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narrow (adj.) beg, chion, neurheamyssagh; keyl: Narrow stick - Maidjey keyl. DF idiom; coon: The narrow glen - Yn ghlion choon. DF idiom; cooney: Narrow tables - Buird cooney. DF idiom; (gen.) keylley; (v.) coonaghey, keyllaghey

Inexact matches:

narrow down (v.) keyllaghey

narrow end (n.) kione keyl

narrow examination (n.) mynscrutaghey

Narrow Farm (n.) Balley Keyl

Narrow Field (n.) Magher Keyl

Narrow Flat (n.) Faaie Cheyl

Narrow Ford (n.) Aah Choon

narrow-gauge railway (n.) raad yiarn keyl

Narrow Glen (n.) Groudle, Glion Coon

narrow glen (n.) glion choon

Narrow Harbour (n.) Purt Cooyn

Narrow Hillock (n.) Ais Coon

Narrow Hollow (n.) Coan Coon

Narrow Lake (n.) Lough Cheyl

Narrow Marsh (n.) Curragh Keyl

Narrow Meadow (n.) Lheannee Keyl, Lheannee Cheyl, Lheannee Choon

Narrow Point (n.) Gob Keyl

Narrow Quarter (n.) Kerroo Keyl

Narrow Road (n.) Bayr Coon

narrow road (n.) raad coon

Narrow Shore (n.) Traie Keyl

Narrow Stream (n.) Strenebeck

narrow tables (npl.) buird cooney

narrow valley (n.) glack

Narrow Waterfall (n.) Eas Coon

Curry's Narrow Farm (n.) Balley Curn Keyl

in narrow strips skilleigagh

keyllaghey narrow, narrow down, narrowing

Aah Choon Narrow Ford

Ais Coon Narrow Hillock

Balley Keyl Narrow Farm

Bayr Coon Narrow Road

buird cooney narrow tables

Coan Coon Narrow Hollow

coonaghey narrow

Curragh Keyl Narrow Marsh

Eas Coon Narrow Waterfall

Faaie Cheyl Narrow Flat

glion choon (f.) narrow glen

Glion Coon Narrow Glen

Gob Keyl Narrow Point

Groudle Narrow Glen [Scand]

Kerroo Keyl Narrow Quarter

Lheannee Cheyl Narrow Meadow

Lheannee Choon Narrow Meadow

Lheannee Keyl Narrow Meadow

Lough Cheyl Narrow Lake

Magher Keyl Narrow Field

neurheamyssagh cramped; narrow

Purt Cooyn Narrow Harbour

raad coon narrow road

Strenebeck Narrow Stream [Scand]

Traie Keyl Narrow Shore

narrow-eyed (adj.) keyl-hooillagh

narrow-minded (adj.) coon; keyl-aignagh

narrow-mindedness (n.) coonid aigney, keylid aigney

coonid aigney narrow-mindedness

keyl-aignagh narrow-minded, strait-laced, tight-laced

keyl-hooillagh narrow-eyed, pig-eyed, slit-eyed

keylid aigney narrow-mindedness

skilleigagh in narrow strips, striated

Balley Curn Keyl Curry's Narrow Farm

raad yiarn keyl light railway, narrow-gauge railway

beg (=Ir. beag) dwarf, few, miniature, minor, model, narrow, poky, quiet, short, slight, small, unsubstantial: ren ee beg y hoiagh jee'm Bible [O.Ir. bec]

chion See chionn close, narrow, near, round about: T'ad cha chion er y chilley, nagh vod yn aer sloo cheet eddyr ad Bible; compact; incapacious

coon (=Ir. cúng) confined, narrow, narrow-minded, poky, strait, tight-fitting: hass eh ayns ynnyd coon Bible; incapacious

cooney (=Ir. cúnamh) aid, assistance, co-operation, defence, dole, help, helping, support: cha row cooney cooie er ny gheddyn Bible; contribution; narrow

glack (=Ir.glac, glacad.) (f.) pl. glick :1 (of hand) hollow; palm; narrow valley; (of shares etc) block; (v.) lay hold: glack fer jeh ny deiney aegey, as gow yn eilley-caggee echeysyn. Bible; seized; confiscate

keyl 1 attenuated, drawn out, fine, gracile, hairline, lanky, lean, narrow, slender, slight, slim, small, spare, tapered, thin, willowy a: Adsyn myrgeddin ta gobbragh ayns lieen keyl Bible; 2 (of soup) watery; 3 (as solution) weak [O.Ir. cáel]

keylley1 (as view) woodland, arboreal: hug ad ooashley da jallooyn ny keylley Bible; narrow, slender, small: tra v'eh er n'yannoo kip dy choyrdyn keylley Bible; of the forest

kione keyl narrow end, small end, tapered end: Ta shen kione keyl ny jeenys. DF

mynscrutaghey analyse, analysis, dissect, dissection, narrow examination, perusal, peruse, scan, scansion, screen, scrutinize: Ta'n çheu hoshtal dellal rish focklyn, mynscrutaghey resoon as oardaghyn Dhoor


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