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mountain (n.) beinn; muyne; slieau: As it's so fine, let us go up that mountain, hill to enjoy the grand view - Myr te cha aalin, lhig dooin goll seose y slieau shen, dy ghoaill soylley jeh'n shilley mooar. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

Aleyn's Mountain (n.) Slieau Aleyn

Ash Mountain (n.) Axen Fell

Bare Mountain (n.) Slieau Meayl

Big Mountain (n.) Slieau Mooar

Bilberry Mountain (n.) Slieau Freoaghane

Black Mountain (n.) Slieau Doo, Slieau Dhoo; Sart Fell

Broad Mountain (n.) Slieau Lhean

Champion's Mountain (n.) Keppel

Church Mountain (n.) Kirkill

Currin's Mountain (n.) Slieau Curn

Dun Mountain (n.) Slieau Ouyr

Edge Mountain (n.) Echewle

goodly mountain (n.) Slieau Aalin: and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain - as shilleygheddyn jehn cheer mie shen ta cheu elley dy Yordan, yn slieau aalin shen Bible

Granite Mountain (n.) Slieau ny Glagh

Hammer Mountain (n.) Ammell

Heather Mountain (n.) Slieau Reoaie

Horse Mountain (n.) Hross Fell

Kappi's Mountain (n.) Keppel

King's Mountain (n.) Slieau Ree

Lamb Mountain (n.) Lammall

Little Mountain (n.) Slieau Veg

Lord's Mountain (n.) Slieau Chiarn

Monks' Mountain (n.) Slieau ny Maynagh

Moss Mountain (n.) Purt Masool

mountain ash (n.) keirn

mountain avens (n.) lus ny binn

mountain bike (n.) roar-slieau

mountain box (n.) bwaane y clieau

mountain burn (n.) altan

Mountain Circuit (n.) (The) Coorse y Clieau

mountain climber drappeyder-sleityn

Mountain Enclosure (n.) Close Slieau

Mountain End (n.) Kione Slieau

mountain everlasting (n.) lus ny giyt

Mountain Field (n.) Magher y Clieau

mountain field (n.) giat

mountain finch (n.) ushag y cheirn

Mountain Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Lieau

Mountain Ground (n.) Thalloo Clieau

mountain guide (n.) oayllagh slieau

mountain hedge (n.) cleigh cloaie

mountain horehound (n.) stholk ny feeaihee

Mountain Hut (n.) Bwaag y Clieau

Mountain Marsh (n.) Curragh y Clieau

Mountain Mile (n.) Meeilley yn Clieau

Mountain Nook (n.) Cooil Slieau, Cooil Clieau

mountain pass (n.) beallagh

mountain people (npl.) lught ny sleityn

mountain ridge (n.) rheynn

Mountain Road (n.) Bayr 'n Ell; Giat y Clieau; Slieau Volley

mountain stream (n.) alt: The mountain stream is in spate - Ta'n alt lheim. DF idiom

mountain tarn (n.) loghan slieau

mountain top (n.) braid

Mountain View (n.) Reayrt ny Sleityn

Red Mountain (n.) Slieau Ruy

Ruddy Mountain (n.) Roze Fell

Shepherds' Mountain (n.) Slieau ny Maggle

Snow Mountain (n.) Snae Fell

Testicle Mountain (n.) Slieau ny Maggle

Ward Mountain (n.) Barrool

Watch Mountain (n.) Ward Fell

Bay Slope Mountain (n.) Slieau Lewaigue

Below the Mountain (n.) Fo Lieau

Corony Mountain Road (n.) Bayr Slieau ny Corony

Foot of the Mountain (n.) Boyn ny Beinney

Hammer Mountain Road (n.) Bayr Ammell

Joyful Lord Mountain (n.) Slieau Chiarn Gerjoil

Kill's Mountain Farm (n.) Balley Kill y Clieau

mountain ash cross (n.) crosh cheirn

Mountain Ash Field (n.) Magher y Cheirn

Mountain Ash Shore (n.) Traie Keirn

mountain bike race (n.) ratch roar-slieau

Mountain Foot Enclosure (n.) Close Fo Lieau

Mountain Land Road (n.) Bayr Halloo Clieau

Mountain Nook Field (n.) Magher y Chooill Slieau

Mountain of the Stones (n.) Slieau ny Glagh

Mountain Old Road (n.) Slieau Volley

Mountain Road Stream (n.) Strooan Bayr Lieau

Shepherds' Mountain Well (n.) Çhibbyr Slieau Maggle

Snaefell Mountain Railway (n.) Raad-Yiarn Sniaul, Raad-Yiarn Sniall

St Ciaran's Mountain (n.) Slieau Karrin

sweet mountain fern (n.) renniagh villish

Testicle Mountain Well (n.) Chibbyr Slieau Maggle

Two Mountain Point (n.) Gob ny Daa Slieau

Under the Mountain (n.) Fo Lieau; cosh y clieau: And ye came near and stood under the mountain - As haink shiu er-gerrey, as hass shiu ec cosh y clieau Bible

Under the Mountain East (n.) Fo Lieau Hiar

Under the Mountain West (n.) Fo Lieau Heear

Ward Mountain Quarter (n.) Kerroo Barool

Ward Mountain Stream (n.) Strooan Barrool

Isle of Man Mountain Rescue Dogs (npl.) Moddee-sauail Sleityn Vannin

Slieau Volley Mountain Old Road, Mountain Road

Chibbyr Slieau Maggle (f.) Brandywell; Testicle Mountain Well; Shepherds' Mountain Well

Slieau ny Maggle COMPARE Cronk ny Moghil Testicle Mountain, Shepherds' Mountain

Ammell Hammer Mountain

Barrool Ward Mountain

beallagh mountain pass

Bwoaillee Lieau Mountain Fold

Close Slieau Mountain Enclosure

Cooil Clieau Mountain Nook

Cooil Slieau Mountain Nook

drappeyder-sleityn mountain climber; mountaineer

Echewle Edge Mountain

Keppel Champion's Mountain: Haghyr shen ec Giat Keppel mysh feed minnid gys kiare fastyr jea - haink eh er dooinney va cur shilley er yn Ellan. BS; Kappi's Mountain

Kirkill Church Mountain [Scand]

Lammall Lamb Mountain [Scand]

loghan slieau mountain tarn

oayllagh slieau mountain guide

Purt Masool Moss Mountain

roar-slieau mountain bike

Roze Fell Ruddy Mountain

Slieau Aleyn Aleyn's Mountain

Slieau Chiarn Lord's Mountain

Slieau Curn Currin's Mountain

Slieau Doo Black Mountain

Slieau Freoaghane Bilberry Mountain

Slieau Lhean Broad Mountain

Slieau Meayl Bare Mountain

Slieau Ouyr Dun Mountain

Slieau Ree King's Mountain

Slieau Reoaie Heather Mountain

Slieau Ruy Red Mountain

Slieau Veg Little Mountain

Thalloo Clieau Mountain Ground

Bayr Ammell Hammer Mountain Road

Bayr 'n Ell Mountain Road

Bwaag y Clieau (f.) Mountain Hut

bwaane y clieau mountain box

Coorse y Clieau (The) Mountain Circuit

Curragh y Clieau Mountain Marsh

Fo Lieau Under the Mountain

Giat y Clieau Mountain Road

Hross Fell Horse Mountain [Scand]

Kerroo Barool Ward Mountain Quarter

lught ny sleityn mountain people

lus ny binn (f.) mountain avens

lus ny giyt (f.) mountain everlasting

Magher y Clieau Mountain Field

Meeilley yn Clieau (f.) Mountain Mile

Raad-Yiarn Sniall Snaefell Mountain Railway

Raad-Yiarn Sniaul Snaefell Mountain Railway

ratch roar-slieau mountain bike race

renniagh villish (f.) sweet mountain fern

Sart Fell Black Mountain [Scand]

Slieau Dhoo Sartfell, Black Mountain

Slieau Karrin St Ciaran's Mountain

Slieau Lewaigue Bay Slope Mountain

Slieau ny Glagh Granite Mountain

Slieau ny Maynagh Monks' Mountain

stholk ny feeaihee mountain horehound

Strooan Barrool Ward Mountain Stream

Traie Keirn Mountain Ash Shore

Ward Fell Watch Mountain [Scand]

Axen Fell Ash Mountain [Scand; GB]

Balley Kill y Clieau Kill's Mountain Farm

Bayr Halloo Clieau Mountain Land Road

Bayr Slieau ny Corony Corony Mountain Road

Boyn ny Beinney Foot of the Mountain

Close Fo Lieau Mountain Foot Enclosure

crosh cheirn (f.) keirn cross, mountain ash cross

Fo Lieau Heear Under the Mountain West

Fo Lieau Hiar Under the Mountain East

Gob ny Daa Slieau Two Mountain Point


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