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mooir (=Ir. muir) (f.) (pl -aghyn) See muir sea: cha vel y mooir lhieeney harrish Bible [O.Ir. muir]

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er mooir by water: Er cheer as er mooir. DF

har mooir oversea: hoilshee eh anchaslys eddyr ny Thallooyn har Mooir as ny Crogheenyn-Crooin, ta shen dy ghra, Mannin, Jersey as Guernsey. BS

Mooir Azov (f.) Sea of Azov

Mooir Bering (f.) Bering Sea

Mooir Hostyn (f.) (The) North Sea: V'eh er ny insh dooin dy vel Mooir Hostyn (Yn Keayn Twoaie myr t'ad gra rish 'sy Vaarle) GK

mooir lane (=Ir. mur-lan) high tide

mooir lhieeney (f.) flood tide, flowing tide

mooir reillt territorial sea

Mooir Vannin (f.) (The) Irish Sea: Ta shoh er chur er Reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit sthap shallidagh y chur er ceau tooilley orçh goul-rooragh ayns Mooir Vannin veih Sellafield. BS

Mooir Vretyn (f.) St. George's Channel

Mooir Weddell (f.) (The) Weddell Sea

Bing Cooney Har Mooir (f.) Overseas Aid Committee

colughtyn har mooir offshore companies

Mooir yn Amlee (f.) Sargasso Sea

Mooir yn Arctagh (f.) (The) Arctic Sea

Mooir yn Eeaght (f.) English Channel

Mooir y Tasman (f.) (The) Tasman Sea

Thallooyn harrish Mooir Overseas Territories

Bering Sea (n.) Mooir Bering

flowing tide (n.) mooir lhieeney

Irish Sea (n.) Mooir Vannin

oversea (adj., adv.) har mooir

territorial sea (n.) mooir reillt

Weddell Sea (n.) (The) Mooir Weddell

vooir (f.) See mooir (yn); (the) waves

ebb mooir-hraie; traih-varrey

English Channel (n.) Mooir yn Eeaght

hydrographic (adj.) mooir-chaslyssagh

hydrographical (adj.) mooir-chaslyssagh

hydrography (n.) mooir-chaslyssaght

low tide (n.) mooir-hraie

oceanography (n.) mooir-oaylleeaght

offshore companies (npl.) colughtyn har mooir

Overseas Territories (npl.) Thallooyn harrish Mooir

Sargasso Sea (n.) Mooir yn Amlee

sea-green (n., adj.) gorrym-ghlass, mooir-ghlass

Sea of Azov (n.) Mooir Azov

sea piece mooir-chaslys

seaworthiness (n.) mooir-aarlooid

St. George's Channel (n.) Mooir Vretyn

Tasman Sea (n.) Mooir y Tasman

mooir-aarlooid (f.) seaworthiness

mooir-aker (f.) sheet anchor

mooir-chaslys (f.) sea chart, sea piece, seascape

mooir-chaslyssagh (f.) hydrographic, hydrographical

mooir-chaslyssaght (f.) hydrography

mooir-chummaght (f.) sea power

mooir-ghlass sea-green

mooir-hraie (f.) ebb, low tide, low water: Ta mee deinagh jeh'n chaggey, lesh bratagh as roon, D'aag mooir-hraie jeh'n olley mee Keeirit, annoon . Coraa

mooir-oaylleeaght (f.) oceanography

mooir-oayllys (f.) navigation

mooir-veeiley (f.) knot

Arctic Sea (n.) (The) Mooir yn Arctagh; (Yn) Vooir Arctagh

flood tide (n.) lhieeney, lhieeney marrey, mooir lhieeney, roayrt

low water (n.) mooir-hraie, traih, traih-varrey

navigation (n.) lhuingysseyraght, mooir-oayllys, shiaulley, stiurey

North Sea (n.) (The) Mooir Hostyn; (Yn) Keayn Twoaie

Overseas Aid Committee (n.) Bing Cooney Har Mooir

sea chart (n.) caslys marrey, mooir-chaslys

sea power (n.) cummaght varrey; mooir-chummaght

seascape (n.) caslys marrey; mooir-chaslys; reayrt marrey

sheet anchor (n.) aker varrey; mooir-aker

by water er mooir; er y cheayn; er yn ushtey

high tide (n.) lane marrey; mooir lane; mullagh ny marrey; roayrt ec y vullagh; roayrt lhieent

knee (v.) bwoalley lesh y ghlioon; (n.) glioon: The trouble is seated in the knee - 'Sy ghlioon ta mooir yn olk. DF idiom; gliooney

knot1 (n.) car, cayr; cront; knot; mooir-veeiley; (n., v.) sniem; (v.) crontal, cur cront er, sniemmey

sea (n.) faarkey; Juan Gorrym; keayn: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; mooir: Is the sea not calm enough? - Nagh vel y vooir kiune dy-liooar? JJK idiom; cheayn; muir; (the); (yn) aarkey; (gen.) marrey

ghoo See doo black: casley rish Pangloss as rish y shenn ennym Mooir Marmara ta kiangley ry cheilley yn Vooir Ghoo as yn Vooir Veanagh CnyO; See goo voice: clasht-jee rish my ghoo Bible

Goal (f.) Britain, Gaul: Cha nel eh cho doillee as v'eh dy chur er reiltys ny Goal yn eeastagh-skeddan y lhiettal ayns Mooir ny hErin. Carn; (person) Gaul; foreigner, lowlander

Keayn Twoaie (Yn); (The) North Sea: V'eh er ny insh dooin dy vel Mooir Hostyn (Yn Keayn Twoaie myr t'ad gra rish 'sy Vaarle), faarkey feer hrong agh cha vaik shin baatey elley erbee derrey rosh shin ny magheryn ooill. GK

Reiltys Vannin Manx Government: va reiltys Vannin shirrey er reiltys ny Goal, eh dy lhiettal yn eeastagh-skeddan ayns Mooir ny hErin. Carn


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