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Mee ny Nollick (=Ir. na Nollag) (f.) December: Nish t'ad g'emnys Mean Gheuree 'Mee ny Nollick' agh 'syn eash chaie va shass greiney geuree yn feailley hie er cummal 'sy vee shen. Dhoor

mee (=Ir. , ) (pron) I, me: Honnick ny deiney aegey mee Bible; (f.) pl. meeghyn :2 loin: chryss ad aanrit-sack mysh nyn meeghyn Bible; pl. meeghyn pl. meeaghyn month: Mee er dy henney, hug mish shilley er ny hEllanyn Sheear son y chied cheayrt. Carn [O.Ir. ]

Inexact matches:

like mee gollrhym, gollrhym's; (emph.) gollrhym-pene

cooney mee-staartaght unemployment pay

coontey mee-chiart misreckoning

dy mee-chrauee wickedly: ren eh ad y gheyrey gys toyrt-mow bollagh, jannoo sampleyr jeu dauesyn yinnagh ny lurg shen baghey dy mee-chrauee Bible

Hioll mee I had well nigh

jannoo mee-yeelys disaffect

Mee Boaldyn (=Ir. na Bealtaine) May: Va'n possan shoh currit er bun ayns Mee Boaldyn, nurree. Dhoor

Mee Houney (=Ir. na Samhna) (f.) November: Ayns Mee Houney, ta Sheshaght Connolly as y Choonseil cour Seyrsynys Theayagh Carn

Mee Luanistyn (=Ir. Lúnasa) (f.) August: Ayns Mee Luanistyn va conaant reaghit eddyr Mannin, Nerin as y Ghoal ry hoi coadey yn skeddan. Carn

mee phoosee honeymoon

Mee Vuigh (f.) July

tiggad mee monthly ticket

chouds s'bio mee as long as I live

Coontae ny Mee (f.) Meath

cur gys mee-ymmyd misappropriate, misappropriation

cur mee-aaraa er misquote

cur mee-haitnys er displease

cur mee-hyndaa er mistranslate

cur mee-unnaneys er disunite

cur mee vaght er misinterpret

cur mee-vluckan er no-ball

cur mee-yss da misinform

Faag void mee (intj) Leave me alone

jannoo mee-earroo er miscalculate

jannoo mee-vriwnys er misjudge

jannoo mee-ymmyd jeh misapply

jeh Mee Houney of November: Hed shoh er cummal yn shiaghtin s'jerree jeh Mee Houney. Dhoor

loayrt dy mee-chairagh speak unrighteously: Son tad loayrt dy mee-chairagh dtoi Bible

Mee ny Boaldyn (f.) May: Ghow Rennell mac Olaf toshiaght dy reill ayns Mannin er y cheyoo laa jeh Mee ny Boaldyn. Chron

Mee ny Boaldyney (f.) May

Mee ny Cooagyn (f.) May

mee ny heayst (f.) lunar month

Mee ny Mannan (f.) March: Share craght ve er y cheer na Mee ny Mannan cheet stiagh meein. Dhoor

mee ny molley (f.) honeymoon

Mee ny re (f.) lunar month

Mee s'jerree y gheuree January: Va turrys liauyr aym, ny smoo na kiare ooyrn as feed, agh 'sy voghrey er y jeihoo laa Mee s'jerree y gheuree 1997 rosh mee PNG. Dhoor

Mee s'jerree yn arree April

Mee s'jerree yn ouyir October: Ayns mee s'jerree yn Ouyir, tra d'aase ny laghyn ny s'girrey, feayr as fliugh, cha row mee dy mennick ec y Whallag as cha row monney obbyr goll er ec Ballaskeig Dhoor

Mee s'jerree yn touree July

Mee veanagh y gheuree December: Hooar eh baase ayns Liverpool, ec y Thie-Lheihys Broadgreen, yn chied laa as feed, Mee veanagh y gheuree. Coraa

Mee veanagh yn arree March

Mee veanagh yn ouyir (f.) September

Mee veanagh yn touree (f.) June

ooilley mee hene egoistical; all myself: Cha nel mee ooilley mee hene jiu. DF

Shee bannee mee (intj) By gosh, Golly, Lord bless me, My Goodness, My word, Oh dear

Ta mee graihagh er I love

ta mee mayrt I am with thee: Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

May (n.) Boaldyn, Mee Boaldyn; (Yn) chied vee jeh'n Tourey; Mee ny Boaldyn; Mee ny Boaldyney; Mee ny Cooagyn; Toshiaght Souree

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible

me (pron) mee: The man I wrote to hasn't yet answered me - Yn dooinney huggeysyn screeu mee, cha nel eh foast er n'ansoor mee. JJK idiom; mish: Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed - Smaynrey ta mee, son nee ny mraane genmys mish bannit Bible

heayin (ny); (the) lambs: As hie mee er nyn eiyrts, as woaill mee ad, as livrey mee ny heayin ass nyn meeal Bible

Kanys ta shiu (interrog.) How are you: Dinsh mee da dy row mee ayns slaynt vie as vrie mee jeh "Kanys ta shiu hene?" JC

mioyral lively, sensitive: ta mee cha mioyral jiu as va mee er y laa hug Moses mee er y chaghteraght: Bible

shynney love: Shynney lhiam adsyn shynney lhieu mee, as adsyn hirrys mee dy leah, yiow ad mee. Bible

am ta: I am much obliged to him for remembering me - Ta mee lane kianlt booise da son cooinaghtyn mee. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel; nagh vel: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom

December (n.) Mee ny Nollick: Up to the thirty-first of December - Derrey yn chied laa jeig as feed jeh Mee ny Nollick. DF idiom; Mee veanagh y gheuree

honeymoon (n.) mee ny molley, mee phoosee

lunar month (n.) mee ny heayst, Mee ny re

cho (=Ir. chomh) as, so: Cho leah as hoig mee dy kiart dy nee Manninagh mish, hoig mee dy row mee eginit dy yannoo caggey noi pooar erbee ta jannoo tranlaase er sleih. Carn

chumm held: Chumm mee my hengey, as cha loayr mee veg: va mee my-host, dy jarroo veih goan mie; agh va shoh pian as trimshey dou. Bible

deaisht listened: Deaisht mee as chlin mee

er woalley has struck; have struck: T'ad er woalley mee, nee oo gra, as cha row mee guint; t'ad er my yeeaylley, as cha dennee mee eh: cuin nee'm doostey? Bible

giarrag (f.) (of paper) clipping: Hooar mee yn skeeal shoh veih lioar giarrag Markys Braide, agh ta mee bunnys shickyr nish t'eh clouit ayms dy vel mee er lhaih eh boayl ennagh elley. Dhoor; cutting, scrap, snippet

guinn y vaaish pain of death: As dooyrt eh rhym reesht, Shass, ta mee guee ort, orrym, as marr mee ass y raad; son ta mee ayns guinn y vaaish, ga dy vel ennal foast aynym. Bible

obbaltagh abstainer: Ghiall mee shen dy jeean as ta mee er reayll y ghialdyn shen, ta mee er ve slane obbaltagh car my vioys! JG; refusing

slane coardailys unison: Ta mee ayns slane coardailys riu mychione shen, ta mish hene er ve screeu ta mee er neddin as ta mee er noll son she shen yn aght ta shin fockley magh ad Dhoor

slane obbaltagh bone-dry, teetotal: Ghiall mee shen dy jeean as ta mee er reayll y ghialdyn shen, ta mee er ve slane obbaltagh car my vioys! JG; teetotaller, total abstainer

smeyr ghoo (f.) bramble berry: honnick mee eh reesht as ga dy row e ennym jarroodit aym, dyllee mee er, 'Bannee mee! Feeyn smeyr ghoo,' as va cooinaght er orrym. Carn

three See tree three: Three keayrtyn va mee custit lesh slattyn, un cheayrt va mee er my chlaghey, three keayrtyn duillee mee coayl-lhuingey oie Bible

tram tram: Raink mee Rhumsaa mysh lieh lurg tree 'syn astyr, ghow mee cappan dy chaffee ayns shen as haink mee er ash dys Doolish er y tram lectragh. Dhoor

yannoo veg (dy); (to) loaf about, do nothing: Tra raink mee Ellan Vannin reesht va mee g'ennaghtyn dy row mee ayns Sostyn, ny boayl ennagh elley, boayl nagh vel traa ec peiagh erbee dy yannoo veg. Carn

Booise da Jee (intj) Thank goodness, Thanks be to God: Ta mee ayds slaynt mie, booise da Jee, as ta mee geddyn bit dy bee voish laa gys laa, as choud's ta mee geddyn shen, cha bee aggle dou, yiowym trooid anshaght. Coraa

keayrt ny ghaa divers times, many a time, on several occasions: Eisht honnick mee Thom cur lesh e laue harrish e hooillyn keayrt ny ghaa as tra hug mee jerrey er y ghrane, honnick mee dy row jeir ayns ny sooillyn echey Coraa

laccalit wanted: Chronnee mee nagh row mee laccalit. DF

tammylt beg short time: Nish va fys ec Yeesey dy row ad aignagh dy enaght jeh, as dooyrt eh roo, Vel shiu briaght nyn mast' eu hene, er-y-fa dy dooyrt mee, Tammylt beg, as cha vaik shiu mee: as reesht, tammylt beg as hee shiu mee? Bible; shortly

deafen (v.) bouyraghey: You deafen mee - T'ou bouyraghey mee. JJK idiom

mee-aighar unfortunate: Ta shin mee-aighar. JJK

mee-ooashley dishonour: ta shiuish cur mee-ooashley dooys. Bible; disrespect

mee-ouryssagh doubtful: cre'n-fa v'ou mee-ouryssagh? Bible

mee-unnaneyssit disunited: Va Britain (sic) mee-unnaneyssit. Carn

meeviallys disobedience: Son myr liorish mee-viallys un dooinney va ymmodee jeant nyn beccee Bible; non-compliance, rebelliousness; transgression: cha leih eh diu nyn mee-viallys, ny nyn beccaghyn. Bible; rebellion: Son ta mee-viallys myr y peccah dy obbeeys Bible

sarit decreed, enjoined: Er shoh ren mee phadeyrys, myr va mee sarit Bible

shirree shall seek: Shirree shiu mee, agh cha vow shiu mee Bible

ta (=Ir. ) am, are, is: Ta mee shen ny ta mee Bible

disturb (v.) anveaghey; boirey: Don't disturb me while I'm writing - Ny boir mee choud's ta mee screeu. JJK idiom

grasp1 greim: I freed myself from his grasp - Deayshil mee mee hene ass y ghreim echey. DF idiom; greimmey

of November Souney; jeh Mee Houney: The fifth of November - Yn queigoo laa jeh Mee Houney. DF idiom

writing (n.) screeudeyrys; (v.) screeu: Don't disturb me while I'm writing - Ny boir mee choud's ta mee screeu. JJK idiom

aarlee (=Ir. ullmhaigh) cooking: As dreggyr mee, Ta mee fakin pot aarlee, as te soit lesh y twoaie. Bible

almond pl. almondyn almond: As dooyrt mee, Ta mee fakin slat dy villey-almond. Bible

bracelettyn bracelets: Hoie mee magh oo myrgeddin dy stoamey, as hug mee bracelettyn er dty laueyn Bible

cainleyryn candlesticks: As tra va mee er jyndaa, honnick mee shiaght cainleyryn dy airh Bible

cassanyn paths: Ta mee er dty ynsagh ayns raad ny creenaght: ta mee er dty leeideil ayns cassanyn jeeragh Bible

dênee asked: As denee mee jee, as dooyrt mee, Quoi da inneen oo? Bible

dooiagh native: Cha geayll mee as cha naik mee red erbee nagh row dy-jeeragh ass tradishoon dooiagh Ellan Vannin. Carn

er dyn traa ever since: Ta mee er ve fo dty chiarail er dyn traa ruggyr mee Bible

ghow took: As ghow mee feer olk rish, , tra cheayll mee yn plaiynt oc, as ny goan shoh Bible

gyn-loght sinless: Er-nonney, my va mee mie haink mee stiagh ayns corp gyn-loght. Apoc

hraisht pressed: ghow mee ny messyn-feeyney, as hraisht mee ad ayns cappan Pharaoh Bible

jannoo mirrilyn working miracles: Tra honnick mee 'Cothrom', smooinee mee dy vel ny Albinee jannoo mirrilyn nish. Carn

mee-viallys rebellion, transgression: er-yn-oyr dy vel eh er n'ynsaghey mee-viallys noi'n Chiarn

meriu with you: Shee ta mee dy aagail meriu, my hee ta mee dy choyrt diu Bible

orchardyn orchards: Ren mee dou hene garaghyn as orchardyn as hoie mee ayndoo dy chooilley cheint y villey mess Bible

phluck plucked: As vrish mee cab y vee-chrauee, as phluck mee yn spooilley ass e eeacklyn. Bible

saa2 (=Ir. níos óige) (ny) junior, younger: Agh nish ta mee ayns faghid dauesyn ta ny saa na mee hene Bible

shaghyd passed you: tra hie mee shaghyd, as tra honnick mee oo sollit ayns dty uill hene Bible

sheeyn magh extend: Sheeyn magh dty laue veih'n yrjid: livrey mee, as saue mee, veih ny ushtaghyn mooarey Bible

soilshey yn theihll light of the world: Choud as ta mee ayns y theihll, mee soilshey yn theihll. Bible

thie goaldee guesthouse, hotel, private hotel: Tra va mee ayns La Palma, hannee mee ayns thie goaldee feer vie. Dhoor

traa giare short time: Agh ta mee treishteil ayns y Chiarn, dy jig-yms mee hene myrgeddin ayns traa giare. Bible

tradishoon (pl -yn) (oral) tradition: Cha geayll mee as cha naik mee red erbee nagh row dy-jeeragh ass tradishoon dooiagh Ellan Vannin. Carn

Vummig (voc.) See mummig Mother: As yinnagh Freddie geamagh er ash, "Ta mee aynshoh, vummig, ta mee cheet nish." LC

wooiys (dy); (to) please: Son vel mee nish geearree foayr gheiney, ny foayr Yee? ny vel mee shirrey dy wooiys deiney? Bible

afar (adv.) er-foddey; foddey; foddey jeh: I saw it from afar - Honnick mee eh foddey jeh. DF idiom; foddey magh; foddey voish: I saw him from afar - Honnick mee foddey voym eh. DF idiom; sy yioyn

answered ansoorit; dansoor: The man I wrote to hasn't yet answered me - Yn dooinney huggeysyn screeu mee, cha nel eh foast er n'ansoor mee. JJK idiom; dreggyr; freggyrit

approve (v.) coontey mie jeh: I approve of it - Ta mee coontey mie jeh. DF idiom; lowal rish: I do not approve of that young man - Cha nel mee lowal rish y fer aeg shen. DF idiom

asking fenaght; feyshtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee feyshtey. DF idiom; keishtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee keishtey. DF idiom

cheated mollit; molley: The man of whom I bought the horse has cheated me - Yn dooinney voishyn chionnee mee y cabbyl shoh t'eh er volley mee. JJK idiom

comfortable (adj.) gerjoil, soaillagh, sonnyssagh, souyr; gerjoilagh: I was so comfortable when you woke me - Va mee cha gerjoilagh tra ghooisht shiu mee. JJK idiom

evening1 (n.) fastyr: The lady I was speaking to has invited me for this evening - Yn ven-seyr rishyn va mee loayrt, t'ee er chuirrey mee son yn astyr jiu. JJK idiom; fastyragh

fearful (adj.) goaill aggle: I am fearful - Ta mee goaill aggle. DF idiom; faitagh: I am fearful - Ta mee faitagh. DF idiom; owanagh

from them voue, vouesyn; j'eu: I am breeding from them - Ta mee geddyn sluight j'eu. DF idiom; roo: I broke away from them - Scarr mee roo. DF idiom

Golly (intj) Shee bannee mee

helpless (adj.) anheiltagh, er troggloo, gyn cooney; ymmyrchagh: O deliver me, for I am helpless and poor - O livrey mee, son ta mee ymmyrchagh as gyn cooney Bible

I (pron) mee: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom; (emph.) mish: I'm not as learned as he - Cha nel mish cha ynsit as eshyn. JJK idiom

I love shynney lhiam: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom; Ta mee graihagh er: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom

in a trance my neealloo: and in a trance I saw a vision - as myr va mee my-neealloo, honnick mee ayns ashlish Bible

July (n.) Jerrey Souree: Tynwald Fair is held on the fifth of July - Ta Margey Keeill Eoin cummit yn wheiggoo laa jeh Jerrey Souree. JJK idiom; Mee s'jerree yn touree; Mee Vuigh

Manx1 (n.) Gaelg, Gailck: I don't speak much Manx - Cha nel mee taggloo monney Gaelg. JJK idiom; (n.) Manninish; (Yn) Ghaelg; (n., adj.) Manninagh: Yes, I read it in a Manx newspaper - Ren, lhaih mee eh ayns pabyr Manninagh. JJK idiom; (adj.) Gaelgagh

March (n.) Mart: On the fifth of March - Er y wheigoo laa jeh Mart. DF idiom; Mayrnt, Mean Arree, Mee ny Mannan, Mee veanagh yn arree

Meath (n.) Coontae ny Mee

month (n.) mee

monthly ticket (n.) tiggad mee

myself1 (pron) mee-hene: I shall go there myself - He'm dys shen mee-hene. JJK idiom

not (adv.) cha: I am not at home - Cha nel mee ec y thie. JJK idiom; nagh: Was I not ready to do it? - Nagh row mee aarloo dy yannoo eh? JJK idiom; ny

pray (v.) goaill padjer; guee; guee er: Pray, do introduce me - Ta mee guee erriu, cur mee er enney. JJK idiom

reading lhaih: I haven't got it; I read it, and after reading it, I placed it on your desk - Cha nel aym eh; lhaih mee eh, as lurg lhaih eh, hug mee er nyn grannag eh. JJK idiom

seized glackit; goit; greimmit; tayrit; glack: I seized the opportunity - Ghlack mee yn caa. JJK idiom; gleck: I seized the opportunity - Ghleck mee y caa. DF idiom

unfortunate (adj.) donney, drogh-aighagh; mee-aighar: We are unfortunate - Ta shin mee-aighar. JJK idiom; meefortanagh; meehaghyrtagh

unmanly (adj., adv.) dendeaysagh, gyn feroilaght, meeferoil; mee-yrryn: Unmanly thing - Red mee-yrryn. DF idiom

was not1 cha row: The child was not tired - Cha row yn lhiannoo skee. JJK idiom; nagh row: Plainly I was not wanted - Chronnee mee nagh row mee laccalit. DF idiom

witnesses (npl.) feanishyn: And I subscribed the evidence, and sealed it, and took witnesses - As hug mee my laue as seal gys y vargane, as ghow mee feanishyn Bible

anshaght somehow: ta mee geddyn bit dy bee voish laa gys laa, as choud's ta mee geddyn shen, cha bee aggle dou, yiowym trooid anshaght. Coraa

awiney (gen.) of a river: Ta raink mee Los Tilos, hooill mee rish y lhiabbee awiney hirrym trooid braaid dowin. Dhoor; freshwater; riverside

Balley Chashtal Castletown: Ec y Chingeesh 'sy vlein 1930 ren mee markiaght er "cabbyl yiarn" dys Balley Chashtal as ayns shen veeit mee rish my charrey Bob Harrison. MB

beeagh would be: ghow mee yn cryss veih'n boayl raad dollee mee eh; as cur-my-ner, van cryss loau, cha beeagh eh veg. Bible

b'laik lhiam I should like: Ren mee cur booise da as dooyrt mee rish b'laik lhiam cheet er ash laa elley dy chlashtyn tooilley Gaelg. MB

Boddagh Boyde: Hug mee jerrey er y vlieauney dy moghey, ta Ned Boddagh geddyn poost jiu, t'ou cooinaght, as ghiall mee dy gholl sheese as cur daue car er y fiddle. Coraa

boir 1 trouble: Ny boir mee tan dorrys nish jeight, as ta my chloansy lhiabbee marym Bible; 2 racked a: Voir mee er my hinchyn lesh Bible

brashleid (f.) bangle, bracelet, wristlet: ghow mee yn crown v'er e chione, as y brashleid v'er e roih, as ta mee er choyrt lhiam ad gys my hiarn. Bible

bwoalley magh (of trail) blaze; hammer out: ta mee er chroo yn gaaue ta sheidey ny smarageyn 'syn aile, as ta bwoalley magh greie son e obbyr hene: as ta mee er chroo yn stroider dy choyrt mow. Bible; tick out

cha myn as joan as small as dust: Eisht cha myn as joan y thallooin ren mee ad y woalley; myr laagh ny straidyn ren mee ad y stampey, as skeayley ad dy lhean. Bible

chiartaghey (dy); (to) correct: Son yn oyr shoh daag mee oo ayns Crete, dy chiartaghey ny reddyn ta ergooyl, as dy phointeil shirveishee ayns dagh ardvalley, my r doardee mee dhyt. Bible

chingys ghailley (f.) digestive trouble, stomach ache, bellyache: Va chingys ghailley agglagh jannoo orrym yn shiaghtin va mee son reaghey Dhooraght, as va mee currit gys y thie lheihys rish laa ny ghaa. Dhoor

cliogaragh croaker, croaking, croaky: Eisht begin dou jannoo red ennagh, agh ren mee brock jeh; va yn chiaulleeaght ayms gollrish cliogaragh yn rannag vooar, as chossyn mee moylley-craidey as garaghtee ard. Dhoor

co-beayn as one: Eisht va mee liorish, myr co-beayn rish: as va mee e haitnys gagh-laa, goaill boggey dy kinjagh kiongoyrt rish Bible; co-eternal

coloayrt chat, confabulate, converse, parley: Tra honnick mee uss as ish coloayrt ayns shen gollrish daa henn charrey, ren mee bunnys tuittym er y lout! JC

crankal bang, knock, tap: Tra nagh ren Mnr as Bnr Jones cheet neose dy gheddyn anjeeal haink mee neese as ren mee crankal er y dorrys. SF; rap

doo (=Ir. dubh) black, dark, dirty, ink, inky, negroid, sable: As yeeagh mee, as honnick mee cabbyl doo Bible; black-haired, black headed; bold [O.Ir. dub]

dorraghys doo pitch darkness: Son doghan inneen my phobble ta mee doghanit; ta mee 'sy dorraghys doo; ta atchim er my ghreimmey. Bible

drogh-yien bad temper, ill-nature: Va mee gennaghtyn dy ve ayns drogh-yien, feayr as faase, as 'scoan va mee jerkal dy chosney yn eaghtyr reesht. LC; sadness

emshyragh meteorological: Ayns Mee Vayrnt, v'eh ny smoo feayr agh ny s'grianee na t'eh cliaghtey ve ayns mee veanagh, coardail rish fysseree veih'n Oik Emshyragh. BS

ennalaghey aspirate, aspiration, breathe, breathing apparatus: Lhisagh 'ta mee er ngoaill' ve ayn, agh share lhiams 'ta mee er ghoaill' lesh ennalaghey er-yn-oyr dy vel eh ny s'assey dy ghra. Dhoor

er ny son ocsyn for them: Ta mee guee ort er nyn son: cha vel mee guee son theihll, agh er ny son ocsyn t'ou er choyrt dou, son she lhiat hene ad. Bible

Fo Ghlion Near the Glen: Harlheim mee veih'n varroose faggys da Los Tilos, as ghow mee toshiaght shooyl rish y raad fo ghlion. Dhoor

funnyl funnel: lurg tammylt choud's lhie mee my chadley cheayll mee ec mean oie screeaghyn giarey cheet veih'n feddan bree er y funnyl. Dhoor

gollrhym like mee

gollrhym's like mee: ta mee goll gys y Raue dy chur shilley er y ree m'ayr, t'er choayl e stoylreeoil chiart gollrhym's as gollrish my haner CnyO

guint dy trome seriously wounded, sore smitten: Ta mee moal, as guint dy trome: ta mee er yllaghey son eer angaish my chree. Bible

gyn cooney feckless, helpless, singly, unaided: O livrey mee, son ta mee ymmyrchagh as gyn cooney: as ta my chree guint cheu-sthie jee'm. Bible

hem roym I will depart: Hem roym dy valley gys my chied heshey, son va mee ny s'maynrey mârishyn, na ta mee nish. Bible

hoshiaght ooilley first of all: Son livrey mee diu hoshiaght ooilley shen ny hooar mee hene myrgeddin, kys dy dooar Creest baase son nyn beccaghyn cordail rish ny scriptyryn Bible

jannoo fegooish go without: Cha dod mee jannoo fegooish gynsaghey Gaelg, as va mee laccal loayrt ee car y traa. Carn

jeelane (n.) diary: Va mee lhaih er ynnyd-eggey Phil Kelly art screeut mychione 'Marstrander's Dagbok' shen dy ghra 'Jeelane Marstrander' er y gherrid as va mee coontey ram jeh. Dhoor; (f.) delaine

jystyn dishes: Mysh tree cluig lurg munlaa, ta shen dy ghra, lieh oor lurg 'nane er y chlag, ghow mee yn ushtey va ny jystyn er ve strullit ayn as cheau mee eh harrish cheu ny lhuingey JC

Keeill Abban (=Ir. Cill Ab) (f.) St. Luke's Church: Tra ren mee roshtyn Keeill Abban, va my chooat as my ghansee ayns my phoagey as va mee er n'ee ooilley ny 'berreenyn Jaffa'. Dhoor

keylaghey bore, choke, constrict, constriction, contraction, dilution, slim, taper, weakening, whittle down; (as mixture) watering, weaken, dilute; edge: Ren mee keylaghey mee hene stiagh 'sy chamyr. DF

kiare-filley fourfold, four-ply, quadruple, quadruplicate: as my ta mee er ghoaill red erbee dy molteyragh veih dooinney erbee, ta mee jannoo lhiassaghey kiare-filley da. Bible

lane fea restful: Cur-jee my-ner lesh nyn sooillyn, kys nagh vel mee er ghoaill mooarane deinys, as ta mee er gheddyn dou hene lane fea. Apoc

laue-jeant artificial; handmade: Hooar mee ayns shen lheid y cliaghtey as nagh dod mee geddyn ayns Sostyn er yn oyr va dy chooilley nhee laue-jeant; cha row greienys erbee elley agh saaue as "gas-engine". JG

lieckanyn cheeks: Heb mee my ghreeym dauesyn ren m'y woalley, as my lieckanyn dauesyn va raipey jee'm yn aasaag; cha dollee mee my eddin veih nearey as shellaghyn. Bible

mee-cheeayllee fools: Cha vel lurgaghyn y chroobagh corrym: myr shen ta raa creeney ayns beeal ny mee-cheeayllee. Bible

mee-chooyrtoil discourteous, impolite: Cha vod ad toiggal yn eulys mee-chooyrtoil ta goll er ayns Nerin. Carn

mee-chraueeaght wickedness: Son she uss y Jee nagh vel veg y taitnys ayd ayns mee-chraueeaght Bible

mee-chredjuagh faithless: Agh adsyn ta faitagh, as mee-chredjuagh, as adsyn ta cur rish obbraghyn dwoaiagh Bible

mee-hushtey folly, ignorance, madness, simplicity: Strooys dy nee trooid mee-hushtey ren shiu eh Bible

mee-rioose idleness: as trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn ta'n faarn shilley trooid y chlea Bible

meeyllagh insectlike, pedicular; lousy, verminous: Va mee hannah er ve gys yn Egypt as gys y Cheayn Doo rish  queig marrinyssyn as va mee skee jeeaghyn er ny hEgyptee meeyllagh breinn as ny  sooillyn doghanit ocsyn JC

mee-ynrick dishonest, disingenuous, faithless, morally crooked, unscrupulous: ta treishteil ny mee-ynrick goll naardey Bible

mooir-hraie (f.) ebb, low tide, low water: Ta mee deinagh jeh'n chaggey, lesh bratagh as roon, D'aag mooir-hraie jeh'n olley mee Keeirit, annoon . Coraa

my neealloo in a faint, in a trance, swoon: va mee ec padjer ayns y chiamble, dy huitt mee my-neealloo Bible

nagh moo neither: Chamoo daink mee quaiyl rish kiaulleyder dooie erbee, nagh moo vel mee er chloie marish peiagh erbee elley Carn

Niar Foddey (Y); (The) Far East: Ta mee er ve shiaulley mygeayrt y theihll rish ny smoo na daeed vlein, son y chooid smoo 'sy Niar Foddey, as ta mee er n'akin ram buill foayssagh. JC

oayllys (f.) awareness, dope, guidance, information, know-how, knowledge, lore: Hug mee yn skeeal shen da Phillie Gawne, myr dooyrt eh, agh cha ren Phillie soilshaghey cre'n aght hooar mee yn oayllys shen ayns y toshiaght. Dhoor

orrym-pene (emph.) on me, on myself: Shen ny va raipit liorish beishtyn, cha dug mee lhiam hood: ghow mee yn coayl orrym-pene; mish hass roish edyr eh ve geiddit 'sy laa, ny geiddit 'syn oie. Bible

phoint appointed: Eisht hug mee lhiam seose princeyn Yudah er y voalley, as phoint mee daa heshaght vooar dy choyrt booise, yn derrey ayrn jeu hie gys y laue yesh er y voalley? Bible

rish y traie alongshore: Tra va mee shooyl rish y traie, honnick mee shirragh y ree getlagh dys claghyn mooarey ennagh. Dhoor

scoillaragh academical: Va mee mysh mee smooinaghtyn myr shen, agh haink eh dy ve baghtal dou dy moal dy vel Shorys cummal ayns seihll elley, as shen seihll scoillaragh. Dhoor


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