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oik (=Ir. oifig) bishopric, board, bureau, office, post: ghow eh stiagh yn ard-vutler gys e oik reesht Bible

Inexact matches:

ass oik (Pol) in the wilderness; out of office: Shegin da aspickyn girree ass oik ec yn eash shen. BS

co-'er oik brother officer

fer oik pl. fir oik officer, official: Fer oik cocheimagh er y cheu elley. DF

fer-oik ashoonagh national officer

fir oik (npl.) officials: Ta Cymdeithas yr laith nish failley three fir oik dy obbraghey dy-kinjagh, as myr shen foddee ad jannoo tooilley as cosney smoo geill. Carn; officers; (n.) (the) quarterdeck

gyn oik unplaced: Myr dooinney gyn oik. DF

oik cloudeyrys printing office

oik emshyraght meteorological office

oik faillee employment exchange, pay office

oik failt reception: C'raad ta'n oik failt? DF

oik hellegraf (f.) telegraph office

oik lhuingys (f.) shipping office

oik paabagh pontificate

oik post post office: My va'n chleaysh follit shoh currit sy bwaane dyn yss da'n Oik Post Goaldagh, ta turneyryn as sleih elley gra dy row shen jeant noi'n leigh. Carn

oik postagh post office: Cha bee Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin caghlaa yn ennym echey roish foddey, ga dy vel y chooish shoh goll er resooney. BS

oik recortys registry office

Oik Skimmee (Yn); (The) Personnel Office: ta'n Ard-Hirveishagh Richard Corkill gra dy vel ram obbyr jeant hannah ec yn Oik Skimmee. BS; Office of Human Resources

oik sorchal sorting office

Oik Sthie Home Office: Ren patoayllee veih'n Oik Sthie scrutaght eear-vaase er y ven, va hoght bleeaney jeig as feed dy eash. BS

oik tiggad (f.) booking office, ticket office

oik turrysagh tourist agency, travel agency

Ard-er-oik ny Keeshyn (the) Assessor of Income Tax

Ard-oik ny Firvooghee Fire Brigade Headquarters

Ard-oik y Chirveish-vooghee Fire Service Headquarters

Ard-oik yn Phost General Post Office

brishey ass oik deposition

brishey fer oik cashier

cur ass oik depose

cur ayns oik install, installation

cur ayns oik peiagh elley replace

cur fir oik er officer

currit ass oik deposed

enmys ny fer oik commission

fer oik cowree signal officer

fer oik fwirran staff officer

fer oik kiangle liaison officer

fer oik neuchomishoonit non commissioned officer

fer-oik ny geesh assessor

fer oik prowallys probation officer

fer oik reiltys bureaucrat

fer-oik 'syn ardschoill procurator

fer oik ynnyd deputizing officer

Fir-reill yn Oik Postagh Post Office Authority

fo-oik yn phost sub post office

goll ass oik outgoing, retiring

Kishtey Oik Post Post Office Box

lhiass 'er oik non commissioned officer

Lhoan Oik y Roieder Courier Office Lane

Lhoan y Chenn Oik Post Old Post Office Lane

Oik Ard-ynseyder y Vlein Head of Years Office

Oik Cleragh ny Briwnyn Clerk to the Justices' Office

Oik Cleragh Tinvaal Clerk of Tynwalds Office

Oik Coadey Fysseree Data Protection Office

Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee Cabinet Office

Oik Dellal Cairagh Office of Fair Trading

Oik Emshyraght Roonysvaie Ronaldsway Met Office

oik-fysseree ny turryssee tourist information office

oik gyn currym sinecure

Oik Kiedyn Troailt Passport Office

oik leaghagh fegooish obbyr sinecure

Oik ny Barrantee Commissioners' Office

Oik ny h-Emshir Weather Bureau

oik ny hemshyr meteorological office

Oik ny h-Olteynyn MembersOffice

Oik ny Myn-jeigyn Parcels Office

oik ny stiureyderyn board of directors

Oik Recortysser Coadey Fysseree Office of the Data Protection Registrar

Oik Recortyssyn y Theay Public Records Office

Oik Shickyrys Cheshveanagh Theayagh Office of Civil Nuclear Security

Oik y Lhiass Ard-ynseyder Deputy Heads Office

Oik yn Ard-offishear Sheckteragh Chief Executives Office

Oik yn Ard-scrudeyr Chief Secretary's Office

Oik yn Ard-sheckter Chief Executives Office

Oik yn Ard-sheckteragh Chief Executives Office

Oik yn Ard-shirveishagh Office of the Chief Minister

Oik yn Ard-ynseyder Coonee Assistant Heads Office

oik yn emshyraght meteorological office

Oik y Stiureyder Ynnyd Site Managers Office

oik y taggyrtys office of priesthood

oltey trooid oik ex-officio member

Sheshaght Fir-Oik y Reiltys Government Officers' Association

Shirveishee, Olteynyn as Fir-oik Ministers, Members and Officers

sleih gyn oik private persons

Ard-sheckteragh jeh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin Chief Executive of Isle of Man Post Office

Oik Reiltys Ellan Vannin ayns Brussels Isle of Man Government Brussels Office

Oik yn Chirveishagh as yn Ard-sheckter Office of the Minister and Chief Executive

Chief Executives Office (n.) Oik yn Ard-sheckter, Oik yn Ard-sheckteragh; Oik yn Ard-offishear Sheckteragh

meteorological office (n.) oik emshyraght, oik ny hemshyr, oik yn emshyraght

post office (n.) oik post, oik postagh

sinecure (n.) oik gyn currym; oik leaghagh fegooish obbyr

non commissioned officer (n.) fer oik neuchomishoonit, lhiass 'er oik

bureau (n.) coyr screeuee; oik: The weather bureau - Oik ny h-Emshir. DF idiom; rheynn

officers (npl.) oaseiryn; offishearyn; stiurtyn; fir oik: The officers and the men - Ny fir oik as ny fir. DF idiom

reception (n.) eaishtaght; oik failt: Where is the reception? - C'raad ta'n oik failt? DF idiom; ynnyd failt; glackey, failtaghey, oltaghey

bishopric (n.) aspickys; oik

booking office (n.) oik tiggad

brother officer (n.) co-'er oik

employment exchange (n.) oik faillee

office offish: The forecasting office - Yn offish faaishnee. DF idiom; oik: By virtue of his office - Er coontey'n oik echey. DF idiom; shamyr chleree; shirveish; currym

officer (v.) cur fir oik er; (n.) fer oik, oikagh, stuirt; offishear: He wants to be an officer - Saillish ve ny offishear. JJK idiom

officials (npl.) fir oik

pay office (n.) oik faillee

Personnel Office (n.) (The); (Yn) Oik Skimmee

procurator (n.) ynnydee: fer-oik 'syn ardschoill. KellyE; leighder sy whaiyl agglish; fer-oik 'syn ardschoill

registry office (n.) oik recortys

shipping office (n.) oik lhuingys

sorting office (n.) oik sorchal

telegraph office (n.) oik hellegraf

ticket office (n.) oik tiggad

tourist agency (n.) oik turrysagh

bureaucracy (n.) oik-reill, rheynnydys

chief officer (n.) ard-er-oik, ard-oikagh

Commissioners' Office (n.) Oik ny Barrantee

deposition (n.) brishey ass oik, prowal

deputizing officer (n.) fer oik ynnyd

ex-officio member (n.) oltey trooid oik

guarantee agency (n.) oik-shickyree

headquarters (n.) ard-oik; kione-cherroo

high office (n.) ard-oik

information office (n.) oik-fysseree

in the wilderness2 (Political) ass oik

liaison officer (n.) fer oik kiangle

MembersOffice (n.) Oik ny h-Olteynyn

national officer (n.) fer-oik ashoonagh

out of office ass oik

Parcels Office (n.) Oik ny Myn-jeigyn

Passport Office (n.) Oik Kiedyn Troailt

printing office (n.) cloulan, oik cloudeyrys

private persons (npl.) sleih gyn oik

probation officer (n.) fer oik prowallys

quarterdeck (npl.) (ny) fir oik; (n.) kione jerree

retiring goll ass oik; nearildagh

signal officer (n.) fer oik cowree

suboffice (n.) fo-oik

superior officer (n.) ard-er-oik

Weather Bureau (n.) Oik ny h-Emshir

ard-er-oik chief officer, superior officer

ard-oik (f.) 1 headquarters; 2 high office a: hrog eh gys ard-oik eh, as hoie eh eh erskyn ooilley ny princeyn va marish Bible

draghtey draft, draw up: T'ee gra dy vel fir-oik Vannin er ve loayrt rish fir-oik sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as y sarey treealit goll er draghtey. BS

fo-oik suboffice: Bee ad shirrey er Tinvaal bing reiht y chur er bun dy ronsaghey yn chooish bentyn rish garraghey yn fo-oik postagh ynnydagh ayns Balley Chashtal stiagh sy Co-op BS

oik-fysseree information office

oik-reill bureaucracy

oik-shickyree guarantee agency

bureaucrat (n.) fer oik reiltys, fer rheynn, oikreilleyder

Cabinet Office (n.) Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee

cashier (n.) argideyr, tashteyder; ben-argid, fer-argid; (v.) brishey fer oik

Chief Secretary's Office (n.) Oik yn Ard-scrudeyr

Clerk of Tynwalds Office (n.) Oik Cleragh Tinvaal

Courier Office Lane (n.) Lhoan Oik y Roieder

Data Protection Office (n.) Oik Coadey Fysseree

depose (v.) brishey; cur ass oik; prowal; ymmyrkey feanish

deposed brisht; prowit; currit ass oik, currit neose

Fire Brigade Headquarters (n.) Ard-oik ny Firvooghee

Fire Service Headquarters (n.) Ard-oik y Chirveish-vooghee

General Post Office (n.) Ard-oik yn Phost

Home Office (n.) (the) Oik Sthie, Rheynn Chooishyn Thie

install (v.) cur ayns oik, cur stiagh

installation (n.) cur ayns oik, cur stiagh, soiaghey

Office of Fair Trading (n.) Oik Dellal Cairagh

Office of Human Resources (n.) Oik Skimmee

office of priesthood (n.) oik y taggyrtys

Office of the Chief Minister (n.) Oik yn Ard-shirveishagh

outgoing faagail; goll ass oik; goll magh

pontificate (v.) loayrt myr paab; (n.) oik paabagh

Post Office Authority (n.) Fir-reill yn Oik Postagh

Post Office Box (n.) Kishtey Oik Post

Public Records Office (n.) Oik Recortyssyn y Theay

Ronaldsway Met Office (n.) Oik Emshyraght Roonysvaie

staff officer (n.) fer oik fwirran, oikagh fwirran

sub post office (n.) fo-oik yn phost

tourist information office (n.) oik-fysseree ny turryssee

travel agency (n.) jantys troailt, oik turrysagh


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