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many1 (adj.) mooaran; mooarane: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom; ram; shimmey; shymmey; ymmodee: Many sheep were lost in the snow - Va ymmodee kirree er nyn goayl 'sy sniaghtey. JJK idiom

many2 (npl.) (the); (yn) vonney

Inexact matches:

as many quilleen; whilleen: I've as many books as they have - Ta whilleen dy lioaryn ayms as t'ocsyn. JJK idiom

doing many jannoo ymmodee

great many ymmodee mooar; mooarane: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom

How many (interrog.) Cre whilleen; C'woad; C'wooad; Quoid: How many degrees of frost? - Quoid keim dy rio? JJK idiom

making many (v.) jannoo ymmodee

many colours caglaaghyn daah: his coat of many colours that was on him - e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh Bible

many ones (npl.) feallagh ny ghaa

many years (npl.) ymmodee bleeantyn: But if a man live many years - Agh ga dy vel dooinney er cheau ymmodee bleeantyn Bible; mooarane bleeantyn: If there be yet many years behind - My vees mooarane bleeantyn ergooyl Bible; bleeantyn foddey: Yet many years didst thou forbear them - Foast, dymmyrk oo lhieu ry bleeantyn foddey Bible; whilleen blein: these many years do I serve thee - ta mish rish whilleen blein shen ayns dty hirveish bible

so many whilleen

too many rour

very many ymmodee: there were very many in the open valley - va ymmodee jeu ayns y choan foshlit Bible; weight

as many of you as wheesh jiu as

book of many volumes (n.) yl-lioar

great many people niart mooinjer

in many respects ayns ymmodee aghtyn

many a day laa ny ghaa

many a time keayrt ny ghaa; (ny) keayrtyn; ymmodee keayrtyn; shimmey keayrt: many a time turned he his wrath away - shimmey keayrt hyndaa eh e chorree ersooyl Bible

many happy returns laa ruggyree sonney dhyt

whilleen See whillin as many, as much as, so many: ta mish rish whilleen blein shen ayns dty hirveish Bible

ymmodee (=Ir. iomad) frequent, manifold, numerous, several, very many, sundry: smooinee er bleeantyn ymmodee sheelogheyn Bible; many [O.Ir. imdae]

jannoo ymmodee making many, doing many: bee er dty choyrlaghey: jeh jannoo ymmodee lioaryn cha vel jerrey erbee as ta smooinaghtyn dowin deinys dan challin Bible; pluralize

mooaran many, much

mooarane (=Ir. mórán) great deal, lot, many, more numerous, much, multitude: Ver oo lhiat mooarane rass magh gys y vagher Bible; considerable; great many [O.Ir. mór]

whilleen blein many years

ymmodee mooar great many

lords (npl.) chiarnyn: as there be gods many, and lords many - myr ta jeeghyn ymmodee, as chiarnyn ymmodee Bible; mainshtyryn: We are lords; we will come no more unto thee? - Ta shin nyn mainshtyryn hene; cha jig mayd ny-sodjey hoods? Bible

many-coloured yl-daahagh

many-eyed (adj.) yl-hooillagh

many-headed (adj.) yl-chioneagh

many-roomed yl-hamyragh

many-sided cast; yl-heuagh

C'woad (interrog.) How many, How much

feallagh ny ghaa many ones

niart mooinjer great many people

quilleen See whilleen as many

yl-chioneagh many-headed

yl-daahagh many-coloured, multicoloured, polychromatic

yl-hamyragh many-roomed

yl-heuagh many-sided, multilateral

yl-hooillagh many-eyed, multi-ocular

yl-lioar book of many volumes

laa ruggyree sonney dhyt many happy returns

vonney See monney :2 (yn); (the) many; particle

wheesh jiu as as many of you as

bleeantyn foddey many years: Foast, dymmyrk oo lhieu ry bleeantyn foddey Bible

Cre whilleen (interrog.) How many: Cre whilleen ta laghyn dty harvaant Bible

C'wooad (interrog.) See Quoid How many, How much: C'wooad er y chlag t'eh? DF

Quoid (=Ir. mhéad) (interrog.) How many, How much: Quoid er y chlag t'eh? DF

shimmey (=Ir. is iomadh) many: Shimmey t'adsyn ta dy my voirey as jannoo tranlaase orrym Bible

shymmey many: Shymmey ta ny keayrtyn ta shiu er my oltooaney Bible

attempts (npl.) eabbaghyn: Many attempts were made - Va ymmodee eabbaghyn er nyn yannoo. DF idiom; eabyn; eabbyn: Repeated attempts - Eabbyn as aaeabbyn. DF idiom

blasphemously (adv.) dy mollaghtagh: And many other things blasphemously spake they against him. - As ymmodee reddyn elley loayr ad dy mollaghtagh noi Bible; mollaghtoil

demands (npl.) aggyrtyssyn; currymyn: I have many demands on my time - Ta ymmodee currymyn orrym. DF idiom

difficulties (npl.) doilleeidyn: He was confronted by many difficulties - Haink ymmodee doilleeidyn ny whaiyl. DF idiom

Douglas (n.) Doolish: There are many new houses being built in Douglas now - Ta ymmodee thieyn noa goll er troggal ayns Doolish nish. JJK idiom

gods (npl.) jeeghyn: They worshipped many gods - Hug ad ooashley da ymmodee jeeghyn. DF idiom

heeded tastit; hast: As many as heeded it - Whilleen as hast da. DF idiom

houses (npl.) thieyn: There are many new houses being built in Douglas now - Ta ymmodee thieyn noa goll er troggal ayns Doolish nish. JJK idiom; dhieyn

hunters (npl.) shelgeyryn: and after will I send for many hunters - as ver-ym fys er ymmodee shelgeyryn Bible

Mann1 (n.) Mannin: There are many Englishmen in Mann - Ta ymmodee Sostnee ayns Mannin. JJK idiom

mansions (npl.) ynnydyn-vaghee: In my Father's house are many mansions - Ayns thie my Ayrey ta ymmodee ynnydynvaghee Bible

member (n.) (limb) olt: For the body is not one member, but many - Son cha vel y corp un olt, agh ymmodee Bible; (of group) oltey

palaces (npl.) plaaseyn; plaasyn: Princely palaces shining like so many suns - Plaasyn prinsoil glistral myr whilleen grian. DF idiom

princely (adj.) flahoil; prinsoil: Princely palaces shining like so many suns - Plaasyn prinsoil glistral myr whilleen grian. DF idiom

recommendations (npl.) moyllaghtyn: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom

shall betray brahee: And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another - As eisht nee ymmodee scarrey rish nyn gredjue, as brahee ad Bible

troubles (npl.) dowrinyn: and many evils and troubles shall befall them - as nee ymmodee uilk, as dowrinyn tuittym orroo Bible; seaghyn: He shall deliver thee in six troubles - Nee eh uss y livrey ayns shey seaghyn Bible

tune1 (n.) car: There are many notes in the wedding tune - Ta lane clinkyn ayns car y phoosee. JJK idiom; carr

wars (npl.) caggaghyn: even as many of Israel as had not known all the wars of Canaan - eer whilleen jeu as nagh row ayns ooilley caggaghyn Chanaan Bible

ayns ymmodee aghtyn in many respects: Kinvig dy jarroo ny Vanninagh dooie doaieagh, as ny ghooinney neuchadjinagh ayns ymmodee aghtyn Coraa

caglaaghyn daah many colours: rooisht ad e chooat jeh Joseph, e chooat jeh caglaaghyn daah va mysh. Bible

keayrtyn (ny) many a time, sometimes: t'ad cummal seshoonyn oayshagh ec traa jinnair as keayrtyn elley. Carn

laa ny ghaa many a day: Ta mee er ve ching rish laa ny ghaa. DF

mooarane bleeantyn many years: Nish lurg mooarane bleeantyn, haink mee dy chur lhiam jeirk gys my ashoon hene, as ourallyn. Bible

ram lot, many, much, plenty, umpteen: Hooar ad ram aittys ass y skeeal. DF; gang

rour 1 too many, too much a: te rour dhyt's dty lomarcan dy ymmyrkey Bible; 2 overdo, overdone; 3 (as optimism) undue; 4 excess

shimmey keayrt many a time: Shimmey keayrt tad er chaggey m veih my aegid Bible

smooinee er ponder; consider: Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations - Cooinee er ny shenn earishyn, smooinee er bleeantyn ymmodee sheelogheyn Bible

weight multitude, very much, very many; much: haink Edom magh n'oï lesh weight sleih, as lesh laue lajer Bible

ymmodee bleeantyn many years: Dooyrt mee, lhisagh laghyn loayrt, as ymmodee bleeantyn gynsaghey creenaght. Bible

ymmodee keayrtyn dozens of times, many a time: Ymmodee keayrtyn neayr's y traa shen ta caarjyn er ghra dou, Nagh ren oo gynsaghey Bretnish tra v'ou baghey as gobbraghey ny mast'oc? JG

careful1 (adj.) frioosagh, thortagh, twoaieagh, jeadjagh; imneagh: wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity - ayns dy row shiu myrgeddin imneagh, agh cha daink eh lhieu Bible; ro-imneagh: thou art careful and troubled about many things - tou ro-imneagh as seaghnit mysh ymmodee nheeghyn Bible

careless (adj.) meerioosagh: Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women - Ymmodee laghyn as bleeantyn vees shiu seaghnit, shiuish vraane mee-rioosagh Bible; neuchiarailagh; neuchurrymagh; neuharroogh: hear my voice, ye careless daughters - clasht-jee rish my ghoo, shiuish inneenyn neu-harroogh Bible; almoragh: to make the careless Ethiopians afraid - dy chur ny Ethiopianee almoragh ayns aggle Bible

devices (npl.) saaseyn: He disappointeth the devices of the crafty - Teh tilgey bun-ry-skyn saaseyn ny croutee Bible; croutyn: I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me - ta fys aym er ny smooinaghtyn eu, as er ny croutyn ta shiu dy aggairagh kiarail m. Bible; smooinaghtyn dowin: There are many devices in a man's heart - Ta ymmodee smooinaghtyn dowin ayns cree dooinney Bible; aghtyn: but we will walk after our own devices - agh nee mayd gimmeeaght lurg nyn aghtyn hene Bible; kialgyn: for we are not ignorant of his devices - son cha vel e chialgyn gyn-yss dooin Bible

dumb1 (adj.) amloayrtagh; balloo: How many people would remain dumb if they were forbidden to speak well of themselves and ill of others - Quoid sleih hannagh balloo dy beagh ad obbit dy loayrt dy-mie jeu hene as dy-h JJK idiom; bolvane

even now nish hene; eer nish: My daughter is even now dead - Ta minneen eer nish paartail Bible; eer ec y traa shoh: even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men - eer ec y traa shoh ter jeet hyms veih slieau Ephraim daa ghooinney aegey Bible; eer foast: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God - Agh ta fys aym, eer foast, cre-erbee nee oo y yeearree er Jee Bible; dy jarroo nish: even now are there many antichrists - dy jarroo nish ta ymmodee anchreesteenyn ayn Bible

I will not hear cha neaisht-ym: I will not hear the melody of thy viols - cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible; cha jean-ym clashtyn: when ye make many prayers, I will not hear - tra ta shiu goaill ymmodee padjeryn, cha jean-ym clashtyn Bible

people (n.) ashoon; feallagh; feallee; kynney; mooinjer; pobble; sleih: I'm sure few people can have slept - Ta mee shickyr nagh vod monney sleih er chadley. JJK idiom; ashoonee; (v.) cur cummaltee ayn, cur sleih ayn; persoonyn: This bed has been slept in by many notable people - Ta ymmodee persoonyn ardghooagh chadley 'sy lhiabbee shoh. JJK idiom

cast complex, contorted, curly, curved, intricate, many-sided, spun, ticklish, warped, wrapped, wreathed, wry, twined: va'n amlagh cast mysh my chione Bible; folden: Son choud as tad cast fud-y-cheilley myr ny drineyn Bible; perverted

keayrt ny ghaa divers times, many a time, on several occasions: Eisht honnick mee Thom cur lesh e laue harrish e hooillyn keayrt ny ghaa as tra hug mee jerrey er y ghrane, honnick mee dy row jeir ayns ny sooillyn echey Coraa


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