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of dy: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; jeh: I don't like any of these books - Cha laik lhiam veg jeh ny lioaryn shoh. JJK idiom; ny; voish

Inexact matches:

because of kyndagh; kindagh rish

Beware of (impv) Cur-jee twoaie jeh

daughter of (gen.) inney

fond of miandagh: Are you fond of milk? - Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK idiom; currit da: He is fond of reading - T'eh currit da'n lhaihderys. DF idiom; feer vooar rish: They are very fond of each other - T'ad feer vooar rish y cheilley. DF idiom

instead of ayns ynnyd: She's always talking instead of learning her lessons - T'ee dy-kinjagh taggloo ayns ynnyd jeh g'ynsagh e lessoonyn. JJK idiom

loads of lane Vannin jeh

made of jeant ass; jeant jeh

north of cheu hwoaie jeh

of ale (gen.) lhionney

of an ear of corn (gen.) jeish

of ash (gen.) leoh, leoiey

of autumn (gen.) fouyir: What a fine autumn day! - Cre'n laa fouyir aalin t'ayn! JJK idiom

of baking (gen.) fuinnee

of bathing (gen.) faarkee

of battle (gen.) caggee: A sound of battle is in the land - Ta tharmane caggeesy cheer Bible

of bees (dy) hellanyn: there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion - va swarm dy hellanyn as mill ayns convayrt yn lion. Bible

of blessing (gen.) bannee

of blood (gen.) folley: Their drink-offering of blood will I not offer - Nyn ourallyn-iu folley cha jean-yms y hebbal Bible

of brass (gen.) prashey: Thou shalt also make a laver of brass - Nee oo myrgeddin tobbyr prashey Bible

of breakfast (gen.) anjeealagh

of Britain (gen.) Vretyn Mooar

of burial (gen.) oanluckee

of butter (gen.) eemey; eemmey; eeymmey: Stone of butter with its complement of cheese - Clagh eeymmey lesh e dooie dy chaashey. DF idiom

of cedar (gen.) cedaragh: I dwell in an house of cedars - ta mish cummal ayns thie cedaragh Bible

of chasing (gen.) cloee

of chewing (gen.) caignee

of children (gen.) clienney: neither shall I know the loss of children - chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

of cloth (gen.) eaddee

of coal (gen.) geayil: Sack of coal - Sack geayil. DF idiom

Of course (intj) Myrchaagh

of court (gen.) cooyrtey: The Inns of Court - Oastyn ny Cooyrtey. DF idiom

of craft (gen.) keirdey: Craft teacher - Ynseyder keirdey. DF idiom

of death (gen.) baaish: On penalty of death - Fo kerraghys baaish. DF idiom; (y) vaaish: He is at the point of death - T'eh raad y vaaish. DF idiom

of defence (gen.) (dy) endeilys: the brooks of defence shall be emptied and dried up - bee ny strooanyn dy endeilys folmit as chirmit Bible; (dy) chemmyrk: thou hast set thine house of defence very high - tou er hoiaghey yn thie ayd dy chemmyrk feer ard Bible

of dew (gen.) (dy) ghruight

of dinner (gen.) jinnairagh

of Douglas (gen.) Ghoolish: The attractions of Douglas - Cleaynyn Ghoolish. DF idiom

of drink (dy) yough: He was reeking of drink - Va torcan dy yough jeh. DF idiom

of dust (gen.) ooirey

of earth (gen.) ooirey, thallooin; hallooin; (ny) cruinney: The children of Earth - Cloan ny cruinney. DF idiom

of emptiness (dy) hraartys

of England Hostyn: Have you seen the Queen of England? - Vel shiu er n'akin Ben-rein Hostyn? JJK idiom

of figs (gen.) figgagh

of fining (gen.) lheïee

of fire (gen.) ailey

of fishing (gen.) eeasteyragh

of flesh (gen.) foalley

of food (dy) veaghey

of gall galley

of glory gloyrey

of hair (gen.) fuilt: He has a fine head of hair - Ta chione mie fuilt echey. DF idiom

of harvest (gen.) fouyir

of hearing (gen.) quayllagh; eaishtaghys: Organ of hearing - Olt eaishtaghys. DF idiom

of hemp (gen.) kennipey

of her j'ee: I became aware of her - Ghow mee tastey j'ee. DF idiom; (emph.) j'eeish

of hills (dy) chroink

of him jeh, jehsyn: In commemoration of him - Ayns cooinaghtyn jeh. DF idiom; mychionesyn

of ice (gen.) rioee; riojey: Get me a bucket of ice cream to make ice creams - Fow lane-chruick dy chey riojey dou dy yannoo riojagyn. DF idiom

of James Yamys

of judgement (gen.) quaallagh; briwnys: The great day of judgement - Laa mooar ny briwnys. DF idiom

of judgment (dy) vriwnys

of lamb eayin: The butcher has sent a quarter of lamb - Ta'n buitchoor er chur hooin kerroo eayin. JJK idiom

of late dy jeianagh, er y gherrit

of life (gen.) baghee: Manner of life - Aght baghee. DF idiom

of lime (gen.) eayil

of linen (dy) heeidey

of loading laadee

of Man (gen.) Vannin: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited - Colught Paggad Gaal Ellan Vannin, Cagleeit. DF idiom

of Manx (gen.) Gaelgey

of marriage (gen.) poosee: The banns of marriage - Symney Poosee. DF idiom

of May Boaldyney

of me jee'm; jeem: He'll take care of me - Gowee eh kiarail jeem. JJK idiom; jeem's; my my chione: Were you speaking of me? - Row shiu loayrt my my chione. JJK idiom

of meal meinney: I got a stone of meal - Hooar mee clagh meinney. DF idiom; (dy) veinn

of moss keynnee

of mother mayrey

of music chiaullee; kiaullee

of myrrh myrrhey

of November Souney; jeh Mee Houney: The fifth of November - Yn queigoo laa jeh Mee Houney. DF idiom

of oil ooiley; (dy) ooil: And the priest shall take some of the log of oil - As neen saggyrt goaill kuse jehn log dy ooil Bible

of ointment ooiley: He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment - Teh cur er y diunid dy vroie myr pot: as yn aarkey dy ve myr pot ooiley Bible

of old er-dyn chenn earish

of ore meainey: Shoot of ore - Colloo meainey. DF idiom

of paint peintey: Coat of paint - Brat peintey. DF idiom

of palm palmey

of paper pabyrey; (dy) phabyr: Will you give me a sheet of paper? - Jean shiu cur dou brelleein dy phabyr? JJK idiom

of parsley (gen.) parsallagh

of peat (dy) voain

of people mooinjerey; (dy) lieh: These sort of people - Yn lheid shoh dy leih. DF idiom

of prophecy (dy) adeyrys

of prosperity (dy) vaynrys

of rain fliaghee: Heavy fall of rain - Teaumey fliaghee. DF idiom

of refuge (dy) chemmyrk: and his children shall have a place of refuge - as ec y chloan echey vees boayl dy chemmyrk Bible; (dy) hauchys: and for a place of refuge - as son ynnyd dy hauchys Bible

of rent mail; maillee

of rest (dy) ea: There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. - Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen B ible; (dy) aash: a sabbath of rest to the Lord - doonaght dy aash dan Chiarn Bible

of sabbath doonee

of safety (dy) haualtys

of sailing shiaullee

of salt sailley; (dy) hollan: Full of salt - Lane dy hollan. DF idiom

of sand geinnee; gheinnee

of sea marrey

of seaweed amlee: Heap of seaweed - Thorran amlee. DF idiom

of seed resh

of sense keilley

of sewing whaalee

of sheep (ny) geyrragh: and they builded the sheep gate - as hrog ad giat ny geyrragh Bible; keyrragh: yea, the flocks of sheep are made desolate - dy jarroo ta ny shioltaneyn keyrragh shymley ersooyl Bible

of sleeping cadlee

of snow sniaghtee: Shower of snow - Frass sniaghtee. DF idiom

of snuff smalee; (dy) smigh: He has sold me two ounces of snuff - T'eh er chreck dou unss dy smigh. JJK idiom

of sticks (dy) vrasnagyn: And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks - As heih Paul kionnan dy vrasnagyn Bible

of stone cloaie: Wall of stone - Boalley cloaie. DF idiom

of straw coonlee: Armful of straw - Aghlish coonlee. DF idiom

of summer souree; (y) touree: The sun is as hot as in the middle of summer - Ta'n ghrian cha cheh as ayns mean y touree. JJK idiom

of sun greiney, greïney

of Sunday doonee

of supper shibberagh: And sent his servant at supper time - As hug eh magh e harvaant ec traa shibberagh Bible

of swine muickey: Herd of swine - Griaght muickey. DF idiom

of the y: He fell down from the roof of the house - Huitt eh sheese veih mullagh y thie. JJK idiom; ny: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom; yn: Learning is the stately clothing of the rich man and the riches of the poor man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh as berchys yn boght. JJK idiom

of them jeu, jeusyn: Each of them - Dagh fer jeu. DF idiom; oc, ocsyn: I got in between the two of them - Hie mee stiagh eddyr yn jees oc. DF idiom; rouesyn

of thunder taarnee: I hear the sound of thunder - Ta mee clashtyn sheean taarnee. DF idiom

of tows barree

of trade keirdey; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom

of trouble (dy) heaghyn: This day is a day of trouble - Tan laa shoh laa dy heaghyn Bible

of turf (gen.) moaney: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; (dy) voain: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom

of us jin; j'in: We will not any of us go to his tent - Cha jed dooinney jin gys e chabbane Bible; (emph.) jinyn; jinyn: There shall not any of us give his daughter unto Benjamin to wife - Cha jean fer jinyn cur yn inneen echey da Benjamin son ben Bible

of war (gen.) caggee: On the verge of war - Er broogh caggee. DF idiom; chaggee: On the brink of war - Er broogh y chaggey. DF idiom

of washing (gen.) strullee; nieeaghyn

of weeping (gen.) sheelee

of wheat (gen.) curnee: There is a good yield of wheat this year - Ta baar mie curnee ayn mleeaney. DF idiom

of wind (gen.) geayee

of wine (gen.) feeyney: A glass of wine? - Gless feeyney? DF idiom

of winter (gen.) geuree: In the midst of winter - Ayns mean y gheuree DF idiom; (y) yeuree

of wool (gen.) olley: Ball of wool - Bluckan olley. DF idiom

of worship (gen.) ooashlee: Place of worship - Boayl ooashlee. DF idiom

of writing (gen.) screeuee, scrieuee

of years (dy) vleeantyn: an old man, and full of years - ny henn ghooinney, as lane dy vleeantyn Bible

of you jeed; jiu, j'iu: Which of you did this? - Quoi jiu ren eh shoh? JJK idiom; (emph.) jeuish, jiuish, j'iuish

out of ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

Petition of Redress of Grievance (n.) Aghin son Kiartaghey Accan

son of mac 'ic; mac y

speak of (v.) imraa; loayrt er

undreamed of (adj.) nagh smooinee rieau er

undreamt of (adj.) harrish smooinaghtyn

abreast of the times heose rish y traa t'ayn

absence of legal heirs (n.) baase gyn eirey

Act of Parliament (n.) Slattys Parlamaid Vretyn Mooar

act of vindication (n.) glenney

Acts of the Apostles (npl.) Jannoo ny h-Ostyllyn

administration of justice shirveish cairys

aft of the mast cooyl y chroan; sheear jeh'n chroan

Age Concern Isle of Man (n.) Boirey Eash Ellan Vannin

Age of Romance (n.) Lhing ny reejerys

allegations of corruption (npl.) lhiassaghyn jeh molteyrys

all the sort of you ooilley yn grih eu

angle of incidence (n.) cuinney huittym; uillin huittym

annual rate of inflation (n.) raayt bleinoil jeh bolgey argid

apple of the eye (n.) clagh ny sooilley; ooyl ny sooilley

apple of the throat (n.) cront y scoarnee; ooyl y scoarnee

area of special scientific interest (n.) ard jeh scansh sheansagh vooar

Ark of the Covenant (n.) Arg yn Eanish; Arg conaant: The ark of the covenant of the Lord - Arg conaant y Chiarn Bible; Arg y Chonaant: Take up the ark of the covenant - Trog-jee seose arg y chonaant Bible

Ark of the Testimony (n.) Arg yn Eanish: And thou shalt put it before the vail that is by the ark of the testimony - As ver oo eh roish y choodagh ta liorish arg yn eanish Bible

arms of Mann (n.) cullee Vannin

article of faith (n.) banglane y chredjue

art of reading (n.) lhaihderys

art of war (n.) ellyn chaggee; keird chaggee

art of writing (n.) keird y screeudeyrys

as many of you as wheesh jiu as

assessment of performance meihaghey-cooilleenee

Assessor of Income Tax (n.) (the) Ard-er-oik ny Keeshyn; Keesheyder

assets charging of (v.) coyrt cooid fo gioalteeaght, cur cooid fo gioalteeaght

Assistant Director of Prosecutions (n.) Stiureyder Coonee Shualyn

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (n.) Co-heshaght Ynseyderyn as Leaghteyryn

assumption of power (v.) goaill pooar

attack of illness grash chingys

attar of roses (n.) ooil roseyn

axis of rotation (n.) essylys chyndaaee

axis of symmetry (n.) essylys shimeadraght

axis of the earth (n.) essylys ny cruinney

back of beyond (n.) cooyl yn eayst

back of shoulder (n.) shlingan

back of the head (n.) cooyl y ching

bad manner of life drogh vea

bags of it ram ayn

ball of the foot (n.) ooyl ny coshey

Bank of Bellowing (n.) Broogh Shirrees

Bank of the Barn (n.) Broogh y Toalt

Bank of the Berries (n.) Broogh ny Soo

Bank of the Crow (n.) Broogh ny Fannag

Bank of the Peas (n.) Broogh ny Pishyragh

Bank of the Plain (n.) Broogh ny Dayllagh

Bank of the River (n.) Broogh ny Hawin

bank of the river (n.) broogh ny hawin

baring of teeth feeackley

bar of chocolate (n.) leac shocklaid

base of the tail (n.) bun yn arbyl

Bay of Biscay (n.) Baie ny Biscaayn; Baie ny Spaainey

Bay of the Breeches (n.) Baie ny Breechyn

Bay of the Cave (n.) Baie ny Ooig, Baie 'n Ooig

Bay of the Rock (n.) Baie ny Carrickey

Bay of the Stack (n.) Baie yn Stackey


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