n.) ynnyd scrutee

compass point (n.) aird; ard; poynt airdeylagh

Dagon Point (n.) Gob y Dagon

decimal point (n.) cowrey jeihoil, poynt jeihoil

departure point (n.) boayl faagee

dew point (n.) poynt druight, poynt druightey

Division Point Gob ny Rheynn

focal point (n.) boayl co-haglee

freezing point (n.) poynt rio; point-rioee

Gansey Point (n.) Gob Ghansee, Gob y Challoo

Garrett's Point (n.) Cramman y Garrett

Herring Point (n.) Gob y Skeddan

Hymyn's Point (n.) Gob ny Gimmryn

Island Point (n.) Gob yn Ellan

Kallow Point (n.) Gob ny Caillee

main point (n.) ard-red

melting point (n.) poynt lheie, point-lheie

mid point (n.) ynnyd meanagh

Narrow Point (n.) Gob Keyl

Path Point (n.) Gob ny Cassan

Pig's Point (n.) Gob ny Muck

point duty (n.) stiurey traght

point lace (n.) laatchey snaidey

point out (v.) cowraghey magh; markal magh: And ye shall point out your east border - As nee shiu markal magh yn chagliagh har eu Bible

point to point race (n.) ratch eddyr daa phoynt

Precipice Point (n.) Gob ny h'Eaynin

Quiggin's Point (n.) Gob y Quiggin

Red Point (n.) Gob Ruy

reef point (n.) strengan

Rock Point (n.) Gob ny Greg

Rocky Point (n.) Gob y Creggagh

Rough Point (n.) Gob Garroo

Rue Point (n.) Gob Ruy; (Yn ) Rhu

Salmon Point (n.) Gob ny Braddan

seal point (n.) gob ny raunyn

sharp point (n.) barb

Slate Point (n.) Gob ny Slate

Speckled Point (n.) Gob Breck

stop point (n.) stad

Stowells' Point (n.) Gob ny Stowell

Summit Point (n.) Gob ny Beinney

Sylvester's Point (n.) Gob ny Silvas

vaccine point (n.) snaid vacseen

vanishing point (n.) ynnyd lheie ersooyl

zero point (n.) poynt neunhee

Dun End Point (n.) Gob y Ching Ouyr

Edge Headland Point (n.) Gob Eago

Grey Rocks Point (n.) Gob ny Creggyn Glassey

Low Lying Point (n.) Gob Kallow

on the point of er chee: I was on the point of doing it - Va mee er chee jannoo eh. DF idiom; mysh

point of a diamond (n.) baare diamond

point of argument (n.) kione

point of a story (n.) bree y skeeal

point of a weapon (n.) rinn

Point of Ayre (n.) Kione ny Hayrey

Point of Blood (n.) Gob yn Uill

point of departure (n.) ynnyd faagee

point of issue (n.) oyr ny cooishey

point of nipple (n.) beinn y chee

Point of the Cairn (n.) Gob Carrin

Point of the Old Road (n.) Gob y Volley, Gob y Vollee

point of the sword (n.) baare y chliwe

Point of the Water (n.) Gob yn Ushtey

Point of the Wind (n.) Gob ny Geayee

point of the wind (n.) aird ny geayee

put a point on (v.) brackey

Red Point Place (n.) Ruy Gobbagh

Two Mountain Point (n.) Gob ny Daa Slieau

Gob ny Caillee Callow Point, Kallow Point

ratch eddyr daa phoynt point to point race

rinn (f.) foreland, hook, ridge, rinn; (of a weapon) point; point of a weapon

leather-lace point

birr point

boayl co-haglee focal point

boayl faagee departure point

bod pl. buid point

byr (=Ir. bior) spit; point

cowrey jeihoil decimal point

Cramman Point

cur corrag hug (to) point

Gob Breck Speckled Point

Gob Broie Boiling Point

Gob Charry Charry's Point

Gob Doo Black Point

Gob Garroo Rough Point

Gob Ghansee Gansey Point

Gob Gorrym Blue Point

Gob Keyl Narrow Point

Gob Ruy Rue Point

pointal rish (to) point

point-broie boiling point

point-lheie melting point

point-rioee freezing point

poynt airdeylagh compass point

poynt druight dew point

poynt druightey dew point

poynt jeihoil decimal point

poynt lheie melting point

poynt neunhee zero point

poynt rio freezing point

Rhu (Yn) Rue Point

sheeyney meir (of the finger) point

snaid vacseen (f.) vaccine point

stiurey traght point duty

strengan reef point

ynnyd meanagh mid point

ynnyd scrutee check point

ball-point (n.) grine-virragh

point-blank (adj., adv.) dy bollagh, fo beeal gunn, jeeragh

point-eared (adj.) cleaysh-virragh

cleaysh-virragh (f.) point-eared, sharp-eared

Cramman y Garrett Garrett's Point

fo beeal gunn point-blank

Gob Eago Edge Headland Point

Gob Kallow Low Lying Point

Gob ny Braddan Salmon Point

Gob ny Callin Callin's Point

Gob ny Cassan Path Point

Gob ny Gimmryn Hymyn's Point

Gob ny Gree Boundary Point

Gob ny Greg Rock Point

Gob ny h'Eaynin Precipice Point

Gob ny Meayl Bare Point

Gob ny Muck Pig's Point

gob ny raunyn seal point

Gob ny Rheynn Division Point

Gob ny Silvas Sylvester's Point

Gob ny Slate Slate Point

Gob ny Stowell Stowells' Point

Gob y Challoo Gansey Point

Gob y Creggagh Rocky Point

Gob y Dagon Dagon Point

Gob yn Ellan Island Point

Gob y Quiggin Quiggin's Point

Gob y Skeddan Herring Point

grine-virragh ball-point

kione (=Ir., Sc.G. ceann) pl. king bottom, closing, dyke, extreme, extremity, point, point of argument, poll; head, headland, top, top-end: Lhig da lhie er kione Yoab Bible; close, end, finish, termination: As tra vees dty laghyn ec kione Bible; chief, ringleader, tribune: tou er my reayll dy ve kione ny ashoonyn Bible; (of flower) top; (adv.) (y) apiece; mixed with; leading; (with expressions of time) after, in, within: As ec kione shey laa, ghow Yeesey Peddyr, as Jamys, as Ean e vraar, as hug eh lesh ad er-lheh seose er slieau ard Bible [O.Ir. cend]

Ruy Gobbagh Red Point Place

ynnyd faagee point of departure

ynnyd lheie ersooyl vanishing point

thong (n.) point; saineen, synnin; yeeal, yeeall; nast


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