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Mann1 (n.) Mannin: There are many Englishmen in Mann - Ta ymmodee Sostnee ayns Mannin. JJK idiom

Mann2 (n.) (Isle of) Ellan Vannin

Inexact matches:

East Mann (n.) Ar Vannin

Mann Direct Mannin Jeeragh

West Mann (n.) Eear Vannin

arms of Mann (n.) cullee Vannin

Bishop of Sodor and Mann (n.) Aspick Sodor as Mannin

Calf of Mann (n.) (The); (Yn) Cholloo

Dear Isle of Mann (n.) Mannin Veen

Isle of Mann (n.) Innis Falgey, Mannin, Ellan Vannin

Isle of Mann cabbage (n.) cabbag Vanninagh

Lady of Mann (n.) Ben Seyr Vannin

Mann Link Travel (n.) Troailt Kiangley Vannin

North of Mann1 (n.) Twoaie Vooar

North of Mann2 (n.) (The); (Yn) Twoaie

Visions of Mann (npl.) Shillaghyn Vannin

Ar Vannin East Mann

Eear Vannin (f.) West Mann

Ellan Vannin (f.) (Isle of) Man, Mann, Isle of Mann: Shen myr ve eisht, kys va mish my lhiannoo ayns Sostyn, tra lhisins v'er ve ayns Ellan Vannin. JG

Mannin (f.) Isle of Man, Isle of Mann; Man, Mann: Hug Jamys y Cowle cooney mooar lhieu er'n 'ockley magh roish my daag ad Mannin, as v'ad bunnys gyn marran erbee. Carn

Mannin Jeeragh Mann Direct

Twoaie (f.) (Yn); (The) North of Mann

cullee Vannin (f.) arms of Mann

Shillaghyn Vannin Visions of Mann

Twoaie Vooar (f.) North of Mann

cabbag Vanninagh (f.) Isle of Mann cabbage

Innis Falgey Isle of Mann, Isle of Man

Troailt Kiangley Vannin Mann Link Travel

courier (n.) chyrrysagh; roieder: Isle of Mann Courier - Roieder Ellan Vannin. DF idiom

Aspick Sodor as Mannin Bishop of Sodor and Mann

ascendancy (n.) eaghtyrys: The English ascendancy in Mann - Yn eaghtyrys Sostynagh ayns Mannin DF idiom

depression (n.) cor, injillaghey, lhag-chreeys, lhaggagh, lhaggan, merginaght, merginys, neugherjagh; lhagragh: The depression brought rain and wind to Mann - Hug y lhagragh fliaghey as geay lesh gys Mannin. DF idiom

due west (n.) sheear yeeragh: Due west of the Calf of Mann - Sheear yeeragh jeh'n Cholloo. DF idiom

examiner (n.) brialtagh: Isle of Mann Examiner - Brialtagh Ellan Vannin. DF idiom; feyshteyder; scruteyder

government1 gurneilys; kiannoortys; reiltys: The government of the Isle of Mann - Reiltys Vannin. DF idiom

governor (n.) fer-reill, kiannoort, reilleyder: No, but I have seen her sister, she is the wife of the Governor of Mann - Cha nel, agh ta mee er n'akin e shuyr, t'ee ben Kianoort Vannin. JJK idiom

mountainous (adj.) sleitagh; (ny) sleitee: Mann is more mountainous than Anglesey - Ta Mannin ny sleitee na Mon. DF idiom

New Zealand (n.) (Yn) Teelan Noa; (Y) Teelynn Noa; Noa Heelan; Zealand Noa: It's night in Mann, when its day in New Zealand - Ta oie ayns Mannin, tra ta laa ayns Zealand Noa. JJK idiom

of the Calf (of Mann) Cylloo; Killiu: The warden of the Calf of Mann - Wardoon ny Killiu. DF idiom

reared troggit: I was reared and born in Mann - Va mee troggit as ruggit ayns Mannin. DF idiom

rent cummal er mayl, craa; cur er mayl; mayl, mayle: The annual rent of Mann - Mayl bleeaney Vannin. DF idiom; raipit; rast; scelp; scolt; skort; raip; raipey

revenue1 (n.) cheet stiagh: All the revenue of Mann - Ooilley cheet stiagh Vannin. DF idiom

treasurer (n.) tashteyder: The Treasurer of the Isle of Mann - Tashteyder Ellan Vannin. DF idiom; fer tashtee, fer y sporran, kishteyr, mac sporran, resowr

warden (n.) oaseir; wardoon: The warden of the Calf of Mann - Wardoon ny Killiu. DF idiom; wardoonagh

Ben Seyr Vannin Lady of Mann: Va Ben Seyr Vannin jeant ass y noa er y gherrid. BS

Cholloo (f.) (Yn); (The) Calf, Calf of Mann: Dy shickyr, ta'n Cholloo ny boayl yindyssagh son kione shiaghtin Gaelgagh Carn

Mannin Veen Dear Isle of Mann: Harrish yn aarkey lhean dy roie, veih caarjyn deyr as Mannin Veen. Coraa

Shirveish Theayagh (f.) Civil Service: Ta Edgar Mann gra dy lajer dy nee Commishoon ny Shirveish Theayagh ta pointeil sleih myr yn Stiureyder Ynsee as she yn Commishoon vees reaghey ny vees jeant maghey shoh. BS

familiar ainjyssagh rish: He made himself familiar with Manx - Ren eh eh hene ainjyssagh rish y thalloo shoh. DF idiom; caarjoil; mooar; oayllagh rish: I am familiar with it - Ta mee oayllagh rish. DF idiom; cadjin: That is a familiar sight here in the Isle of Mann - Ta shen shilley cadjin ayns shoh ayns Mannin. DF idiom

Gaelic (n.) Gailck; Gaelg: He is a Gaelic-speaking man - Ta Gaelg echey. DF idiom; (adj.) Gaelgagh: Mann, not only free but Gaelic - Mannin, cha nee seyr ynrican agh Gaelgagh. DF idiom; Gailckagh: Under the auspices of the Manx Gaelic Society - Fo scaa ny Sheshaght Ghailckagh. DF idiom


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