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penny (n.) ping: I do not value it at a penny - Cha neeagh ping eh. DF idiom

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field penny-cress (n.) sporran y vochilley

Penny Bank (n.) Broogh Ping

Penny Croft (n.) Croit ny Ping

penny gaff (n.) theater seyr

penny-in-the-slot machine (n.) jeshaght phingey

Penny Land (n.) Ping Land

Penny Marsh (n.) Curragh Ping

Penny Nook (n.) Cooil ny Ping

penny piece (n.) ping ruy

Penny Pinfold (n.) Ping y Phundial

Penny Portion (n.) Cooid ny Pingey

penny post (n.) post ny pingyn

pretty penny argid mooar

for a penny er ping: Two for a penny - Jees er ping. DF idiom

Penny Grey Mire (n.) Ping Laagh Ghlass

Penny Land Gorge (n.) Breid Farran Fing

Penny River Bank (n.) Ping ny Brooie

Six Penny Croft (n.) Croit Shey Ping

Two Penny Croft (n.) Croit y Daa Phing

without a penny gyn ping

Broogh Ping Penny Bank

Curragh Ping Penny Marsh

Ping Land Penny Land

theater seyr penny gaff

luck-penny (n.) ping vrishee, dooraght

penny-wise (adj.) ping-chreeney

pinch-penny kiarailagh; peajeog

Cooid ny Pingey Penny Portion

Cooil ny Ping Penny Nook

Croit ny Ping Penny Croft

er ping for a penny

jeshaght phingey (f.) penny-in-the-slot machine

ping-chreeney penny-wise

ping vrishee (f.) luck-penny

Ping y Phundial Penny Pinfold

post ny pingyn penny post

Breid Farran Fing Penny Land Gorge

Croit Shey Ping Six Penny Croft

Croit y Daa Phing Two Penny Croft

peajeog miser, niggard, pinch-penny, scraper

Ping Laagh Ghlass Penny Grey Mire

Ping ny Brooie Penny River Bank

ping ruy (f.) penny piece, sou, stiver: Cha nel ping ruy echey. DF

sporran y vochilley field penny-cress, shepherd's purse

argid mooar pretty penny: credjal dy vel Radio Vannin costal rouyr as dy vel y sleih ta gobbraghey da cosney argid mooar. Dhoor

gyn ping impecunious, penniless, without a penny: duirree ad ayns shen derrey va'n argid ooilley er ny vaarail, as eisht hie ad thie lheastey mygeayrt er y chassan ayns gien mie, agh gyn ping eddyr oc. Dhoor

ping (=Ir. pinginn) (f.) pl. pingyn (money) copper; penny, pennyweight: hooar ad dagh dooinney jeu ping y pheesh Bible [O.E penig]

dooraght (f.) bonus, commission, discount, fringe benefit, gratuity, luck-penny, perquisite, tip: Dy jarroo, as ny smoo na shen, my hig shiu thie reesht dy sauchey, dy der-ym dooraght dhyt. Apoc; intentness

kiarailagh (adj.) careful, frugal, pinch-penny, provident, saving: As ynsee oo ad dy kiarailagh da dty chloan Bible; (in money) careful; (n.) careful person, saver


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